Volunteering with Treats

October 7 2019:

Thomas and I volunteered at The Humane Society this morning. Helped decorate for Halloween and visited the cats a bit. Thomas took the photo of the sleeping cat.

October 12 2019:

Afternoon treat courtesy of my mom. She brought treats when she picked up Lillian for respite on Wednesday! Vegan Neapolitan cupcake! Yum!

The Best Ever Pizza with These Wonderful Things Called Teeth While Packing the Dishwasher

August 18 2019:

Yummy homemade pizza for dinner last night (except for the crust). Drizzled olive oil on the crust, then smeared a bit of creamy fiesta cashew dip, followed by a sauce of marina mixed with a spicy green herbal sauce. Topped with crimini mushrooms, green and kalamata olives, sweet onion, artichoke hearts, and sugar plum tomatoes. With a yummy side salad and washed down with a bottle of Virgil’s Rootbeer. Incredibly delicious and satisfying!

August 26 2019:

Have you ever been flossing your teeth, your fingernail snags what you think may be a side filling on one of your lower molars, and it falls off in your mouth? And it does this on the eve of paying off the huge dental bill and work you had done 6 months ago? (This is a different tooth, different side. Not the one just worked on.)

That may have happened to me last night. I thought I’d be in tremendous pain when I brushed my teeth or tried to eat. Not yet … Hmmm … I may find out just how tough I am … These things called teeth are interesting creatures … Still smiling …. Oddly weird, yet, it did not hurt and still doesn’t hurt … pray that the pain gods continue to keep the pain away!


August 28 2019:

Packing the contents of the dishwasher …. What one uses the dishwasher for when not used for washing dishes. Perfect storage cabinet for lightbulbs, LEGO boxes, and an iron. Got to improvise when 3 people live in a 1 bedroom, 1 bath and those who shall remain unnamed wish to keep the empty LEGO boxes! And for some unknown reason one has a surplus of 100 watt light bulbs.


Record Views with a Side of Creamy Macaroni and Cheese

August 4 2019:

Something really cool happened on Friday, 8.2, with the Meeting the Authors website. Record views for a single day had been 100 from when the website launched about 3 months ago. On Friday, views reached 109! Screenshot shows 103. I forgot to take another before going to bed.

August 6 2019:

My new favorite cheese! It’s called Violife and I made creamy macaroni and cheese with the smoked provolone. Can’t wait to try the other flavors.

Currently Reading with Vegan Tamales and Smashed Potatoes

June 2 2019:

Currently reading. A couple of them, I’m reading for a second or third time.

Incredibly excited about reading the book on top! As I’ve interviewed the author on Meeting the Authors and can’t wait for her interview to post!!

I’ve just barely started it, yet, already loving it. Knew I would!

June 3 2019:

Most delicious lunch I’ve had in a while. Vegan tamales topped with daiya cheese and spicy salsa. So yum …

<img src="vegantamale.jpg" alt="">

June 7 2019:

Some of the most delicious mashed potatoes I’ve ever tasted. Mashed with skins on along with a handful of corn and dashes of Umami seasoning and sea salt.

Piled high, topped with a pat of Miyoko’s butter, and sprinkled with Daiya cheese. Anchored with a couple of delicious trees (what Lillian called broccoli when she was young). That was my dinner … with a yummy salad. And I am so full! Will be having that again!! 😋😋😋

Vegan Tacos and Lemon and Ginger Water and Meh-Shee-Ka

April 3 2019:

Mmmmm … That was so good!!! I’m in love with this seltzer water flavored with real lemon and ginger juice.

April 12 2019:

Finally, finally, finally got to eat here!! The birthday celebrations continue! Thank you Carolyn R Smith for my birthday lunch!! House of Mexica (Meh-Shee-Ka)

From the restaurant: “Meh-Shee-Ka – A Tribe of plant based Mexica united together to create Heaven on Earth through the powers of food, life, love, & light.”

From Me: A full vegan menu with a feel good vibe permeating the atmosphere. Our server (and also co-owner), Marv, was absolutely wonderful with an incredibly humble energy.

