Princess Jodi is Loving Where Would You Fly and Sparked Imagination for Cindy and Camilla and Lillian Share an Update and She Can’t Help But Smile

March 19 2018:

Dear Lillian,

I’ve been reading my autographed copy of “Where Would You Fly” today and I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing your beautiful book with me (and with the rest of the world, but I’m the most grateful for you sharing it with me)! Since this book had Queen Camilla, I’d like to request a Princess Jodi character in your next book. The only way I’ll probably ever get to be a princess will be in your imagination!

Your Biggest Fan
(a.k.a. Princess Jodi)


Thank you deeply much Cindy! These are incredibly helpful! xoxo

“So much to say about this compilation of extraordinary short stories through the mind of a very creative person. Author, Lillian Darnell, has sparked my imagination.

Here’s just a bit of a sneak-peek; A Friendship Between Four Types of Candy. Also, The Whale Who Wore Clothes. Tell me, doesn’t that intrigue you just a little?

Well, these stories have made me smile and laugh. Enjoy!” – Cindy, Reno


March 21 2018:

Where Would You Fly update! We talk about where the book has flown, the cool google pin map, reviews, and whether Lillian is still writing! Thanks for watching!!


March 24 2018:

Thank you Kelly ….. xoxo ….

Amazon Review from Kelly for Where Would You Fly book 2.27.18

If you’re interested in learning more about the book, please go here … … 


The Force is Strong


December 17 2015:

Thomas and Lillian have successfully integrated me to the backwards world. Yesterday I wore my pants backwards without realizing until later in the day and this morning I had my shirt on backwards! Thomas is always putting his shirt on backwards and Lillian her pants.

The force is strong in this backwards world. xoxo

You Are Different


December 27 2014:

“You’re different than the others.” – Thomas said to me last night.

He said my responses weren’t what people would normally say. Lillian was sticking her tongue out at me and my response was, “What a beautiful, sweet tongue.” and then she tried poking me and I said, “Look at those beautiful, crooked, special little fingers. Aren’t they just amazing?”

She’s got crooked pinky fingers and her ring fingernail is bumpy due to her chromosome deletion. I had been doing that throughout day. Guess it caught his attention. HA!

Wonderful Visit with Friends

March 14 2018:

What a blessing all of you are … Truly. When we visit …. nothing else matters … Gugga Magga … Love you so much Barbara Richmond Chastain….

It filled me up chatting with all of you … Melinda Bourke Blackwell, Fran Melino, and Carole Bucher too!!! And, what did y’all say to Thomas? He’s been cleaning his “room” since we got home.

It feels like home when hanging out with all of you. Family definitely does not have to be by way of blood. xoxo

Melinda's Place with Barb and Bill 3.14.18 #1 Melinda's Place with Barb and Bill 3.14.18 #2 Melinda's Place with Barb and Bill 3.14.18 #3 Melinda's Place with Barb and Bill 3.14.18 #4

TLC Stands for Tender Loving Care


December 15 2015:

Thomas told me this morning that TLC stands for Tender Loving Care. He wanted to know if that’s why I chose TLC as our family team name. I explained that I didn’t do it on purpose and that I was just playing around with our initials.

He continued with T is for Tender and T is for Thomas and questioned that he is “tender”. Then L is for Loving and L is for Lillian and commented that this does NOT accurately describe Lillian (he is struggling with her meltdowns). Then C is for Care and C is for Camilla and commented that this accurately described me. He said, “You’re actually all 3 of them.” He certainly knows how to innocently “hand it back to me” in remembering to be kind to myself and to not judge myself. Which leads me to this ….

Gratitude for the Marvelous Marvs!! I read a Hay House newsletter yesterday that ended with a suggestion to write down the names of the most positive people in your life and the people who have changed your life for the better.

It was further suggested to take the time right now to write one of them a letter or dedicate a post to them on Facebook. Tell them how you feel. Don’t just say it, write it down. It has much more meaning when you take the time to put it in physical form and write it down.

I decided I’d like to do this for about a week or so. Perhaps you would like to do something similar! …. xoxoxo ….

Here’s #1:

Dear Thomas,

You have indeed changed my life …. from the moment you made your entrance! You came into my life equipped with a mirror that reflects qualities of my own nature; the pleasant and unpleasant and the kind and unkind. This has, indeed, changed my life for the better!

Our journey together so far has been an awesome adventure and I am eternally grateful that you are the “T” in our Team TLC; full of tenderness and always YOU!! I look forward with great joy to all of our “future” present moments!


Thomas at Vintage Lake with a facebook post on 12.15.15

Adventures of Being a Family of Published Authors

March 12 2018:

Team TLC had a little adventure this afternoon. Got to be filmed for a wee segment about being a family of published authors. Will share details of the name of the show, airing date and time, and hopefully a link for viewing once we get it. xoxo

Plush Life Interview 3.12.18 #1

Where Would You Fly by Lillian Darnell

Biggest Little Photographer by Thomas Darnell

D iz for Different by Camilla Downs

Where Would You Fly – Magherafelt Northern Ireland and France and Pennsylvania and Australia

March 3 2018:

Owen of Pennsylvania enjoying our friends Lillian’s book Where Would You Fly?

Owen Reading Where Would YOu Fly Book 3.3.18

March 4 2018:

Where Would You Fly gets to fly to Northern Ireland! Wahooo!!

March 6 2018:

I don’t think she has flown to France to date. Yet, she’s ready!! What fun to see this!

Pretty please! Can you leave a review on Amazon if you’ve had a chance to read the book? Oceans of gratitude!! xoxo

Where Would You Fly for sale in France 3.6.18

March 7 2018:

Yay , Leesh wants to let you know ‘This arrived today’ Thank you! … Batehaven NSW Australia …

Leesh with Where Would You Fly Book March 2018

March 7 2018:

“Beauty is always in you, no matter what people say.” ~Britney “Where Would You Fly and Other Magical Stories” written by Lillian Darnell of Team TLC … from Tele in Reno, Nevada

Tele Where Would You Fly book Reno March 2018

If interested to learn more about the book, go here … ….