Throwback Post: Sunset With Wind Chimes and Classes in the Bubble Bath


July 28 2014:

Sunset at Little Washoe Lake … June 2014 …. So magnificently beautiful!! ♡


Just finished a connect the dot party with Thomas and Lillian on the veranda. Now there’s a storm moving in ….. Cool!!! Can’t wait for dinner on the veranda tonight!


July 28 2011:

It’s official!! I’ve finally completed Lillian’s enrollment in her new school for 5th grade!! She starts August 29th! I’ve gone through 2 hours of orientation to be her Learning Coach and I’m still not done – probably another hour remaining. Another GREAT adventure y’all . . .

We had a little Welcome Home Mama and Lillian party tonight – Pizza, Doing our own thang, Bubble Bath for Team Member T and watching a short movie!! Watch out cause this Mama gives you a bubble bath when you want a bubble bath!! Team TLC Bubble Bath Adventures!! WooooHoooo!


Throwback Post: Important Thing by Lillian Darnell


July 30 2011:

From Lillian y’all (she just emailed this to family as we are due for another thunder/lightning storm) . . . she cracks us up!! {I know my fellow C18 Parents get how worried this makes her!! Hahahaha}

Important Thing

Watch the clouds form:
Watch for signs of a storm coming. The clouds will begin to build into tall pillars. The sky will darken and a damp feeling will make you skin feel clammy. These are warnings to stay out of boats, get away from water and head for a safe shelter. When safely inside watch the clouds billow up and form huge dark piles of cloud. Soon you will hear the rumble of thunder in the distance, but there is no need to fear when you are safe inside.

Watch the Lightning:
Stay away from windows, but open the drapes and curtains so you can see the lightning flash and enjoy the excitement and beauty of it. The Bible calls lightning God’s arrows. There are many different kinds of lightning.

There is a heat lightning—usually associated with a summer evening storm.
There is forked lightning that splits as it nears the ground.
There is spear lightning that shoots a deadly spear almost straight toward the ground.
Lillian Darnell
Fairy Princess