Lillian and Camilla on KOLO 8 – Where Would You Fly Official Book Launch

February 27 2018:

Click on the image below and you can watch the 3 minute segment …

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 12.52.01 PM

The before pictures …

We’re here!!! Going on at 4:30 with Sarah Johns!!

Lillian and Camilla Kolo 8 Where Would You Fly Book 2.27.18 #0 Lillian and Camilla Kolo 8 Where Would You Fly Book 2.27.18 #1 Lillian and Camilla Kolo 8 Where Would You Fly Book 2.27.18 #2 Lillian and Camilla Kolo 8 Where Would You Fly Book 2.27.18 #3 Lillian and Camilla Kolo 8 Where Would You Fly Book 2.27.18 #5 Lillian and Camilla Kolo 8 Where Would You Fly Book 2.27.18 #6 Lillian and Camilla Kolo 8 Where Would You Fly Book 2.27.18 #7 Lillian and Camilla Kolo 8 Where Would You Fly Book 2.27.18 #8 Lillian and Camilla Kolo 8 Where Would You Fly Book 2.27.18 #9 Lillian and Camilla KOLO 8 Where Would You Fly Book 2.27.18 #a Lillian and Camilla KOLO 8 Where Would You Fly Book 2.27.18 #b Lillian and Camilla KOLO 8 Where Would You Fly Book 2.27.18 #c

Lillian and Camilla Kolo 8 Where Would You Fly Book 2.27.18 #4

If you’re interested in learning more about the book, go here … … 

Dear Winterius by Lillian Darnell


December 13 2013:

Lillian cracks me up!!! This year for her multicultural project she chose hieroglyphics and for one of the genres she chose to write a letter. I explained to her last night that it needed to match the period and not mention modern stuff. Just got done reading it! Awesome! Next we translate it into hieroglyphics using this cool website we found!

“Dear Winterius,
Hi there Winterius! I am bringing over your cow that I had borrowed in November through March. Even though it’s May I’m making my way over to your temple. Tell your mother I’m coming. It just happened that my animals had run away so I’m wondering if you can help me work. Is that okay with you? In fact, it’s the whole reason I’d borrowed your cow for. I’m very sorry that I didn’t tell you before because it’s so unusual for the animals to disappear. Are you married to anyone yet? You are 12. You should be married to a man named Sirius because he knows about all laws and is the pharaoh so you’ll be the pharaoh so when you leave for any dead pharaoh in any area to make a pyramid.

Your Egyptian Friend,

I love having you at my temple! Bye now!”

Dear Winterius Letter from Lillian 12.13.13

**Update – March 12 2018: I missed getting this one in Lillian’s debut book, Where Would You Fly? …. If you’d like to learn more about her book, go here ….

Perspective Changes Everything


December 12 2015:

Finally got the new belt …. Should’ve checked the roller brush too. Now I’ve got to order one and wait more. Our floor needs vacuumed! Who has a vacuum I can borrow? HA!

What a blessing to have a vacuum! Cause that means we’ve got floors to clean, and floors to clean mean we have a place to live!

Gave me some perspective as I used all my might to stretch the belt on and as my fingers turned black from the dirt in this beast.

Love, sweet love ….

Working on Vacuum 12.12.15

The Book Flew to Deventer, The Netherlands – Where Would You Fly

February 14 2018:

Ben het boek “Where would you fly” aan het lezen. Geschreven door Lilian Darnell tussen haar 4e en 14e jaar.

Ik hoop dat ze het park mooi vind waar het boek heen vloog met hulp van haar moeder Camilla Downs.

Reading the book “Where would you fly” written by Lilian Darnell between the ages of 4 and 14.

Hope she enjoys the park in Deventer, The Netherlands where the book flew to with the help of her mom Camilla Downs.

I’m reading the book ” where would you fly Written by Lilian Darnell between her 4th and 14th year.

I hope she likes the park where the book flew with help from her mother Camilla downs.

Where Would You Fly Book The Netherlands 2.14.18

Want your own copy of Where Would You Fly? Go here … …. Thank you!

A Moment of Defeat – Again


December 12 2014:

Lillian with Tiarra Maybe 2010

I had another one of “those moments” Wednesday night … like the moment that caused me to write this blog post and the one before it.

This involved some pretty strong emotions so I’m working on writing another and just read the blog posts from 2010 and 2012 again. Thought I’d share here …

I Wish I Wasn’t An 18p- Girl: Moment of Defeat – Take Two


Where Would You Fly – Interactive Map

A FUN interactive map displaying the answer to “Where Did IT Fly?” …. so far …

This map is so fun! You can zoom in on the pins and scroll around the entire World!! The purple pins have fun images embedded!

Please let us know your city, state, and/or country and we’ll add it to the map! The book has flown to The Netherlands, Australia, England, North Ireland, and to many of the 50 states!

Would you like a book to fly your way? Head over to the website to learn more about, “Where Would You Fly and Other Magical Stories” … Go here.

