Magical and Significant Change – Reiki

Reiki Table September 2017

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that can also contribute to healing. It is a form of energy work and balancing the chakras. It was discovered by Mikao Usui in March 1922.

It’s pronounced “ray-key” and most of my clients experience deep relaxation, similar to the benefits of meditation. I also incorporate a guided meditation during the session to correspond with areas that are called to be addressed.

Reiki: “I loved my session.” “Magical.” “Significant Change.” ….. Please reach out if you’re interested in a session!! xoxoxo

Second Reiki Space and Editing

October 15 2017:

Just back from meeting with Laureen Jordan to get keys and tour this wonderful oasis she has created. This is the other space I’ll have available for Reiki sessions.

Everything is brand new. It’s such an amazing space! Also perfect for the mindfulness workshops I’ve created.

Plus!! Another technique I’m currently learning. Announcement soon regarding that. Such a blessing Laureen!!

Fair Winds Reiki 10.15.17 #1 Fair Winds Reiki 10.15.17 #2 Fair Winds Reiki 10.15.17 #3 Fair Winds Reiki 10.15.17 #4 Fair Winds Reiki 10.15.17 #5


Just finished editing the story “Princess Beauty” wherein the character names are interestingly familiar … Queen Camilla, Princess Lillian, Maiden Becca, Maiden Macy, Britney, Katie ….. Onward with the editing!!

Second Space to Offer Reiki and One Session Turned Into Two

October 8 2017:

I may have a second space to offer Reiki; in an amazing and wonderful wellness center! This will help in accommodating clients in different parts of town. Fingers crossed and wee rose petals crossed too!

Pink Rose Hugging Itself 5.30.17

“This was my first time experiencing Reiki and it was wonderful. I was so deeply relaxed and comfortable I was in and out of sleep! During my session with Camilla I even got a vision of a beautiful image I want to paint. Camilla had just the right colors and scents in the room too, catered just for me! I’ll definitely be doing this again in the near future. Please give her Reiki sessions a try, she’s got a gift. 🙂” – Natalie Gorden, Reno, Nevada

Already have my first round of clients scheduled since receiving the internal nudge to begin offering Reiki once again! I have so many more tools, techniques, and ideas to support clients … Use of mindfulness, meditating, and nature. And, soon, another technique! xoxoxo

October 11 2017:

I am beyond excited, grateful, and blessed to announce that I now have an amazing, beautiful, and soul soothing environment at which to offer Reiki …. Pinnacle Wellness!

You can experience a Reiki session stand alone or you can combine it with one of Pinnacle’s modalities or experience one of their modalities afterwards.

The punch card they offer is an amazing deal! I CANNOT wait to use the Halotherapy room. It is calling me big time!

I also have the beautiful space in North Reno! Now I can accommodate those coming from different ends of town! So incredibly grateful …. xoxoxo… Perhaps this photo can show in some way how far and deep my gratitude extends …

Team TLC Sunset Walk Damonte Ranch Trail 6.18.17 #11

October 13 2017:

I arrived at Pinnacle Wellness yesterday morning to give one Reiki session and left in the afternoon after giving two! My client enjoyed it so much her husband wanted a session too!

They both had a Reiki session and took turns enjoying two of Pinnacle’s services while the other enjoyed Reiki. They were so incredibly relaxed and joyful when they left! I have two openings next week up for grabs!! Feeling incredibly grateful and blessed … xoxo



Reiki with Camilla: It Was Amazing and Relaxing

October 1 2017:

“This was my first time experiencing Reiki. It was amazing! I felt so relaxed. It’s hard to describe, but I couldn’t tell where my body ended and the air began. I had been curious about Reiki but was waiting for the right person to give me my first Reiki experience. Camilla was that person. Looking forward to my next session.” J.R. – Reno, Nevada –

Feeling out of balance? A wee bit or A LOT overwhelmed? Let me help bring balance and peace! I now have a wonderful space in North Reno or I can come to you if we already know one another. xoxo

Walk with Lillian Vintage Lake Heart Rock 4.16.17 #1

This is to Have Succeeded


September 25 2013:

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson …….

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all y’all for your support, love, encouragement and kindness! I am completely booked next week with Reiki sessions! I am grateful to each and every one of you …. for your trust and for hangin’ with this crazy gal while I decided exactly what I wanna be when I grow up! HA!

For now I have found my outlet for doing what I have longed … simply to help others and to share the love and kindness within my own heart and soul. xoxo – Camilla