Throwback Post – Movie Night: The World’s Fastest Indian


August 29 2015:

Team TLC movie night … “The World’s Fastest Indian” …. Had to watch this since we got to visit the Salt Flats last month.

Lillian says, “Good, awesome, historical, determination, and hopeful.

Thomas says, “Awesome, cool, epic, historical, hopeful, inspiring, and determination.”

I say, “Heck yes!”

The Salt Flats – Incredibly Gorgeous and Magical

Another I felt deserved it’s own post … The Salt Flats in Utah are incredibly gorgeous and magical feeling!

July 28 2019:

After leaving Salt Lake City yesterday, we stopped by the salt flats for a quick look. I love standing and walking barefoot on the salt. It is quite crunchy in some spots, but the bottom of my feet felt still feel oh so soft. The bottom of my feet felt so good last night. Ahhhhh ….

Check out the cool photo Lillian took of the rest of us. Optical illusion!!