Lillian and Camilla March 2019 Date Day

March 26 2019:

Lillian and Camilla March 2019 Date Day …. Lets be true and authentic here. I don’t post behind the scenes a whole lot. Yet, feel it’s important as a society not to hide the unloveliness of life.

It’s been more than a week since I’ve had uninterrupted good nights sleep. Last night Lillian woke me up about 4 times.

This morning after waking up, Lillian threw up. Just a random throwing up episode. She used to have this happen quite often. But, it’s been years since the last occurrence.

She did not want to call off her date. Even though it was going to be a short date as I had a 1:00 doctors appointment for Thomas.

So … at 3:00 we left the house for her traditional fries. Now, for the date details. 😃🎉

Fries for Lillian (and me!) Vegan brownie for me and iced sugar cookie for her. She wanted to go for a walk; but was too tired. So, we went for a nice drive through our old neighborhoods. Pulled over and took this amazing photo!! 💚💙

She’s quite the stubborn gal. She didn’t want to wait until nevt week when we had more time and when she felt better (and me too) as that would not be a March date in March. It would be a March date in April. Ugh!

Lillian and Camilla August 2018 Date Day

August 10 2018:

Lillian and Camilla August 2018 Date Day ….

First stop – Fries for Lillian and a colorful fish shaped shortbread cookie for dessert. Coconut vegetable soup for me and a vegan hemp oat cookie for me. So yum!!!

Then shopping for some clothing items for Lillian. Now, a pit stop at home for a snack before closing out the date!!

Next half of date: A drive through our old neighborhood, with a few stops for photos.

Last piece of our date: A just-after-sunset walk. I adore the picture Lillian took of me. I had my eyes closed listening to the beautiful music the leaves sing as the wind blows through them. One of my most loved and treasured sounds.