Psychedelic Rainbow of Emotions is Coming Along

January 10 2019:

Gerry sent a quilt update!! This is going to be so very cool!! Actually, it already is!! This 3X3 Psychedelic Rainbow of Emotions Quilt gets to fly all the way to Houston when it’s done!

Gerry was our “neighbor” at the Barnes & Noble book signing in November. She fell in love with Lillian’s Rainbow of Emotions artwork. Which led to what you see in the photo!! Cool! xoxo

January 14 2019:

Gerry sent another update! She says it’s like working on a puzzle!

January 17 2019:

And, another update!! Little by little it’s coming together!

Let us know if you’d like a 3 X 3 hand quilted Rainbow of Emotions to hand on your wall! xoxo

Nature is Always Amazing

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson … Quote from the book, Where Would You Fly by Lillian Darnell

Want one of these lovely books of your own? Go here … … Thank you! xoxo

I’m Not the Only One

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.” -John Lennon … quote and photography from the book Biggest Little Photographer by Thomas Darnell

Want one of these amazing books for yourself? Go here … … xoxo

Team TLC New Years Eve 2018 – Ending with the Favorites

December 31, 2018

Sparkling pink lemonade … My new favorite celebratory beverage! Yum!!!

Ended 2018 with my favorites. A long walk followed by hanging in our comfy little home with two of my favorite people.

Counted down on New York Time. Then listened to two of my favorite songs … “Watching the Wheels” and “Imagine”.

The Ride of Life

No longer riding on the merry go round, 
She celebrates whenever she wants, 
She laughs when it’s funny,
And sometimes when it’s not funny,
She cries when the tears want to flow,
She eats breakfast for dinner,
She dances in the aisles,
She hands out hugs 
Like Halloween candy,
She hugs the trees,
She meets her edge,
She stays with the experiences of life,
She lives. 
And so it is. 

And, we recycle years previous party favors. 


Love Lives Here – Groningen The Netherlands Meets Reno Nevada USA

December 27 2018:

What a wonderful day this shall be! And, how lucky can one gal be? Two writer friends visiting from The Netherlands within 3 months of one another!

My writer friend, Jessica Araus, has arrived in Reno! She and her partner are from The Netherlands and this is her first time to the United States.

They’ve been having a beautiful time exploring California and now for Reno and the magical Lake Tahoe! We get to exchange hugs and face to face smiles this afternoon! xoxo (Beautiful sign displayed at South Meadows Great Full Gardens)

This was such an incredible visit. Even though my hands got frozen during our walk, my heart burned with warmth.

What a blessing to spend the afternoon with Jessica Araus and Marten. Jessica and I met in an online (Facebook) writers group. She and Marten are here from The Netherlands and it is their first time visiting America.

I could have chatted with the two of you all night long. What a gift you two are! My heart is incredibly full. 🙏💙💙💙🙏

Had to have a photo shoot for the amazing goodies Jessica brought to us from The Netherlands.

We learned about Sinterklaas and their tradition of the tree going up on December 6th and coming down on January 6th. And the tradition of gifting a sweet treat in the shape of the recipients first initial of first name, along with a poem.

Cannot wait to try this tea!! I love Yogi brand tea; but this flavor is not sold in the US.

The beautiful maxi dress is from Jessica’s online shop, Dressaraz. Although based in Groningen, The Netherlands, her clothing shop supports local Mexican artisans. Each piece is handcrafted in Mexico.

Thank you so very much Jessica!! So much love to you!! 💝💝💝

A few more from Jessica’s visit. Marten took the one of us walking. Sneaky guy! I’m pretty sneaky too! As I got one of him taking photos! Heehee!

