Can You Get Your Bathwater Ready

January 19 2017:

It’s one of those “Lillian miracle” posts again ….

Lillian and Camilla October 2016 Date Day 10.18.16 #8

Last night Lillian ran her own bathwater, turning the faucet on and off by herself (BIG deal!), readied the bathroom, pulling the heater out and plugging it in, and had a bath without calling me in to help with anything (BIG deal!!).

She did send a text in the beginning saying she couldn’t get the water to turn on …. yet, she figured it out before I even responded! At FIFTEEN years old! Hallelujah!! I was only needed for ONE task … getting her hair up. One day I will post that she is able to take care of that hair of hers!

When you take your shower or bath today, perhaps you may want to release all other thoughts and focus on the miracle happening in that moment. xoxo

May Your Heart Overflow with Love and Gratitude

October 26 2016:

Every move we make, every simple task we do for ourself is a miracle … if we choose to see it that way.

Clipping one’s nails. Simple enough. Yet, at 15 years old not something Lillian has been able to do at all. Due to fine motor issues and a slight tremor when focusing on fine motor issues she has not been able to do it. (One of my favorite pictures of Lillian from this past September. Doing something else she had not been able to do before … getting air for a great picture!)

A few months ago she said she was ready to try doing this simple task and asked how we should begin. I suggested she practice holding the clippers to her finger and toes and simply practice different positions, bending to her toes, and squeezing the clippers in that position.

She’s been doing that and yesterday she was ready to try it. I instantly felt patience fill my heart as I said, “Let’s do it.” Seriously, this was practically a half day task as she wanted to try and paint her own toenails also.

Although, she was not able to cut any nails this time, she was able to get the clipper underneath the nail as I guided (I didn’t want to chance accidentally nipping the skin). However, she did paint some of her toenails. It was incredibly hard and stressful work for her. Seriously.

May you rejoice today and let yourself feel the blessings of miracles that happen every single minute. And, may your heart overflow with gratitude and love …. for yourself and your fellow humans …. xoxo