Conversations with Thomas

February 24 2018:

Conversations with Thomas today … The English Channel, The Atlantic Ocean and countries that border it, North Korea, China, Switzerland, facebook and twitter algorithms and bots, and then we watched “Field of Dreams” and had conversations about that.

He loved the movie so much he researched more about it and found the book the movie was based from, Shoeless Joe. All of this in between teasing Lillian and making her yell. Wahooo!!! I am incredibly blessed for the practice of meditation and mindfulness … Love this wonderful and amazing life. xoxo

Do You Act When Moved to Share Kindness


November 12 2013:

Around the time of Thomas’ birthday he so gently asked if he could have an ice cream cone as a birthday treat while we waited for Lillian to finish her therapies. I reminded him we had ice cream at home and that he could have some. He said, “Okay, that sounds good.”

Lillian’s therapy center is only seconds from the fast food place that has soft serve ice cream. After I parked, I filled my mind with thoughts of abundance and generosity and changed my mind. After all, it was only a $1 cone.

As I turned into the parking lot a homeless person was sitting on the curb. In addition to ordering the ice cream for Thomas, I ordered a chicken burger. At least, I think it was me. I felt an overwhelming urge to order that burger and give it to the person we had just passed.

I had Thomas hand it to him as we pulled next to him. I have NEVER done this before. The man thanked us many times.

As we drove off, I told Thomas that it doesn’t matter the reason that man is sitting there or even if he is really homeless. I felt moved to share kindness and I did. I was going to use that money to attend the Dr. Temple Grandin lecture on Thursday night. This felt more powerful and important.

I explained that we never want to NOT share kindness due to judgment of another or for fear that our kindness will not be well received. Once we perform an act of kindness it’s really no longer our business. I’m sure Thomas will remind me of this beautiful moment just when I need it most. Here’s a picture of him with the ice cream on that day … 11.12.13 … He even shared some with me! xoxo

Thomas with Ice Cream Cone 12.12.13

One Blood Test – One Phone Call – One Moment in Time


December 11 2015:

The Gift of One Article by Camilla 12.11.15 #1 The Gift of One Article by Camilla 12.11.15 #2

What a magical surprise waiting in the mail today! After it took an HOUR to drive to HDMS to get Thomas this afternoon. It usually takes 12 minutes. Then 30 minutes home as we had to bypass the closed portion of the highway.

It was a blessing to have this waiting in the mail …. along with another envelope with some surprise money for Team TLC. Thank you Veronica Wain for mailing hard copies of the journal. This is the third nudge I’ve received today to share this article again which was published this past fall.

Listening to those nudges … Here’s an excerpt and a link to read the full article. May your heart land on just the right passage at just the right moment …

“One blood test, one phone call, one moment in time, drastically changed the direction of my life forever. I know more about genetics, chromosomes, DNA, motor skills, verbal skills, and now emotional and behavioural issues than I ever thought I would need or want to know. ……. I thought I had life pretty much planned at that point and for a while this brief phone call seemed to have caused my life to break apart like a melting iceberg with pieces scattering here and there. Looking back now, all that was brought into my life, all that occurred, all that began, and all that ended were meant to happen for my own growth and enlightenment. An enlightenment I feel spreads far beyond myself and my family as I believe we are all connected.”

My Journey With Intellectual Disability and Relationships – A Short Memoir

I Sat Reading a Book and Ended Up Receiving and Sharing Kindness


December 21 2012:

I sat reading a book in the coffee shop this morning while waiting on my friend to arrive. I got up to move to a smaller table and a man sitting nearby said, “I like your boots”. So we started chatting about boots and he showed me his boots. We talked about boots with leather bottoms and boots with rubber bottoms.

He’s got 5 days off and is visiting from Elko, Nevada. He works for one of the mining companies in Elko. I learned about this huge truck he drives that has a 12,000 gallon tank and how the tank gets filled and what happens when it’s being filled. He works 4 days on and 5 off and then 5 on and 4 off. He’s going to an end of the world party tonight!

I learned that he likes Harley motorcycles and boots and about the Harley he’s about to purchase so he can take trips on it. This one has waterproof storage. Says he’s gonna take a trip on it this summer down to Arizona to see his brother and ride through the Grand Canyon on the way.

He likes to write so he is going to journal his trip. I shared how I thought that was a GREAT idea. He likes to write letters “the old fashioned way”, put a stamp on them and mail them. He likes to read too. So I shared how I like to write and read also and that I had just written and published a book.

His name is Paul. He bought one of my books, is going to read it and then give to his sister who is a school teacher in Winnemucca. I did not know him, He did not know me. Now we know each other and now you know about him too!!

All this while I was waiting for my friend to show up. I could have just said “Thank You” when he complimented my boots and went back to reading my book. The old me would have. I sure hope I enriched his life. I know he enriched mine by letting me listen and learn about him.