No Dessert for Me


April 24, 2012

“I don’t want dessert. I’m too busy reading.” Thomas Darnell

{This kid does not even hear me when he’s reading. Stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things earlier and he read his book while walking down the aisles!!}


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Did you know Camilla wrote a book? It’s titled “D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance” and you can read more about it here.

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Book Review: If You Love Honey

April 22 2017:

If You Love Honey – Nature’s Connections

I deeply LOVED this book!! Magnificent illustrations and incredible story detailing how ALL of nature cooperates in making honey. It moves from dandelions, earthworms, mushrooms, the old oak tree and blue jays and their part in honey being available for us.

Thomas and Lillian loved it too! Further detailed information in the back of the book was great too. Plus, this book was published in Nevada City, CA! I didn’t even know there was a publishing company located there.

Dawn Publications is dedicated to inspiring in children a deeper understanding and appreciation for all life on Earth. Love, Love, Love …. I will be checking out all the books they’ve published!

If You Love Honey Book 2016

Book Review: The Greatest Power

February 18 2017:

The Greatest Power

I think this is one of my favorite DEMI books. Such a powerful story of a boy emperor who gathers all the children of his kingdom so as to choose the new prime minister. He challenges each of them to show him the greatest power in the world.

He claims, “To know the greatest power in the world is to know the greatest peace.” One child reflects deeply on this while the others begin working away on their chosen answer. Thomas and Lillian loved it too, as with all DEMI books. The illustrations are simply brilliant!

The Greatest Power Book 2016

Book Review: The Champion of Children – The Story of Janusz Korczak

The Champion of Children – The Story of Janusz Korczak

Janusz Korczak had wanted to create a better world for children ever since he was a young boy. He grew up in Warsaw under tsarist Russia’s domination.

He designed and presided over an extraordinary orphanage for Jewish children. He believed the children could govern themselves, so he encouraged them to elect a parliament, run a court, and put out a weekly newspaper.

During Hitler’s rise to power he was forced to move the orphanage into Warsaw Ghetto and ultimately to the deaths of he and the children in the Treblinka extermination camp. He remained there for and with the children to the very end.

His insistence that children have the right to be loved, educated, and protected has continued to inspire people all over the world.

In honor of Korczak’s work, the United Nations declared 1979 the International Year of the Child. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, created in 1989, was strongly influenced by Korczak’s theories.

Incredible man, incredible story ….. Pure Love.

The Champion of Children Book 2016

Books and Mr. Happy Tree

January 11 2017:

Library day for Team TLC!! Feeling so grateful and blessed by the amazing librarian folks. We’ve been going to this library every 2-3 weeks for the past ten years. They kind of know us!

Thomas and Lillian got to look through the return cart for any wanted books. And we get our pick of which two months in 2018 we would like to have a Team TLC art showing in the small gallery at South Valleys Library. I’m thinking we’ll take May/June 2018.

Library Day 1.11.17


January 13 2017:

It’s been a curious day … So, I’m bringing out Mr. Happy Tree with which to end the day. Lillian created him in 2015. Lillian and I will be deciding in the next two weeks about her first published book.

Should it be a mindfulness themed book with Mr. Happy Tree as narrator, using the “Mindfulness with Animals” series she wrote on her blog? Or a compilation and expansion of her short stories and poems? Or expanding one short story into a longer, deeper story? We are open to wherever this leads …

Thanks Mr. Happy Tree … xoxo

Mr. Happy Tree 2015

Library Day and Romano Duo and Long Lasting

November 28 2016:

Library day for Team TLC!! So beautiful when we stepped out of the library …. with our 7 bags of books! Yes. A family of book and nature lovers. Yum! 📚

library-day-outside-11-28-16-1 library-day-outside-11-28-16-2 library-day-outside-11-28-16-3 library-day-outside-11-28-16-4


November 30 2016:

We’re so excited! When The Romano Duo visit for Christmas they get to stay in the same condo complex where we live!! Wahoooo!! (Picture from this past July when we got to cross paths in New Mexico)

Oceans of thanks to Happy’s human companion, Debbie, for letting The Duo stay at her place while she and Happy go home to Florida! Plus, they get a view of the beautiful wee lake from her place!



December 1 2016:

The strap on the Coach purse I’ve used for the past 17 years broke. It was given to me as a gift by Drew Henke; one of the prosecuting attorneys I worked with as a paralegal.

We worked together in the Civil Division at the Pierce County Prosecutors Office. My last stint before I left all that behind and began a different journey. Rest in Peace great little purse!!





