Grow With Me by Camilla Downs

Sun Through Trees Fall 2016 Enhanced

Grow With Me

Go, Hurry, Hurry
Go, Hurry, Hurry
This is the mantra
You help me to release.

Stop, Slow, Slow
Stop, Slow, Slow
This is the mantra
You share with me.

Be quiet. Be still.
Listen. Be in silence.
Communicate without words.
Communicate from the divine heart.

Watch me. Learn with me.
Lean on me.
Ask of me assistance.
Grow with me.
We have much to learn
from one another.

Let us be the
Connected ones
We came here to BE.
Let us share divine love
In our own unique ways.
~2016 Camilla Downs, Lessons from Nature

Walking is Dancing by Camilla Downs

Vintage Lake Walk Sunshine Trail Tree Summer 2016

Walking is Dancing

“Walking is spiritual.
Walking is magical.
Walking is miraculous.
Walking is praying.
Walking is meditation.
Walking awakens one from the deep sleep of separation.
Walking is dancing with the oneness of all that is.”
~2016 Camilla Downs – Author, Lessons from Nature

Nature Invites You by Camilla Downs


February 24 2016:

Nature’s Invitation –

Your grace beckons

The invisible touch of your embrace soothes the soul

The quiet of your peace welcomes all

You are the healer that encourages one to shed what no longer serves

Your beauty encourages renewal with every step in your glory

2016 Camilla Downs, Lessons from Nature

Bench at Vintage Lake February 2016

Wet and Wet and Wet and Cold and Nature Prisms

February 21 2017:

Wet, wet, wet, and cold walk today. Just love this sound. xoxo

February 22 2017:

The melting icicles were acting as prisms this morning with the sunshine. I tried to capture it, yet this is all I could capture. Got soaked taking these as everything was melting in gushes!! xoxo

Melting Icicles The Vintage 2.22.17 #1 Melting Icicles The Vintage 2.22.17 #2 Melting Icicles The Vintage 2.22.17 #3 Melting Icicles The Vintage 2.22.17 #4 Melting Icicles The Vintage 2.22.17 #5

Revealing the Truth by Camilla Downs

Thomas and Camilla January 2017 Date Day Part 2 1.31.17 #4

“Like a gentle breeze
Moves through you,
You move through
The clouds of my soul,
Revealing the truth
Obscured by living
A life of illusion.
By the grace of You
I can see clearly now.” -2016 Camilla Downs – Author, Lessons from Nature

A Wandering I Shall Go by Camilla Downs


“A wandering I shall go
Your beauty entices me
Deeper and deeper
I must go.
For time spent
with you is cleansing.
As water rinses the dirt
from this body, so
You rinse the
mind and body
of illusions
Step after step
your beauty mixes love with the intellect
For what is the intellect alone
if not first passed
through the heart of divine love.” -2016 Camilla Downs – Author, Lessons from Nature

One With All of Life

Sunset Vintage Lake with Tree and clouds 2016

“One with sun,
One with moon,
One with water,
One with trees,
One with soil,
One with wind,
One with birds and bees,
One with rain,
One with fire,
One with me,
One with all of life,
One with love.” ~2016 Camilla Downs, Lessons from Nature

Gifts from Nature and Reiki


June 15 2013:

Economical and from the heart gift …

A dear friend severely injured her back several months ago which led to emergency surgery. I wanted to give her a little something to enjoy during her recovery that would also be inspiring once her back was healed.

This is what I came up with …. a lovely bag of ROCKS! That’s me! I love creating gifts with …..


What a wonderful, relaxing and beautiful experience I got to enjoy today!! Thank you Denise Sheehan for helping me to experience and fulfill #66 on my adventurelist‬ / bucketlist‬ …. You and Dana have such an amazing and awesome property …. Loved every minute of it!!

reiki-and-odabe-june-15-2013-1 reiki-and-odabe-june-15-2013-2 reiki-and-odabe-june-15-2013-3