Pretty Vegetable and Squash Soup and The Romano Duo and Haircut and Dark Chocolate Pears

October 22 2017:

What veggie are we having with dinner? It’s so pretty! Here’s a hint: My hands are stained purple, not red.

Beet Stained Hands 10.22.17

October 24 2017:

Butternut squash soup for dinner last night …. So easy and so good!

Butternut Squash Soup 10.24.17

October 26 2017:

The Romano Duo left this morning with all their belongings that have been in storage for two years. They are headed to make their new house in Surprise, Arizona into their Home.

We enjoyed this fun and quick visit with them and look forward to visiting them in the new home once they get settled in and make it their own. Not to mention getting to go swimming!!


October 26 2017:

Thank you Roger for the gift of a haircut for Thomas. He is incredibly grateful to be free of so much hair.

Thomas Haircut 10.26.17 #1 Thomas Haircut 10.26.17 #2 Thomas Haircut 10.26.17 #3

October 27 2017:

Spur of the moment dessert tonight … Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Pear …. Bosc pear with melted dark chocolate, drizzled with local honey, and sprinkled with sea salt. Good gosh! That was good!

Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Pears 10.27.17

October 28 2017:

Just love the variety of squash this time of year. Kabocha squash soup with fresh ginger, garlic, and sweet onion. Ginger paired with this was heavenly!

Kabocha Squash Soup 10.28.17