Beautiful Surprise of a Framed Tree

May 16 2020

Look at this beautiful surprise I found in the mail! Someone commented that this photo I took would look great as a card, and another someone saw that comment.

She agreed, made it into a card, and mailed it to me. It looks amazing! I’m so blessed when others help me to see my creations through their eyes. Overflowing gratitude to and for those who reflect ME back to myself. xoxo

There has been interest since posting this of those who would like to be a box of cards. If you’re interested, please let me know.

Eye to Eye by Camilla Downs

Eye of Tree Alamo with Poem March 2017

Eye to Eye
by Camilla Downs

“Your limbs higher than
Can be conceived.
Evokes within,
A primal urge
to raise my limbs
as yours,
while feelings of knowing
brew and bubble deep
within the very depths of my soul.

With limbs raised,
Eyes gently closed,
The lips are parted
and out flows the sound
and feeling of the all knowing
all one, divine love.

Standing next to you,
Eye to eye,
Standing next to you,
We feel our oneness.” ~2017, Lessons from Nature
(Picture of an amazing tree at The Alamo – July 2016)