South Valleys Library Art Gallery and Incline Village Library

October 23 2016:

…. And, coming in 2017 at the South Valleys Library’s rotating art gallery ….. a Team TLC showing. I think it will be their first family showing!! The date will not be set until we reach 2017 so we’ll share when we know.

Featuring a few of Thomas’ photographs from his book, Lillian’s abstract art (and her book if it’s ready by then), and we shall see what appears from me.



October 26 2016:

Field trip today!!! Incline village library ….. Beautiful drive up and down Mt Rose. Such a great library!!!! Books … for the Love of it! xoxo

field-trip-to-incline-village-library-10-26-16-1 field-trip-to-incline-village-library-10-26-16-2 field-trip-to-incline-village-library-10-26-16-3 field-trip-to-incline-village-library-10-26-16-4 field-trip-to-incline-village-library-10-26-16-5 field-trip-to-incline-village-library-10-26-16-6 field-trip-to-incline-village-library-10-26-16-7 field-trip-to-incline-village-library-10-26-16-8

Walking the Aisles

September 3 2016:

Library day! One of my most favorite days! I just love walking the aisles, having my eye caught by a title, pulling it from the shelf, opening it, and the feeling of excitement when it’s the one. Love, love, love. xoxo

library-day-9-3-16-1 library-day-9-3-16-2

Shining Moments and Another Milestone and Library

August 14 2016:

Some of the best learning and teaching moments simply sneak up on us and happen! xoxo

A couple of Shining Moments from last week – Sent with love and blessings that you be in the moment and aware of the shining moments that happen in your own life in this upcoming week and always … xoxo

I took Thomas with me to the post office on Thursday and let him do the talking and paying. The lady behind the counter said at least 3 times how awesome she thought it was that I am teaching him how to mail something.

She said so many of the teens and young adults don’t know how to mail something. I had not really put thought into this. I had not pre-planned this post office trip with him so that he could learn something. It just happened naturally as we were standing in line. What a blessing!

We went to Trader Joe’s on Wednesday. I told Thomas and Lillian they could pick out a cheese while I got some other things. They spent a long time looking at all the cheeses and they know we don’t have much money right now.

I could hear them discussing it and in that moment time stood still and I knew everything is perfect, happening perfectly, and that everything will be okay and perfect! They chose one that was inexpensive but also a cheese they wanted. xoxo


August 18 2016:

Reached another milestone today for Thomas’ book, Biggest Little Photographer! I had intended to be further by end of day tomorrow, yet, it’s great progress! We tremendously appreciate the shares, likes, and comments whenever I post about it here or on one of our blogs!

It helps us incredibly when we receive pre-orders. If you were planning on getting a book, come on over to Thomas’ website and check it out. There’s a cool 2 minute book trailer too! xoxoxo

(Here’s one of the photos in the book in honor of Library Day this weekend!) Due out mid to late Fall 2016 and will make awesome birthday or holiday gifts (or even Thank You gifts if you want to order in bulk). Here’s the link:

And here’s a bit about the book … ” …. This is not simply a photography book and not a photography book by a professional photographer. This book is about an 8 year old boy, with a passion for LEGO, and a huge heart.

An 8 year old boy who read an article about a professional photographer who had taken photographs of a mini figure taking photographs for 365 days. An 8 year old boy who then asked, “Can I do that?” and then bought a mini figure camera with his own money.

An 8 year old boy who used what he had, a donated iPhone 3G, mini figure pieces already owned, and spent less than $2.00 to purchase the camera piece. So, while you won’t find photographs of the highest quality and clarity within this book, you will find love, inspiration, and the knowing that whatever you dream, whatever you want to accomplish, it CAN be done. And you will find that life is what happens between asking, “Can I do that?” and “I DID IT!”

It’s about an 8 year old boy who, with determination and fun, completed a ONE YEAR photography project from the time he was 8 years old and ending at 9 years old.”



August 19 2016:

Field trip included library day. Now up there with our other favorite library!!! Second time here and we love this place!!! Lillian was absolutely there … somehow I missed getting a picture of her! xoxo

incline-village-library-8-19-16-1 incline-village-library-8-19-16-2 incline-village-library-8-19-16-3 incline-village-library-8-19-16-4

March to a Different Drummer

October 2 2016:


from the fun book we read tonight …. “Those who march to a different drummer are in a magnificent band indeed!” ~”Patricia Polacco presents … The Graves Family” …

It’s when we start looking around and comparing that we begin thinking our band is too loud, too colorful, too quiet, not colorful enough, too impulsive, not impulsive enough, too kind, not kind enough, too plain, too wild … However the “music” comfortably flows forth is what makes it magnificent …. Let it flow …. xoxoxoxo