Top 10 Soul Writings for 2018 – Camilla Downs Blog

Top 10 Soul Writings With the Most Views for 2018 from the blog

Visit the link below to should you wish to read any of the top 10 writings. xoxo

1. Latest News: Where Would You Fly and Other Magical Stories – Published
2. My Entire Life Dissolved
3. Short Story: Dandelion Has Questions
4. Alchemy: A Haunting Memory Reveals the Truth
5. Reflections – I Am Called to Reflect as I Begin this 48th year
6. Poetry: What if it Were You
7. You are Amazing and I Believe in You
8. Can a Book Be Published With Little to No Money – Part Three
9. The Path of the Heart Will Emerge
10. He’s A Truth Compass

Honorable Mentions:

Anything is Possible: An Interview With the Author of On Top of the World
A Guidebook to Navigate the Universe: An Interview with the Author of Becoming One with the Universe

Top 10 Soul Writings for 2018


Merry Merry Joy Joy – Team TLC Christmas 2018

December 25 2018:

Merry, Merry!! Joy, Joy!!! Oceans of love!!! 💚🎄❤️🎄💚🎄❤️🎄

My non- traditional Christmas dinner!

Beyond Beef Burger topped with romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, hot and sweet jalapeños, sautéed crimini mushrooms and sweet onions with a side of roasted delicata squash. Patty made me my own batch of potato salad! Yum!! Washed down with blood orange Italian soda.

And, another of Frank’s virgin Bloody Mary.

My homemade gift to Thomas. Favorite color is a shade of aqua and favorite color combination is yellow and white. xoxo

That is Thomas

A beaming smile
To light the way.

A mind that
Craves to know
The why, the how.

A heart that
Thumps, thumps, thumps
With the wonder
At every pondering.

A young person
Making way
Through this
Crazy thing
Called adolescence.

Never dull.
Always full of passion.

A beautiful
Shining human
That is this one
That is Thomas.


My handmade gift to Lillian. Her favorite color is blue, favorite color combination is rainbow colors, and she loves glitter and sparkles.

Magical Fairy Drops

She is a fairy
A fairy whom
Likes a berry.

She is a fairy.
A fairy that’s
Definitely not hairy.

A lover of shadows
A lover of weather
She is a fairy.

Inspired by the sparkles,
Lifted by the rainbows,
Delighted by the
Pink and orange sunsets.

Eyes shining bright
To behold the
Beautiful sky.

All aglow with
The sighting of
The magical moon.

Icicles, dew drops,
Puff balls, fresh snow,
Spring flowers,
Summer showers,
Autumn leaves
These are a few of her
Favorite things.

She is a fairy.
She is Lillian.


Handmade gift for Frank. His favorite colors are blue and orange. xoxo

The Italian Named Frank

Always ready
To celebrate
And to do it
With flair!

Good food and drink
He’s always happy
To serve up.

Willing to help,
Ready to give hugs,
With much love.

One whom can
Be counted on
To bring along
The silly side
Of any holiday!

Fra-gee-lay … it must be Italian!
It’s a Major Award!
Merry Christmas, The shitter was full!


Handmade gift for Robert. One of his favorite colors is green. 💚💚💚

Handmade gift for Mom … Patty. One of her favorite colors is merlot. This was as close as I could get. xoxo

Ode to Patty

Always there,
Always with
Love to share.

Always with a
Comfy and cozy
House to share.

She makes
Us giggle
She makes
Us wiggle …

She makes us wiggle?
Well, not really, yet
That’s the word
That shot forth!

Deeply for her
Family she
Does care.

Always there,
Always with
Love to share.

Camilla 💖

Handmade gift for Carolyn. Her favorite color is purple. Love you dearly, SongBird …. 💜💜💜

Dearest Carolyn – SongBird,

To have someone
such as you
to hold a mirror
so that one may
fully see the path
she has travelled
and continues to travel.

To have someone
such as you
shower your kindness
and generosity upon she.

To have someone
such as you
to share what
she needs to share
knowing it only
deepens the relationship.

To have someone
such as you
is a blessing
of the highest
and brightest.

I am blessed
by our friendship
I love YOU

Yo Cosmic Sista!!
Camilla – LoveSeed 💖