The Tapestry of Life or Something Like That

February 20 2018:

Mailing this today reminded me of the stories about the tapestry of life … something like how one action leads to another, to another and they are all connected.

Barbara Hranilovich and I met online back in 2007. I asked her to blog for a website I owned at the time. She did and her articles were incredibly informative and just plain good.

I suggested she make the articles into a book as each article was about being an entrepreneur and each was paired with a letter of the alphabet. I’m pretty sure that was already Barb’s line of thinking as months later, after I had abandoned the blog, I received a book in the mail, titled “E is for Entrepreneur”.

Barb had created a book from the articles and I didn’t even know until she mailed me the finished product. Barb had included me in her gratitude list in the book and hand wrote a note that the book would never have happened without me.

However, I did not see the note or my name on the gratitude list as it came when I was packing. It was put into a box and I came across it a year or so later ….. when I was trying to figure out the style of my book.

It was exactly what I needed to receive, see, and find to shine the light on how my book was to be written. Hence, “D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance”.

And, I didn’t tell Barb about it at all. I simply mailed her a book when it was finished with a similar message that she had written to me.

Side note: Barb loves fairies. Years ago she mailed Lillian a fairy book Barb had illustrated, plus a fairy house we keep hanging on our wall.

Now, today, I mailed her a book of fairy tales written by Lillian Darnell!

And we’ve never met in person …. Beautiful, magical, and wonderful tapestry of life …. xoxo

Where Would You Fly Book to Barb 2.20.18

You Will Never Know if You Do Not Ask

February 15 2018:

A continuation and the last of the series about publishing a book … xoxo

“D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance” was written by me in 2011 and published in 2012.

I wrote the bulk of the book in about three months. When I began writing I had no idea how it would get from the initial writing into a published book. Yet, I did not let that stop me from writing. I knew I was to write, so I wrote. Every morning I got up 30 minutes earlier than I had been, sat outside on the patio, with an expansive view of majestic Mount Rose, and wrote for thirty minutes to an hour every day.

It was either during writing the book or just after I had finished that I began researching how to self-publish one’s book. I decided to use Amazon’s self-publishing arm, CreateSpace. Having no money to invest in this book, was a major factor in choosing this option.

I found friends who were willing to be test readers and editors. I had an idea of what I wanted for the cover; yet, during that same time came across artwork that I fell in love with. The art is created by a young man, D.J. Svoboda, with autism who I had been connected with through a mutual Chromosome 18 friend. I was inspired to ask D.J. if he would like his artwork on the cover of my book. He excitedly answered back with a resounding “Yes”! Another friend designed the initial cover for me at no charge.

With the cover designed and the book having … Go below to read further …

Can a Book Be Published With Little to No Money – Part Three

What Does Hurricane Harvey Have to Do With D iz for Different

January 11 2018:

Just received five of these! Two are spoken for, so that means only three left with this awesome cover. The wheels are about to start turning for an updated cover. xoxo

D iz for Different Books Shipment of 5 Received 1.11.18


What does Hurricane Harvey have to do with acceptance?
Well. Hurricane Harvey must have needed a dose of acceptance as he borrowed my friend Monica’s copy of “D iz for Different”. By the time he was done with it, the book was destroyed.

So. Yesterday was a good day to mail Monica a replacement book. Courtesy of another friend who found out about it. Love, sweet love. xoxoxo

D iz for Different to Monica 1.12.18

D iz for Different Review: Live in the Moment


October 8 2013:

Thank you Laura Petry Boyer for the inspiring review on Amazon … Big warm hug to YOU …

“As a mother to a four year old with special needs, it’ made me really think about my own life and relationship with my daughter. The one thing I have to say I took away from this book was the prevailing message throughout the book about “living in the moment’. Not letting …. “

Paper Towels in the Dishwasher and Dinner Outside and Alchemist

March 12 2017:

“The paper towels are in the dishwasher … along with the light bulbs.” – Me to Thomas yesterday as he was helping to clean. What you use the dishwasher for when you don’t use it and have extremely limited storage space. xoxo


We got to enjoy our first dinner outside today! Fist bump toast for that! Wahoo!

Busy, busy day of working on blogs and then more purging and organizing. About seven years of downsizing, purging, and simplifying and I still find more to throw out or pass on.

Space …. feels so good when it’s clear and not cluttered. Here’s a fun and sparkly picture I took a few weeks ago of a wee icicle shifting back into liquid. The Shift! xoxo

Melting Icicles from 2.22.17 for 3.11.17 Post

March 15 2017:

Come by and see Thomas and I tonight at Achemist Theatre! We’ll have a table with Biggest Little Photographer and D iz for Different!! Can’t wait to hear tonight’s message and the GREAT music! xoxo

Team TLC and Biggest Little and D iz for Different March 2017

March 18 2017:

Just home from Alchemist Salon for Giants [discussion group] …. Thank you Matthew McDowell and Jessica Levity Daylover of Alchemist Theatre (including ALL of the Alchemist chiefs). I am deeply grateful for the space, synchronicity, events, and discussions over these past three months.

I was moved in December 2016 to have as my 2017 theme, “The Shift”. I knew not what this entailed. Yet, I agreed to it, signed up, and jumped in with all my heart.

It has definitely not been easy, nor fun, yet the freedom from the past, and from anxiety and fear, is worth every freaking second! There is so much shift happening on so many levels and I am beyond thankful that part of the shift involves all of you. So much love …. xoxo

Camilla's 2017 Vision Board 1.14.17

Biggest Little Photographer Goes to Nevada Museum of Art and D iz for Different

February 1 2017:

Great news this afternoon!! The Nevada Museum of Art will soon be selling Biggest Little Photographer too! YAY!! For some reason, I have an image of Snoopy dancing around in my mind … HA!

