Where Do You Travel When You Sleep


October 9 2012:

I find this fascinating so thought I’d share … (FYI: I have Lillian’s permission to share this with y’all.)

A few nights ago Lillian told me she was going to fairy land while she was sleeping. I told her that sounds great and to have fun. Last night before bed she said there was going to be a huge Fairy Ball and she was looking forward to it. With a bit more enthusiasm this time, I chatted with her a minute about it and told her to have a great time again.

This morning she told me the Ball was so much fun and beautiful. Tonight there will be a visit from a very special Princess and a Rainbow Festival. We talked about what Lillian wore last night at the Fairy Ball and how she wore her hair and what she will wear tonight. We covered many details.

She’s going to tell me about the Rainbow Festival in the morning and I’m so looking forward to hearing about it. She then asked me where I’ll be going tonight while I’m sleeping … That stopped me in my tracks …

I thought to myself, What a darn good idea Lillian!! So, I told her where I’d be going and we chatted about that for a few … Where will you make it your intention to travel tonight while you’re asleep??

**October 25 2017 Update** – We choose a geographical location almost every night to which we will travel while sleeping. Last night was Tibet!