Take That First Step by Camilla Downs – Part Two

January 29 2018:

A continuation of thoughts shared two weeks ago. Do you need to have the means before you begin creating? I say start where you are and grow from there. Here’s an excerpt … xoxo

” …. so I’m going to get to the bottom line first thing. And those who are interested about the entire story can read further. Lillian’s book was published with absolutely no money paid out to anyone for the creation of the book. That’s it!

Now, there was a bit of money paid for the ISBN bar code graphic (about $20), for envelopes to mail the books once received (about $15), and for two proof copies of the book (about $15 each which included shipping).

I want to reiterate that I am not sharing this to brag or gloat. That is not my nature. I am sharing this to give hope, to share …… ”

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Now, for Thomas’ book, Biggest Little Photographer. His book did cost us a bit of up front money as it is a photography book and these are not the type of book to use Amazon’s createspace for publishing and printing.

When Thomas was 8 years old, he began a 365 day photography project. Every day for one year he made a photo of a LEGO mini-figure photographer making a photo. We took that little man with us everywhere!! For one full year he traveled with Thomas and Team TLC. In the beginning, I told Thomas that if he stuck with it, we’d make it into a book. A real, published book that we could sell.

And, he did stick with it. About a month or two after beginning …. Go here to read more …

Can a Book Be Published With Little to No Money – Part Two


Taking a Picture of Taking a Picture of Taking a Picture


April 24 2014

Snuck a couple of pictures yesterday of Thomas taking a picture of Lego photographer taking a picture …. I so loved this walk with him yesterday … ♡

Thomas Taking Photo of Lego Photographer Taking Photo 4.24.14 #1 Thomas Taking Photo of Lego Photographer Taking Photo 4.24.14 #2

**Update** The book has been published! Titled, Biggest Little Photographer, you can order here

Biggest Little Photographer to Capitol and Ranch San Rafael Park Visitor’s Center

February 19 2017:

Almost forgot to let you know! Biggest Little Photographer will have a permanent spot at the Capitol building gift shop. We received an email Friday from the manager and they are going to give him a chance! YAY!

Also, the Biggest Little Photographer exhibit is being installed this coming week at Rancho San Rafael Park Visitor’s Center. It will be there through mid April 2017. You go Little Photographer! xoxo


February 24 2017:

Biggest Little Photographer is being delivered on Tuesday to the Legislative Gift Shop! Will have to see if they will take a picture for us. If not, we may take a field trip to Carson. YAY!

Nevada Legislative Gift Shop Purchase Order Biggest Little 2.24.17

Happy Two Year Anniversary Thomas

Happy TWO Year Anniversary to Thomas!

Biggest p68

He was eight years old when he began and nine years old when he finished. In the first few months there were times he wanted to quit. I gave him that option and asked him to think of how it would feel to accomplish this and how it would feel to stop before completion …
He chose to keep going. Two years ago he posted the last photo as of his 365 photography project! The book was published four months ago and what fun Biggest Little Photographer is having!

So far the following shops are selling the book: 1) The Legislative Gift Shop, 2) The Discovery Museum Gift Shop, 3) Buy Nevada First Gift Shop, 4) Don’s Pharmacy, 5) Sierra Pharmacy, 6) Galena Creek Visitor’s Center, 7) Nevada Museum of Art, and 8) Wilbur May Center Gift Shop. You can learn more and purchase a book by going here … BiggestLittlePhotographer.com

Plus a Biggest Little Photographer exhibit at Rancho San Rafael Park Visitor’s Center opening soon.

And, coming soon … one more exciting announcement coming!!

Biggest Little Photo Cover only

Unexpected Side Effect and Rancho San Rafael and Wilbur May Center

February 6 2017:

An unexpected and wonderful side effect of Thomas’ book, Biggest Little Photographer, is renewed interest in my book published in 2012, D iz for Different. It was a great day to mail one to California. YaY!!!

Mailing D iz for Different 2.6.17

February 8 2017:

Got a new order of books! Now’s the time to get your copy if you’ve been meaning to order!

…. Plus, Biggest Little Photographer coming soon to The Wilbur May Center Gift Shop …. The order was placed this morning to coincide with the awesome Biggest Little Photographer exhibit currently being created for the Rancho San Rafael Visitor Center.

The Visitor Center will also host Thomas and I for a few public discussions about the book as the exhibit will run through April 2017. Plus, plus a private discussion about the book for children at The Children’s Cabinet. And perhaps planning a way for books to be donated to Children’s Cabinet too! Wonderful and heartwarming ….. xoxo

Biggest p8 - d

February 8 2017:

Biggest Little Photographer is on his way to the capitol building in Carson City!! I was contacted last week and the gift store manager wants to see the book. Yay! Hope she likes it!!! xoxo

Biggest Little Book to Capitol Gift Shop 2.8.17

United Nations Replica and Biggest Little Photographer Coming to Rancho San Rafael

January 15 2017:

This morning Thomas asked if he could show me what he’s been creating.