We split the asada fries to begin with … WOW!! So good!!! I had a burrito and Carolyn had a chimichanga. It was like a symphony of harmonious flavors performing a lovely concert in my mouth. One I did not want to end.

Thank you Carolyn for EVERYTHING! Thank you for treating me to lunch, to your company, and for treating me like a birthday queen. I love you and I love our friendship. 💜💜💜

(Photo of the building borrowed from Yelp as I forgot to take a photo)

The Cosmic Friendship

November 28 2018:

Dearest Carolyn R Smith,

To have someone
such as you
to hold a mirror
so that one may
fully see the path
she has travelled
and continues to travel.

To have someone
such as you
shower your kindness
and generosity upon she.

To have someone
such as you
to share what
she needs to share
knowing it only
deepens the relationship.

To have someone
such as you
is a blessing
of the highest
and brightest.

I am blessed
by our friendship
I love YOU

Yo Cosmic Sista!!

Thank you for treating me to lunch. Fresh brewed sage Kombucha (oh my gosh! Yum!!!), vegan burger for me (oh my gosh! Yum!!), finished with a slice of vegan, maple walnut “cheesecake” (oh my gosh! Yum!!) Delicious food and delicious company! Love you!! 🙏💞

Vegan Open Faced Sloppy Joe and Mango Shadow and Open Faced Veggie Burger and Tomato Salad

April 16 2018:

Oh yum!!! Vegan open faced sloppy joe. This was incredibly good!

Crumbled falafel “meatballs” with sautéed sweet onions, cauliflower, green beans, sweet corn, petite green peas, tomato sauce, and veggie broth spooned in heaps on a piece of toast and sprinkled with arugula.

I didn’t set out to make this. It wasn’t until I was finished cooking and sat down to the eat that I realized what I had created! Yum!!!

Vegan Sloppy Joe 4.16.18

April 17 2018:

Well. That made for an interesting shadow!!

Mango Shadow 4.16.18 #1

A halfway eaten mango!!

Mango Shadow 4.16.18 #2

April 19 2018:

Open faced veggie burger piled high with sweet onion, tomato, and arugula with a side of baked potato medallions! That was good!!

Open faced veggie burger 4.19.18

April 21 2018:

I mean. Look at this cute wee cherry tomato salad with sweet onions, Holland Enjoya peppers, and piled high with arugula. Topped with sea salt and black pepper. Yum!! xoxo

Tomato Salad 4.21.18

Coconut Brown Rice and Potato Medallions and Avocado

March 8 2017:

Thomas says I like to make art with my food. I also LOVE to mix foods.

Baked potato medallions circling coconut milk infused brown rice, topped with avocado, salsa, warm beets, and kalamata olives. Plus an amazing creamy and spicy vegan dipping sauce for the potatoes.

This meal was incredibly satisfying. Avocado is the mother fruit and the strongest link in the food chain. Perfect nurturing food that also assists with emotional strength. Coconut enhances the benefits of anything it’s paired with.

Words cannot even describe the satisfaction and contentment when we eat foods that assist our bodies, emotions, and spirituality.

Coconut Rice and Potato Medallions 3.8.17

Pumpkin Curry Soup and Okra and Tarte aux Champignons and Cobbler

February 15 2017:

We did some flavor traveling last night with dinner. A pumpkin curry soup, oh so yummy okra (including memories of mammaw Downs), a Tarte aux Champignons (French style flat bread with mushrooms), and a dirty apple and pear cobbler (Thomas‘ name for our dessert).

Happy Valentine’s Day to Team TLC!! xoxo

Also known as …. Using what you’ve got to create a special dinner! That cobbler is amazing! I mean, Lillian even ate it …. and that’s a miracle!! I had the store bought gluten free pie crust in the freezer. Peeled and sliced 4 apples and pears.

Mixed with cinnamon, lemon juice, and coconut sugar. Then made a topping to crumble over the top with coconut oil, coconut flour, almond flour, salt and coconut sugar. We ate almost the entire dish!!!

Valentine's Dinner 2.14.17 #1 Valentine's Dinner 2.14.17 #2 Valentine's Dinner 2.14.17 #3 Valentine's Dinner 2.14.17 #4