Dark Chocolate Bark and Lentil Soup and Mac n Cheese and Nachos

January 4 2017:

Coconut dark chocolate bark and gluten free, dye free peppermint bark ….. Perfect!!

chocolate-bark-1-4-17-1 chocolate-bark-1-4-17-2 chocolate-bark-1-4-17-3 chocolate-bark-1-4-17-4


January 6 2017:

Lentil Soup with Short Grain Brown Rice … with a squeeze of lime drizzled on top! YUM!!

Lentil Soup 1.6.17#2


More meals for the week …

Camilla Vegen Chili and Vegan Mac n Cheese Meals January 2017
Vegan Mac n Cheese Smothered in Vegan Chili

Lentil soup and rice and skillet cooked sweet potato Meals January 2017
Camilla’s Lentil Soup mixed with Short Grain Brown Rice with English Cucumber, Avocado, and Skillet Cooked Sweet Potato

Lillian Cinamon Toast Meals January 2017
Lillian’s Gluten Free Cinnamon Toast, Raw & Roasted Cashews, English Cucumber, Raisins, Date, and Apple

Thomas French Toast Meals January 2017
Thomas’ French Toast with Raw Honey

Thomas Fruit Apple, Honey, Cinamon Meals January 2017
Thomas’ Fruit of Apple drizzled with Raw Honey and a sprinkle of Cinnamon

Vegan Nachos Meals January 2017
Camilla’s Vegan Nachos with Vegan Cheese, Black Olives, Onion and Garlic

Potato and Vegetarian Chili and Green Beans and Banana Milk and Curry

December 26 2016:

Yum, yum!!! Baked russet potato smothered in vegetarian chili topped with salsa, fresh cilantro, chives, and aged Parmesan Gouda cheese!



December 25 2016:

My Christmas dinner – baked sweet potato and green bean (un)casserole (cooked stove top rather than oven). So incredibly delicious!! Yum!!!



December 29 2016:

Mmmmmmmm …. Baked Rosemary Fries with pink Himalayan salt and black pepper, baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli alongside a cucumber salad of English cucumbers, sweet onion, dill pickle, and black olives drizzled with a fig balsamic vinegar. That was so good!!!

rosemary-fries-sweet-potato-and-cucumer-salad-12-29-16-1 rosemary-fries-sweet-potato-and-cucumer-salad-12-29-16-2 rosemary-fries-sweet-potato-and-cucumer-salad-12-29-16-3


December 29 2016:

Chocolate Banana Mylk …. Yum!! …. Thomas loves this too!!!

1 frozen banana, 1 ripe banana, 1 cup coconut water or plain water, unsweetened cocoa to taste, and juice from half a lime or to taste. (Idea from Medical Medium blog and added my own twist)



December 30 2016:

Vegan macaroni and cheese …. oh my gosh!!!! This was so yummy!!! I am incredibly inspired and grateful for these amazing foods I’ve been creating. Deep gratitude and gushing love for good food! (This one from the Medical Medium blog.)

vegan-macaroni-and-cheese-12-30-16-1 vegan-macaroni-and-cheese-12-30-16-2 vegan-macaroni-and-cheese-12-30-16-3


December 31 2016:

Wild Blueberry and banana smoothie …. Yum!!!!



Curry soup ….. So yum!! I cannot remember ever having a food elicit such deep feelings of gratitude and love!!! Made with kabocha squash, potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic. Served with a squeeze of lime juice … oh so divine! How I love thee … delicious, nourishing, and nurturing food. xoxoxo 🙏💖😍