Thomas and Camilla October 2018 Date Day

October 29 2018:

Thomas and Camilla October 2018 Date Day:

Lunch Car picnic, with a view. Sushi for Thomas and a GreatFull Gardens half Veghead Sandwich for me.

After eating we spent time chatting with this amazing view.

Then for a beautiful walk down to Bartley Ranch. 💙💙💙

First Dinner with The Romano Duo and Dark Chocolate

October 23 2018:

First dinner with The Romano Duo in their new place in Dayton. What a treat!!! They made me my own pot of vegetarian pasta sauce!

For fun, we drove through Virginia City on the way here. We’ll leave earlier next time so we can stop for pictures.

Next time we’re gonna have the ingredients so I can have a virgin Bloody Mary!!! It’ll be just like old times, but different! We all had a great time!!! 🎉🎉🎉

October 27 2018:

I walked in Trader Joe’s to get a few items and walked out with Dark chocolate heaven. Wow!! 🖤🍫🖤

Lillian and Camilla July 2018 Date Day

July 26 2018:

Lillian and Camilla July 2018 Date Day

First stop: Fries for Lillian and a beautiful purple flower shortbread cookie for Lillian and a vegan oatmeal and date cookie for me. That was one darn good cookie!!

Second stop: Lillian absolutely LOVES decorative throw pillows. So we spent about 30 minutes ooh’ing and aah’ing over the shiny, sparkly, and oh so soft pillows.

Third stop: A special feature of one of Lillian’s most favorite movies: “Barbie and the Diamond Castle” in the lodge theater. We’ve been watching this ever since Lillian was about 5 years old so I’m sure we’ve seen it at least 109 times!

We would have loved to have a walk at one of our favorite places; yet, just too hot!! Perhaps later tonight! xoxo

Ended the date with a sunset walk. Just beautiful!


Thomas and Camilla July 2018 Date Day

July 12 2018:

Thomas and Camilla July 2018 Date Day

Icecycle Creamery for lunch. The veggie sandwich I had was soooo yum!!! Followed by 1/2 scoop Mexican Hot Chocolate and 1/2 scoop of Classic Vanilla. Perfect! Too hot for an outdoor part to our date. Maybe early evening we’ll go for a walk. Will see.

Amazing and Beautiful and Starlit and Shining Bright and Bee

June 3 2018:

Walk with Thomas before dinner. We watched for about fifteen minutes as this momma duck led her wee ducklings through the rocks to the water.

It was difficult to watch and not want to help as they kept sliding down the rocks. They finally made it!!! Safe and sound!! Whew! I circled the ducklings and the momma in blue because they blend with the rocks.

There was quite the cloud show.Rainbow cloud in the second photo. The photo doesn’t show all the colors; yet, it was amazing. Incredibly beautiful!!!

Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.3.18 #1 Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.3.18 #2 Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.3.18 #3 Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.3.18 #4 Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.3.18 #5 Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.3.18 #6 Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.3.18 #7 Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.3.18 #8 Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.3.18 #9

June 4 2018:

After dinner walk tonight with Thomas. Just missed the sunset; yet, still incredibly beautiful! Followed our walk with a starlit swim in the pool. Ahhhhhh!!!! Feeling incredibly blessed and grateful!

Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.4.18

June 5 2018:

Shining bright for all to see and feel.

Sunshine Instagram Post Vintage Lake 6.5.18

June 5 2018:

Photo bombed by a bee. He thinks these are beautiful too!

Pink Flowers with a Bee 6.5.18

Moonlight Swim and Smoking Keyboard and Silly and Gazpacho

May 28 2018

First moonlight swim of the season. Thomas and I had the pool to ourselves. Ahhhhh … I’m so relaxed now.

Moonlight Swim 5.28.18 #1 Moonlight Swim 5.28.18 #2

May 30 2018:

My fingers and keyboard are smoking. Just got done writing something that came forth during the Alchemist Theatre presents “Resistance” event tonight. I love being in the “zone” like that. Except I forget to breathe sometimes! Oops! Thank you Alchemist Theatre peeps!! Love you much and now I’m off to bed! I could not go to bed with all that floating in my heart! xoxo

May 31 2018:

I may be mistaken. Yet, I don’t think it’s likely the water in the kettle will heat this way. Attempt #2 forthcoming …. 😂😜

Heating Water Kettle 5.31.18

I posted this on facebook and many friends commented they had done this and worse … So, I have created a group for us: Absent Minded Stove Users United …. Hahaha!!

June 3 2018:

Not quite as yummilicious as freshly made. Yet, still, oh so yummy!! Love, love, love gazpacho!!! I could have this for lunch every day!!

Gazpacho Soup 6.3.18


Making Decisions from a Place of Love


December 18 2015:

This morning’s theme from a client session had to do with acting and making decisions from a place of love, rather than a place of fear. This sounds simple on the surface. Upon stopping and accessing decisions and choices made, it’s easier to see that we do make some decisions from a place of fear. It’s actually a slight shift, the decision made may even be the same whether it’s made from a place of fear or love. However, the effects internally can be drastic.

I’ll use myself as an example. I have made the choice for myself and family to eat organic, non-gmo foods without artificial ingredients and low to no processed sugar. Have I made this choice due to my fear of illness, disease, and weight issues or have I made this choice because I love and enjoy this body and want to nourish it in the best way possible? The root of how this decision is made matters. It matters tremendously. The success of a decision hinges on whether or not it is made from a place of love or fear.

Another example: Am I accepting this job or this work because I fear having no money or am I accepting it because I am passionate about it and I know it’s my purpose to do this? This can be applied in relationship decisions also. This is not to say that one suddenly make the shift to making all decisions from a place of love and not fear. It’s enough to simply stop and note the root of the decision. And if you feel moved to make this shift for yourself, start small. Make it easy so that you can successfully shift to making all decisions from a place of love. xoxo

So grateful I get to share of myself in this way. When I meet with a client, I set the intention that the session will unfold organically and what needs to be said and shared will come forth. We message ahead of the meeting to know 1 – 3 areas to be discussed. During the session I ask questions and offer thoughts and techniques relating to mindfulness and emotional connection. Good stuff!!!