Dune with Thomas – Excellent Movie

October 22 2021

Thomas Darnell and I walked to the theater this afternoon for a matinee showing of Dune. It’s about a 5 to 6 minute walk from our place.

Thomas loved it! He said it’s in the top 3 of his favorite movies to date, adding that with Hans Zimmer composing the soundtrack, of course it was great. He also thinks Leto I Atreides resembles Haile Selassie.

We’ve been talking about it on and off since leaving the theater. If you’ve followed our movie watching journey, you may know Thomas is a skilled critic of movies and when he is this excited about a movie, you know it’s damn good.

I definitely enjoyed it, too. I’m just not a fan of theaters anymore. It’s way too loud for me, to the point that I wear ear plugs during the movie. I can’t stand the previews and ads, and can’t pause the movie if I need to go to the bathroom. Hahaha!

Cardboard and Paper and Pencil and Halloween Movie

October 13 2016:

It was Thomas’ turn last night to choose our family activity. He chose to play the board game he made for Lillian for her birthday … A piece of cardboard, a piece of paper, and a pencil + imagination and creativity = Fun and love. xoxo



October 14 2016:

Thomas was 5 years old when he thought of this, put it together, and asked me to “film” it …. Just came across it again … Enjoy … !!! (He’s about to turn 11 years old!) xoxoxo