Smithsonian Magazine Free Museum Day – Bowers Mansion

September 22 2018:

Free museum day!!! After all these years, Thomas and I finally toured the inside of Bowers Mansion.

(Not Lillian’s thang! She loves the grounds but no interest in seeing the inside.)

Lots and lots of photos to follow as I love the grounds and trees!!

This is a group of accidental photos Thomas took after taking my picture. I think the blurr from the movement looks wonderful!

Water Dance by Camilla Downs

August 12 2018:

Water Dance

As the suns reflection
Becomes a dancer
Of the water,
She takes by the hand
the one who walks.

She whispers sweet reminders,
To the walkers heart.

She dances elegantly.
She dances of love and grace.
She dances unknown ….

Poetry and Photography: Water Dance

Life Loves Me


July 20 2015:

Such a wonderful walk this morning, surrounded by a symphony of birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. This morning the mantra was “Life loves me” with thoughts of gratitude for these legs and feet that assist me in going for these walks, these eyes that allow me to see all the love, the ears that allow me to hear the love, the water that I drink to love my body, and whatever I experienced in the moment.

Immediately upon my return, Lillian began escalating into a full blown melt down. I continued the earlier mantra in my thoughts and was able to remain calm. I suggested to Lillian that we take a break and focus on something else for a few minutes before she expanded (her word for blowing up); and then we could come back and continue our conversation. She said “Okay”.

We did that and afterwards I said, “Now, let’s talk.” She said, “About what. Everything’s okay now.” Good job Lillian!! That is huge for her! We are making progress! Wahoo!

And life does indeed love us. May you make this your mantra for today and let life LOVE you … xoxo

Life Loves Me Walk 7.20.15

Knowing of the Heart by Camilla Downs

Knowing of the Heart

We have come together upon this Earth
to travel our own separate paths
Yet, traveling them together.

It has not escaped my attention
that there were and are places
and experiences we talked and
dreamed of experiencing.

Our lives together seem to
have become mundane and boring.

Seeming to have the same days
over and over again.
With little new experiences
by way of sights, sounds,
and experiences.

Poetry and Photography: Knowing of the Heart


Walking and Sitting

April 12 2018:

It’s been an afternoon of phone calls … Ingram Books, Createspace, and scheduling appointments for Lillian. Thankfully I went for a walk this morning and sat for a bit by the water. Ahhhhhh ….. (photo of where I sat)

Nearing completion of changes that need to be made so Lillian can have a book signing at the Reno Barnes & Noble and they can have them for sale there too! One form to fill out and email and then we wait for the change to process.

YAY for progress!!! xoxo

Am I alone in NOT liking to use the phone? Not sure what it is, yet, I will try all other non-phone communication methods before using the phone!

Solo Walk Vintage Lake 4.12.18

High Energy and Low Energy and Wild and Crazy Wind

January 14 2018:

Solo walk yesterday. It was a high energy day yesterday. Complete opposite today. Feel like I was up all night doing strenuous work. And I slept hard all night. HA! This interesting and magical thing called life …. I will have to request the night off tonight from whatever I was working on in my sleep!!

Solo Walk Vintage Lake 1.13.18

January 18 2018:

Solo walk this afternoon. Wild and crazy wind kicking up itty bitty white caps in this tiny lake. (Pictures a tad blurry as I couldn’t hold my arms still from the wind blowing so hard!!) This walk felt so incredibly good. Gratitude and love overflowed and blew away in the winds. Amazing!! The wind was Wild!! Suited me and my inner Wild Woman! xoxoxoxo

Solo Walk Vintage Lake 1.18.18 #1 Solo Walk Vintage Lake 1.18.18 #2 Solo Walk Vintage Lake 1.18.18 #3 Solo Walk Vintage Lake 1.18.18 #4 Solo Walk Vintage Lake 1.18.18 #5

One Breath at a Time by Camilla Downs

December 13 2017:

One Breath at a Time

One breath at a time, dear one

You find yourself in a vast ocean of your own creation.
An ocean full of the humanness of life.

Joy, love, peace,
laughter, happiness, abundance,
beauty, compassion, kindness.
Fear, sadness, greed,
competition, judgements, shame,
guilt, jealousy, loneliness.

At times you feel as if you
are on the verge of drowning.

One’s arms and legs have become
heavy with the struggle of this
ocean swirling with humanness.

What is one to do?
There is no ….

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Poetry and Photography: One Breath at a Time