Throwback Post – Book Shelf: Mother Teresa


September 23 2015:

We love all the books we’ve read that are written and illustrated by DEMI. This was the perfect book to end our day with last night. A woman who listened to what was in her heart.

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Book Musings: Rumi – Whirling Dervish

July 28 2018:

Rumi – Whirling Dervish

Another incredible DEMI book! A brief book about the life of Rumi and what led to the Whirling Dervishes. Touches on how he wrote about the love that resides in the soul of everyone regardless of religion or background. Beautiful and inspiring book!

Book Musings: The Magic Boat

June 23 2018:

The Magic Boat

A traditional Chinese tale of a young boy named Chang who rescues an old man from a river. He is rewarded with a magic dragon boat that can magically change from pocket-size to full-size and back.

A wicked man steals the boat and takes it to the corrupt Emperor. Chang sets out to get the boat back so he can continue to do good with it. Great DEMI book with vibrant illustrations!

The Magic Boat Book 2016 6.23.18

Book Musings: Liang and the Magic Paintbrush

March 4 2018:

Liang and the Magic Paintbrush

An older DEMI book … from 1980. Yet, still so good.

This one is about a poor boy who receives a magic paintbrush and uses it for good deeds. This was before the illustrations in her books became so much more vivid with color. The illustrations are still amazing with beautiful detail.

Liang and the Magic Paintbrush Book 2016

Book Musings: Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale Book 2017

Florence Nightingale

Another wonderfully illustrated and written book by DEMI. We learned about how Florence Nightingale revolutionized the world of medicine by emphasizing cleanliness, food that was hot and nutritious, and organization in hospitals.

Books by DEMI are among are favorites!

Book Review: Gandhi

April 7 2017:


Wonderful DEMI book about Gandhi who was someone who completely succeeded in living his life according to the way in which he believed life should be lived – filled with spiritual awareness, love, and peace.

We learned something new in that Gandhi’s favorite books are listed. I’d never seen these listed before.

Loved by all of Team TLC!!

Gandhi Book 2016

Book Review: The Greatest Power

February 18 2017:

The Greatest Power

I think this is one of my favorite DEMI books. Such a powerful story of a boy emperor who gathers all the children of his kingdom so as to choose the new prime minister. He challenges each of them to show him the greatest power in the world.

He claims, “To know the greatest power in the world is to know the greatest peace.” One child reflects deeply on this while the others begin working away on their chosen answer. Thomas and Lillian loved it too, as with all DEMI books. The illustrations are simply brilliant!

The Greatest Power Book 2016