Thanksgiving 2018 – Team TLC and The Romano Duo Plus Robert

November 22 2018:

Thankful for this. Two of my greatest teachers in this life. Helping open my eyes, mind, and heart to true knowing. Busting me loose from the confines of judgments and conformity and helping me learn about unconditional love!! Hallelujah!!! 🧡🧡🧡

Got treated with a virgin Bloody Mary and vegan turkey loaf, just for me. Cranberry sauce (made by Thomas), green bean casserole, and sweet potato to go with it. Got to lounge and begin reading this great book a friend bought for me last September. 🍁🧡🍁🧡🍁🧡

Team TLC + The Romano Duo + Robert …. and turkey just the way I like it! Cute, wee stuffed animal turkey!! 🧡🍁🧡🍁🧡

Team TLC + The Romano Duo + my brother Robert. We used to watch this every year with Mom and Frank before they moved 3 years ago. We switched to watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”; which we’ll watch tomorrow.🧡🍁🧡🍁🧡🍁

Just had to give these cuties their own post! Especially with The Romano Duos cozy abode as backdrop! I enjoyed just sitting in this spot, reading, resting my eyes (hehehe), and enjoying a Frank special virgin Bloody Mary.

Psychedelic Rainbow of Emotions

November 23 2018:

The wonderful person who made this Psychedelic Dachshund quilt is head over heals for Lillian’s Rainbow of Emotions.

She is itching to quilt a Psychedelic Rainbow of Emotions, about 3X3 in size. Anyone interested in brightening one of your walls with a Psychedelic Rainbow of Emotions? xoxo

Another Fear Walked Into – The Shower

November 17 2018:

She took a shower last night! At 17 years old, she finally leaned into her worries and fears of taking a shower. Yes! A wonderful and new first for Lillian with a bit of help from grandma Patty!

(Photo from September 2016 – Another first of “getting air” for a photo)

Thank goodness that in The Romano Duo’s new place, they’ve got one of those extra large walk in showers. Lots of room to stay away from the wrath of the shower head! HA! YAY Lillian!!

Shared with Lillian’s permission. 🎉🤩😍🎉

Submitting Poems and I Was Born To

November 16 2018:

Another “planting of the seed” that I’ve planted and will move on … As it takes them up to 6 months to read the poems and only after that do you find out if they accept any of them. At least I did it!! Took forever to go through the poems and narrow down to four!!

And, a little fun …

“I was born to be a beautiful sunset walk with y’all and I love you dearly.”

Just had to do this … Type “I was born” and let the predictive feature write the rest. Haha!

Sometimes I See People Staring At Me

November 12 2018:

“Sometimes I see people staring at me. I can see in their eyes that it’s a ‘you’re crazy’ look.” – Lillian …

I asked her if this bothers her? Yes, it does. …. (I told her they must be staring because she is so beautiful … 😍😃)

In the past when I’ve noticed others staring at Lillian, I ask them if I can help them and ask if they have any questions or if they are curious about Lillian. I also let them know it’s unsettling for another to be stared at by someone.

I will be kind. Yet, I am human and I am also Lillian’s mom and protector. I do have my limits. I told Lillian to let me know the next time it happens so that I can “help” the one staring.

People stare at me often too. I have no idea why. I have finally reached a point where I can mostly not be bothered by others actions and words. Yet, I also just don’t give a pluck. 😂🤣😜And, there again, maybe I have lettuce in my teeth or my clothes are on inside out … Hahaha!! xoxo

I posted this on facebook on November 12th and thought I’d share some of my response to friend’s comments ….

I’m sure most people don’t even realize they are doing it. Yet, it digs at one’s heart when one’s offspring is bothered by it enough to say something … more than once. I also told her that she could ask them why they are staring if she felt like it.

I have had a child ask me “What’s wrong with her?”, so since they were a child, I was able to explain it all to them. However, having an adult say that would most likely put me past my limit! I’m so crazy myself, and having a wild imagination, I would have them thinking they need to seek another planet on which to live … xoxo … And, then again, I may just start dancing. That would really freak em out.

Thomas asks me sometimes why I’m staring at him. I’m not. I’m just deep in thought and looking in his direction. I think for the most part this is what is happening. Except for the occasional times when one can sense from the energy of the other; that they are being judgmental or having negative thoughts.

