The Reason for Music

February 9 2018:

“People have forgotten the reason for music. It’s supposed to make you feel something.” -Thomas Darnell

Thomas hears things in music that I have never heard or paid attention to hearing. He does this with movies too. The performers pitch and tone, the mix of instruments, and the like. He analyzes it in a way that is so foreign to me. He doesn’t get some modern music and certain genres of music either.

What Does Age Have to Do With Intelligence

February 10 2018:

“Age doesn’t have anything to do with intelligence.” – Thomas Darnell

Thomas continues to educate and humble me. The pure beauty and simplicity of how “young ones” view the world is magical. xoxo

He has never understood why kids are treated as second class citizens, why they don’t have any “rights” until a certain age … He enlightens and teaches me so much … xoxo

I Would Live There Forever

January 17 2017:

“If we had a house made out of chocolate and potato medallions, I’d live there forever.” ~Thomas Darnell ….

They kind of like the new way I’ve been cooking potatoes; slicing similar to scalloped potatoes, tossing in olive oil, sea salt or pink salt, ground ginger, and fresh rosemary and baking in the oven.

Walk at Vintage Lake TLC 1.17.17 #7

I agree with Thomas. It was such a satisfying dinner tonight. I felt so deeply grateful with a happy tummy. I had curry soup made with potatoes, carrots, and butternut squash with a side salad of cucumber, beets, black olives, onions, pickles, and nutritional yeast topped with a fig balsamic AND some of those yummy potato medallions too!!