Supported Decision Making Agreement and Room Rental Agreement Done

February 2 2020

It is FINALLY done!! I have just finished creating the Supported Decision Making Agreement for Lillian. She and I will sign it tomorrow in front of two witnesses … The Romano Duo … January has been, and February will be, all about paperwork, lots of paperwork …. Come March, we should be finished with all the big ones. Next up, Power of Attorney for Medical and Financial. Hallelujah!! 🎉🎉🎉

February 4 2020

Another one done!! Room Rental Agreement created. Nearly finished with the Power of Attorney documents also. Then it’s on to opening checking/savings accounts and an ABLE account. Feels so good to be getting these things done. 🥳💜

Supported Decision Making and Power of Attorney Paperwork

October 19 2019:

Finished researching this for the most part. Just need to circle back to creating the SDM paperwork with Lillian and paperwork for a Power of Attorney. Hope to do that in between waiting for the book proof. Then on to researching ABLE accounts.

More Research on Supported Decision Making