I have to say that my split second initial response is a firm-smart-ass-full-of-profanity’s-tell-them- off comment. Yet, I know this gets society no where having this response. So, I tell them what I think, yet, in the kindest way possible.

I get lost in thought at times and I’m sure it seems as if I’m staring at someone when I’m actually just dazed and confused!! HA!

Thankfully, no one has been rude to her, except for when she used to be in public school. Fortunately, I don’t think it bothers her as much as it could. Perhaps it has helped a bit when she or Thomas tell me I’m weird or crazy and I respond with, “Thank you. Thank you for noticing!” HeeHeeHee!

Where Would You Fly Flew to Barnes & Noble in Reno Nevada

November 10 2018:

Where Would You Fly flew to Barnes & Noble!! 💙🧚🏼‍♂️ 🧚🏼‍♂️ 💚  And Lillian and I joined the fun! 💙🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️💚

Want your own copy of “Where Would You Fly”? Go here! xoxo

Team TLC Jack-o-Lanterns and Fairy Princess and Charlie Chaplin – Halloween 2018

October 28 2018:

Team TLC jack-o-lanterns … 🎃🎃🎃

Thomas ….

Lillian ….

Camilla …

October 31 2018:

It was a great day for Charlie Chaplin and Princess Fairy Lillian. Whew! And a busy day for this gypsy mama. Now we’re watching our traditional Halloween night movie …. Arsenic & Old Lace.

Thomas participated with a homeschool group for trick-or-treating so that residents at the Monaco Ridge Assisted Living center could hand out candy.

It was an interesting experience as I assume quite a few have varying degrees of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Thomas had a great conversation with one fellow talking about Charlie Chaplin, amongst other talk.

On the way out I found a kindness rock. I’ll perhaps add a little something to it and then drop off at a different location. Fun!!! 🎃👻🧡

Happy 13th Birthday My Dearest Thomas and Thomas and Camilla November 2018 Date Day

November 13 2018:

Happy 13th Birthday to Beautiful Thomas!!!! We’ve opened gifts, then taking Thomas out to lunch.

Next stop was Natural Grocers for a special treat and then to Grassroots Books to pick out a book. Then, home for apple pie topped with French vanilla ice cream.

My Dearest Thomas,

A child called Thomas was born
on this day in 2005.
The child arrived about 9:00 at night;
swimming into a new world.

Incredible joy this one
brought along to share.
Smiling, smiling, smiling
a great deal of the time.

A beautiful baby body,
soft as silk, deep with warmth,
and a perfect fit
in this Mom’s arms and heart.

The Mom’s love and support
for the child, Thomas,
runs as deep and wide
as the Universe and beyond.

What the Mom most wants
Thomas to know in the deepest
recesses of the heart ….

You cannot disappoint me,
You are not here to please me
and do as you think I wish.
You do not have to fear
what I will think.
You cannot disappoint me.

This Mom will support you
always and forever,
beyond even the time in
which she is using this body.
This Mom’s love is not
conditioned on who you be or don’t be,
nor what you do or don’t do.
This Mom trusts you.
This Mom believes in you.
This Mom knows you are worthy
of your heart’s desire.
This Mom apologizes for
conditions not being as you
and she deserve.

You cannot disappoint me.
I will love and support you
always and forever …

Happy 13th Birthday Thomas!

I love YOU!!

Now … Let’s make this the
best day of your life …. So far … xoxo

Camilla – Mom 💚💚💚

Team TLC Christmas Movie Suggestions

We have many movies that we watch every November and December. I’ve put this list together in the hopes that you find a sweet gem of a movie you had not known about. We tend to enjoy a combination of the classic black and white movies along with modern classics. As well as Lillian’s love of the “Barbie” movies. Here ya go!

I’m still adding to this list as I found a few we haven’t seen yet! So excited! If we enjoy them, I’ll come back and add to this! They’re all oldies!

Although these are links to the movies on Amazon, most of these can be found at local libraries. That’s where we get our movies! I really like the images rather than just plain text for the movie. And, also, these are Amazon affiliate links. Which doesn’t mean anything other than if you click through to Amazon to read more about a movie AND you decide to purchase something, we earn a few cents.

Let us know your Christmas movie suggestions. We love learning about great movies!!