Throwback Post: Farewell and Happy Trails to Cinamon


July 20 2010:

We say farewell to my 18 year old cat, Cinamon on Monday, July 19, 2010.
Cinamon, you kept me company when I needed it most. I love you!

~ Happy Trails to You My Dear Feline Friend ~

**December 2021 Update – I was so sad that I needed to make this into a celebration of Cinamon’s life and the time we had together. Thank you to my veterinarian friend, Cathy Connelly, for taking tender care of Cinamon. Don’t let the smile fool you. I sobbed my head off as soon as I got into the car.

Those Paws

December 22 2019:

I present the beautiful, sweet Roux (pronounced Roo). I get the pleasure of checking in on her while her human is away for Christmas. I’ve checked in on her in the past and she is such a sweetheart. She lives where we moved from. I’ve got 2 former neighbors who will still have me check on their sweet fur friends when out of town.

Thomas went with me last night. He couldn’t resist having a little photo shoot. Those paws!! So stinking cute!! (I was rubbing her belly; which she adores!)

Working on 2018 Theme Board and Vegan Hot Dog and Bubbles with Cats

April 9 2018:

These days it doesn’t seem I get anything done in a timely manner ….

Worked on my 2018 theme board a great deal of yesterday. Got everything gathered. Now to create! Perhaps this weekend.

2018 Theme (which I’ve known since December – just now getting to the creative part) ….. LEAP/JUMP with two supporting themes of LISTEN and TRUST supported with a solid base of LOVE and put forth through the action of WRITING. YAY!!!

Working on Theme Board 4.9.18

April 12 2018:

Oh so yummy!!! Vegan hot dog … with ketchup, mustard, kosher dill pickle, habanero hot sauce, and piled high with arugula … That was incredibly good!!!

Vegan Hot Dog 4.12.18

April 13 2018:

It was volunteer day at the Humane Society. This beautiful black cat was great fun! He had a ball playing with the bubbles. And look at the gorgeous eyes of the black and white cat!!! One brown and one green. What a handsome cat!! xoxo

Humane Society Thomas and Camilla 4.13.18 #1 Humane Society Thomas and Camilla 4.13.18 #2 Humane Society Thomas and Camilla 4.13.18 #3 Humane Society Thomas and Camilla 4.13.18 #4 Humane Society Thomas and Camilla 4.13.18 #5