Sunset With Lovely Clouds While Decompressing

November 7 2021


November 9 2021

More lovely clouds today. The Stanford Neurodiversity Summit just concluded. Three days of tons of information, resources, feeling seen, and validated. I am literally wiped out. I need three days to recover.

November 10 2021

Operation decompress. A swim, followed by a soak. Ahhhhh ….

November 11 2021

Operation decompress continued. How can the view on this short drive not help to brighten one’s mood? I really love where I live.

I highly recommend forest walking. Thank you trees! 💚💙🌲🌲🌲💙💚 And I got to hear Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Prince during the drive home!

Walks of Cold and Walks of Warmth with Sun Shadows of Selfie Treasures

April 30 2019:

Sunset walk with Thomas yesterday. Beautiful. But. Brrrrr …. Cold!!

May 2 2019:

Lillian and I visited the Wilbur May Arboretum this afternoon. So incredibly peaceful. Such beauty. Squirrels, robins, butterflies … quiet … What a treasure …. 💜💜💜  Amazing shadows too. The sun posed beautifully!! Loads of fun playing with photographing the sun! 

Every time I went to take a picture, the camera was reversed. I figured it must be trying to tell me something, so I took lots of selfies!! That’s the most solo selfies I’ve taken in a years time!! I’ve taken enough solo selfies to last the rest of the year! Ha! ….. We ran into a photographer looking for butterflies. She found us instead! And took a few photos of us! Ha!