February 3 2017:

What a great day for a trip to the post office. Two “D iz for Different” books – One to Idaho and one to Washington. Plus, one Biggest Little Photographer to New Orleans …. just in time for Mardi Gras!

Mailing Biggest Little Book and D iz for Different 2.3.17

Cheers to Good Health and Well Being and Gratitude and Art Fortune

December 25 2016:

Cheers from Team TLC and The Romano Duo!

We toasted to good health and well being. I’ve been incredibly sick since last Monday and not the best host. Grateful to The Romano Duo for their understanding.

Lillian is having her sleepover with them tonight! May the force be with them!!! xoxo 🙏💤



December 26 2016:

Lillian says, “I don’t like it when their visits end. They seem too fast. I had a lot of fun with them and I always do”! Thomas says, “Seemed so short and don’t like it when their visits end.”

Today was their last day here …. and my first day to come out of the house since they’ve been here! So we could at least have a picture of all of us. This sickness has been kicking my booty!!



December 27 2016:

They left early this morning … Safe travels Romano Duo. Til next time!!!

Got a good shot of the sweater Thomas loves. Going on the 3rd day straight wearing it! xoxo

Lillian says, “I don’t like it when their visits end. They seem too fast. I had a lot of fun with them and I always do”! Thomas says, “Seemed so short and don’t like it when their visits end.”



December 30 2016:

Oceans of gratitude to you Kathy Montoya Duncan for giving me a really good trim. I am grateful for this thick hair, yet it can get pretty heavy feeling being as long as it was. And, deeply grateful for trading my book for the cut!!! Blessings and love abound to you!!!



December 31 2016:

My art fortune from Pan received earlier this month. Things got crazy busy with Biggest Little Photographer and this got buried in papers. Just came across it again.

I had just met Pan minutes earlier. He did not know the ideas that come to me daily nor that walking is so deeply intertwined with who I be.

Win the day, I have to say, forthcoming, will be the way. …… Walk With Me and Lessons from Nature ….. I AM Ready .… xoxo



Almond Flour Cookies and Trusting Yourself and Washoe Lake


June 14 2013:

I finally put the almond flour cookie recipe on my website y’all! Gluten free, dairy free and vegan and YUMMY!! Here ya go … Also, if you wanna make sure to not miss any of my blog posts you can sign up to get them as I post. I write about once or twice a week on living a natural, simple and inspired life (with a smattering of special needs parenting issues).

Recipe: Almond Flour Cookies


When we are urged by our inner voice to share, do or say something, sometimes we don’t know the reason. Simply trusting that the reason will become clear once we let go and embrace it is all that’s needed to understand the reason. I received this comment on my website last night. I share it with y’all for anyone who questions their inner voice and chooses to ignore it.

“Dear Camilla

I have only by accident come across your book and upon reading the first few pages was surprisingly ( even to myself) reduced to tears. Someone else has a daughter with 18p- … Someone else knows what that means… And the rarity involved. Someone else knows the endless parade of doctors and decisions and someone else does it as a single parent. I did not know I felt so alone in this until reading u describe my own child, Emalee, (13yrs) in your words about Lillian. I have lost a daughter to trisomy 18 and a husband to divorce. I look forward to reading your book knowing I am not navigating this alone.”


Headed to turn in Thomas‘ summer horse riding paperwork … Making a fun little stop to get inspired and refreshed!!

little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-1 little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-2 little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-3

A few more pictures from our quickie stop at WashoeLake‬ today. So beautiful and inspiring‬!

little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-4 little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-5 little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-6

Support Team TLC

October 17 2016:


A homeschool facebook group I’m a member of just began a Monday thread of sharing what one does so as to support one another. Thought I’d share here too for anyone who is inclined to support Team TLC … xoxoxo … Feel free to add a link or comment as to what you do in the comments … When there’s time and availability, we are open to trading …

1) Thomas, my 10 year old, completed a 365 a day photography project when he was 9 years old and we’ve published that into a Photography/Gift/Inspiration book. It’s being printed and bound this week! YAY! Go here to learn more and watch the short 2 minute trailer …

2) As a family we assist other families with errands and to-do lists. We are pretty swamped (YAY), yet we have room for a bit more. One of our jobs is for 4 months (September – December)! Wahoo! Go here to learn more about our services ….. … This is also our family blog so stick around over there and perhaps get some ideas.

3) Lillian, my special needs 15 year old, creates abstract art and sells prints … …. She is also an aspiring writer and has some great content on her blog at ….

Also, also, she reads a TON and recommends books on her blog. If you click through to any of the books on amazon to learn more and end up purchasing anything at all, we get a few cents. And it doesn’t cost you any more than it would have if you had not gone through her link.

4) I am also a writer. I have one published book, “D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance” … ….

I write book and movie recommendations also. The same concept applies regarding the amazon links … … I write poetry also that I usually pair with one of the nature photographs I have taken … and

I sell custom created poems and poetry which I handwrite on recycled materials and sometimes include a painted rock to accompany.

I am a certified coach and offer unique coaching sessions paired with a walk in domestic nature.

And, lastly, I write on my blog simply to share what I feel inspired to share. Most of my writings have to do with mindfulness, emotional connection, spirituality, and loving kindness. I share from the heart and always using myself and my family as the base of sharing.

5) I am available to speak to groups having do do with any of the above as an inspirational speaker. And now Thomas and I will be available to speak as a mom and son duo about his photography to book journey.