Throwback Post: Doing it Differently


August 21 2013:

Lillian just recently asked me why I do things differently than other Moms. Her questions were about how I make coffee … using a French Press and that I hand wash the dishes instead of use the dishwasher. Thomas then adds, “I like that you are different. You’re not ordinary. You are extraordinary.” These two so bless me and can snap me back out of a funk instantly. They have a knack for sharing my own advice with me when I need it most!

(Camilla in 2013 during a hike with Thomas)

(Thomas and Lillian 2013)

I try to remind Thomas, Lillian and myself is that no one is more special or better than we are and we are not better or more special than anyone else. We all just ARE. Every one of us is doing the best we can with where we are in our life. We are all different and we all have a gift that is uniquely ours. I just am crazy enough to have thrown caution out the window, along with anyone else’s reality in my quest to create my own reality, discover and love this person known as Camilla, live a simple, natural, inspired life and be ME!

**March 7 2021 Update** 

When we moved into our new place just over a year ago, I began using the dishwasher again. I had a double sink and a dishwasher that was very old and useless at actually cleaning dishes. I decided to hand wash to conserve energy, and to use as a time for practicing mindfulness.

With our new place, came a brand new dishwasher, that actually cleans the dishes!! We no longer have a double sink and the sink is actually quite small. After about 7 years of hand washing the dishes, it was time! (Although, I still do not use the microwave. I discontinued using it in 2010, I think. I do use the timer on it, quite handy. 

I continue to like my coffee made in a simple way. My french press broke near the end of 2019. I switched to a pour over style, and I’m loving it! 

Inspire Others by Sharing of Oneself


October 6 2014:

You inspire others by authentically sharing yourself, no matter what your chosen “field of work”. When you share like only you can, in that way that is unique to you, it inspires others.

At times it will not be apparent that you are inspiring others, and at other times you will know as there will be some who reach out and let you know. Many times you will not know why you are moved to share something, yet, there is a reason if you are moved.

Authentically sharing of your gifts and treasures creates a ripple effect of goodness, kindness, and love whose effects reach farther than we could ever even imagine. I call it “sowing the seeds of love” … xoxoxo

March to a Different Drummer

October 2 2016:


from the fun book we read tonight …. “Those who march to a different drummer are in a magnificent band indeed!” ~”Patricia Polacco presents … The Graves Family” …

It’s when we start looking around and comparing that we begin thinking our band is too loud, too colorful, too quiet, not colorful enough, too impulsive, not impulsive enough, too kind, not kind enough, too plain, too wild … However the “music” comfortably flows forth is what makes it magnificent …. Let it flow …. xoxoxoxo


Completely and Utterly Oneself

July 28 2016:

Lillian & Camilla May 2016 Date Day #9

When people come into your life who you feel completely and utterly yourself with, spend time with them. It’s inspiring.

Those times when you’re spending time with those who you feel completely and utterly yourself with, talking about things that are meaningful to all of you, with those who get you.

Those times when two and a half hours feels like 30 minutes. Those times when you are saying goodbye all the way out the door and to their cars as they leave …

I got to have one of those afternoons and it blessed my heart and soul. Thank you Melinda Bourke Blackwell and Barbara Richmond Chastain. Our time together today was inspiring and we overflow with gratitude for your support of Thomas and his upcoming book. xoxoxo

Thomas, Lillian and Camilla = Team TLC
See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

Wonderfully exciting news! We’ve completed the first book trailer for Thomas’ upcoming book, Biggest Little Photographer. You can learn more and pre-order here.