Minutes later I sat cuddled next to him looking at a replica of the UN building and grounds ….. in Minecraft. He says he did a few searches to find out what it looked like. xoxo


January 18 2017:

Message received today from Ranger Marie with Washoe County Parks – Ranch San Rafael Park … “We’d love to help share Thomas’ book with the community and discuss an exhibit. I am so happy! I talked to all the Rangers about it and we are so thrilled!!!! …. you can call me on my personal cell anytime …. ”

PLUS an email from one of the BIG casino’s here in town about the book for their gift shop … We shall see what happens with this one …

It is when we are in the depths of our own darkness, we can rest assured the light and solutions are simply awaiting our embrace of said darkness ….. for the light will shine, shine, shine once we patiently dance with the darkness … xoxo

Biggest p8 - d


Biggest Little Photographer LIVE on the Radio

December 18 2016:

Did you know there’s a local and live radio show all about the newest books? There is indeed!! It’s the LRP Book Hound radio show!

Thomas and I were on the show live on Monday, 12.19, between 4-4:30 talking about Biggest Little Photographer!! OKCKQ 1180 AM in Reno, NV …. Live streaming at http://amm.streamon.fm/

We are so grateful to Jan for this opportunity and the entire crew at LRP for all they have done with bringing the book together. Oceans of thanks to everyone who has supported and cheered from the beginning and who continue to support Thomas’ creation! xoxo



December 19 2016:

Thomas was nervous to begin with, yet he got over that!! Went great and we had FUN!

Thomas and I were live this afternoon on OKCKQ 1180 AM in Reno, NV on the LRP Book Hound talking about Biggest Little Photographer ….

We are so grateful to Jan for this opportunity and the entire crew at LRP for all they have done with bringing the book together. Oceans of thanks to everyone who has supported and cheered from the beginning and who continue to support Thomas’ creation! xoxo

thomas-and-biggest-little-book-on-radio-12-19-16-1 thomas-and-biggest-little-book-on-radio-12-19-16-2 thomas-and-biggest-little-book-on-radio-12-19-16-3 thomas-and-biggest-little-book-on-radio-12-19-16-4


Biggest Little Photographer Proof

October 3 2016:

Thomas and I get to go look at the actual final printed proof tomorrow!! Here’s a sneak peak of the cover …. It’s got a few tweaks being made … yet, we are almost there!!! YAY, YAY, YAY!!!!!

Thank you and oceans of gratitude to all who have supported and encouraged this project … All the way back to the very 1st picture Thomas took through to the pre-purchasing, commenting, sharing, and liking of posts! Now, where should we start with book signings? Anyone want a mom and son duo to come speak about the journey? xoxoxo



October 4 2016:

Look what we got to see and hold today!!!

So happy for Thomas …. and grateful to LRP Printing Publishing & Business Center for making what I gave to them into an amazing book!!!!

We’re having a few changes made and then it’ll be ready!!! So, in about 2 weeks we should be able to start mailing them!!

 thomas-with-biggest-little-photographer-proof-book-10-4-16 biggest-little-photographer-proof-book-front-1 biggest-little-photographer-proof-book-back-2

Just Start Doing It and Keep Doing It

October 8 2016:


Tonight I go to bed tired and exhausted …. a blessed and good exhausted. I end this day full of gratitude. I am grateful to so many people, for so many things, and for magical and miraculous happenings over the past 3 months.

For the past 3 months I have worked on completing one task and fulfilling a promise I made to the T in our Team TLC. I have hardly “worked” on anything else.

For the past 3 weeks, I’ve helped Thomas get ready to show 2 of his photographs at the Young Blood exhibit and be prepared for the Kids Business Fair today.

I was so tired when we got home and unloaded everything, all I could do was run a hot, epsom salt bath, and slide my tired body into it. And, it was amazing. I cried tears of gratitude, joy, and knowing.

I have many stories to share via blog posts that have been patiently waiting for the completion of Biggest Little Photographer for Thomas. One being that I had no idea how I would make this happen when I made the promise to an 8 year old Thomas (10 years old now). Yet, I knew in my heart it was what I was supposed to say to him.

thomas-with-biggest-little-photographer-proof-book-10-4-16 thomas-young-blood-show-9-30-16-1 biggest-little-photographer-proof-book-front-1

When the time came to fulfill that promise, I still had no idea how I would do it. What I did know from my past experience is to just start doing it and keep doing it and it will happen.

What I also knew is that this came from my heart and nothing from one’s heart is ever the wrong thing to do. And, it ends up being not about the end result, it’s about all the “doing it” leading up to the end result.

I simply started taking steps to create a book with Thomas’ 365 day photography project. Many times not even knowing where and how my foot would land. Not knowing how to put it all together or who we would have help with final steps of making it into a book.

I checked out a couple of books from the library to use as inspiration, looked at some books online, and just started. I did back up once and start all over, deciding to go about it differently and am so glad I did.

We aren’t completely done yet, as we’ll be having book signings around town and are available to speak as a Mom and Son duo. I will take a brief break to catch up on my own writings …. and to fix the driver’s side mirror that has been held on with duck tape since July!

Then, it’s on to fulfill a promise to the L in our Team TLC …… For now, I know what I know, what I know, what I know …. xoxoxo