Cardboard and Paper and Pencil and Halloween Movie

October 13 2016:

It was Thomas’ turn last night to choose our family activity. He chose to play the board game he made for Lillian for her birthday … A piece of cardboard, a piece of paper, and a pencil + imagination and creativity = Fun and love. xoxo



October 14 2016:

Thomas was 5 years old when he thought of this, put it together, and asked me to “film” it …. Just came across it again … Enjoy … !!! (He’s about to turn 11 years old!) xoxoxo

Library Day and an Outpost

July 22 2016:

Library day!!! Thomas built an outpost that brings energy from the ground to fuel robots and airplanes. Ok! Plus, we got some cool books and movies! xoxo

Thomas, Lillian and Camilla = Team TLC
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Wonderfully exciting news! We’ve completed the first book trailer for Thomas’ upcoming book, Biggest Little Photographer. You can learn more and pre-order here.