Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla May 2015 Date Day


May 23 2015:

Thomas n Camilla May 2015 date day Part 1 …. Lunch …. YUM!! Thomas wanted to leave a 50 billion dollar tip. He kinda liked it!!

Thomas n Camilla May 2015 date day Part 2 –

Thomas n Camilla May 2015 Date Day – Part 3 … Such a great little park along the Truckee River. Got rained on pretty good too .. Wahoo!!!



Camilla and Thomas July 2016 Date Day

August 4 2016:

Thomas and Camilla July (a little late) 2016 Date – After dinner we headed to Icecyle Creamery for dessert. Then to Audrey Harris Park to enjoy our ice cream while taking in the view and listening to Frank Sinatra and the like.

Next we walked the loop down to Bartley Ranch and back up. And for the drive home, chatting and more Sinatra and Flying to the Moon. So incredibly awesome. Thomas commented as we were nearing the end of the loop … “I wish this would never end … ” And so it is …

Yes! Thank you, and I’ll have more please! We get to choose, we get to choose it all in this life of ours ….. And we took that first step yesterday!! Wahooo!!!! xoxoxo

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