Japanese Bento Box at Moon Rabbit Cafe

August 28 2021

It’s been quite some time since Thomas Darnell and I had dinner from Moon Rabbit Cafe’s pay what you can cafe. This did not disappoint! Moon Rabbit Cafe is part of Reno Buddhist Center. Thank you to the Reno Buddhist Center. They are all such lovely humans!

Tonight it was a Japanese Bento Box dinner. The dinner featured soba noodles and Tsuyu sauce with choices of marinated chicken or tofu, a side of Great Basin Brewery’s famous cucumber salad, and tri-colored mochi for dessert.

It’s Gluten-free and vegan friendly (we had the tofu option).

More about Moon Rabbit Cafe from the website: What is Moon Rabbit Cafe? “This is our “pay what you can” community cafe. Guests can actually pay what you can afford or donate a little more to support others. Moon Rabbit Cafe features delicious and healthy specially prepared food in a relaxed community focused setting. Everyone is welcome to this unique and friendly dining experience.”

Tasty Thai for Thomas and Camilla at Moon Rabbit Cafe

April 20 2019:

Thomas and I enjoyed dinner at Moon Rabbit Cafe’s Pay-What-You-Can Community Cafe! It was a “Tasty Thai” experience specially created by chef Evan Berry!

For starters we enjoyed corn/tofu fritters and veggie spring rolls with sweet chili sauce and peanut sauce. The coconut limeaid was so good! Thomas had Thai coconut chicken curry and I had veggie yellow curry with a side of Jasmine rice. Thomas completed with a homemade mango pudding; which I skipped as it is made with gelatin.

Grateful to Reno Buddhist Center for facilitating this every other month. Yum!

Indian Food at Moon Rabbit Cafe

February 23 2019:

Thomas and I had an early birthday celebration dinner for me tonight!! It was perfect! Incredibly blessed we have this Pay-What-You-Can Café in our community.

Moon Rabbit Cafe – Bollywood Night Dinner (Indian Food) at Reno Buddhist Center.

For starters we enjoyed Alootikki with garbanzo, onion and mint tamarind chutneys. I had veggie Biryani and Thomas had chicken Biryani over curry infused Basmati rice with a side of mint sauce. To finish we had a sweet Basmati rice pudding and a hot cuppa Masala chai tea!


Brain and Heart and Stomach are Happy

February 12 2017:

“My brain, heart, and stomach are happy!” … Said by Thomas last night after our beautiful dinner at Moon Rabbit Cafe.

What wonderful feelings brought about by good food, great company, and a peaceful, joyful setting.

Me too Thomas … Me too! xoxo

Thomas and Camilla January 2017 Date Day Part 3 1.31.17 #3

Sabores de Amor with Thomas

February 11 2017:

Thomas and I just had an amazing Sabores de Amor (Flavors of Love).

Peruvian veggie ceviche, vegetarian Pastel de Choclo, oh so yummy cocadas dessert with raspberries ….. washed down with a guava sparkling water and hot mint tea.

What a very special treat for us. Thomas says everyone was so nice. As we were driving home he said, “My brain, heart, and stomach are happy!”

I was so excited I forgot to take a picture of the main dish! Oops! Here’s the cool plate, though! xoxo

Oceans of gratitude Moon Rabbit Cafe, Farm Fresh Catering, and Reno Buddhist Center! xoxo

Moon Rabbit Cafe with Thomas 2.11.17 #1 Moon Rabbit Cafe with Thomas 2.11.17 #2 Moon Rabbit Cafe with Thomas 2.11.17 #3