Lillian and Camilla May 2016 Date Day

Lillian and Camilla May 2016 Date Day – Walking and discovering at Wilbur May Arboretum. Ending with a walk of the labyrinth. Beautiful, peaceful, and I’ll have more. So grateful this is the type of treat she requests for her date day. xoxo part 1

Next up was picking out a dessert treat. Then home for lunch, UNO, and enjoying our dessert at the lodge. And the end to another beautiful date day experience xoxo

Books and Walks and Painting

May 14 2016:

The love of reading is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself … Team TLC library day. Yay, yay, yay!!!!!

May 12 2016:

Wonderful walk with Lillian this afternoon. We saw some new ducklings and we sat in my sit-spot for a few minutes. Love, love, love.

May 12 2016:

It was my turn to choose our family activity last night! I chose to accept an invitation to paint with our fabulous neighbors. We painted, we chatted, Thomas, Cora, and Kendra painted each other’s face, and ended the fun by swimming and hot tubbing.

A different view on my walk this morning. Then a fun walk with Thomas this afternoon. Faces of people anticipating some happy news … xoxoxo …


Lonatate and Wishes and Sorting

May 19 2016:

It was Lillian’s turn last night for family activity night. She chose for us to paint, create abstract art, and to create a made up word using 3 real words. I combined love, nature, and meditate to create lonatate … Let’s Lonatate!!

I really enjoy how creative they both are when it’s their turn. It’s fun, it brings us together, and allows us to use our imaginations and BE creative! xoxo

May 17 2016:

It was Thomas’ turn last night for family activity. He had us each make up a story that has to do with the book each of us is currently reading. That was fun!!

Then he had us each make a wish. After each wish we had a few moments of quiet so we could each send goodness and blessings that the wish makers wish come true … Or something better.

Our wishes had to do with being surrounded by loving-kindness, having strength, good health, fearlessness, love, joy, and wealth.

Pictures from a walk with Thomas this afternoon. xoxo

May 16 2016:

Lillian spent most of the day yesterday and half of today sorting crayons. She said that it is so much fun and she really enjoyed it. Right on Lillian! Do what you love and love what you do!! xoxo

May 16 2016:

Nature had amazing and beautiful gifts this morning. How did she know I was in need of such beauty and gifts? She knows. She always knows. xoxo

May 15 2016:

Windy walk before the rain. Busy day for all of us … Purging, cleaning, and giving Lovey, the guinea pig, a bath. Love our walks … xoxo

May 15 2016:

Team TLC bid farewell to our TLC gingerbread dog houses that have been with us for the last 5 or 6 years.

I bought these at 90% off in 2009 or 2010. Forgot about them for a year or two. Rediscovered in 2011 or 2012. The icing was no longer good. So, we used glue to put them together. Guess that turned out perfect as it preserved them!!

Las night as I was wiping the counter, two of them were “glued” to the counter top! They had begun their decent of falling apart ….

So, we said our goodbyes ….

Memories and fun …. xoxo

 TLC Gingerbread Dog Houses Farewell May 15 2016

The Perfect School


WoooHoooooo! I’m HAPPY …. I’m GRATEFUL … I’m BLESSED … Did I just win the lottery? No, not a cash lottery; but I just came from “Coffee with Tammie” (High Dessert Montessori Principal) and a pre-IEP meeting with the special education

teacher …. I totally won the Perfect-School-for-My-Kids Lottery!! Oh my goodness … these people are amazing, this school is amazing and I’m grateful that a brave and courageous woman, Dr. Maria Montessori, made the choices she made during her lifetime … Born in Chiaravalle in the Province of Ancona in 1870 (August 31, 1870 – May 6, 1952) …. Thank you for being YOU!! “Every child is a unique individual that needs to be understood, respected, admired and unconditionally accepted as a precious gift of life.” -Dr. Maria Montessori …

Cleaning Adventures

WHEW!!!! Dusting, cleaning floors, getting rid of piles ALL day with a little ole Family Swim Time Break this afternoon with the Team …. I’m tired y’all; but darn this feels GOOD!!! Nothin like some good ole cleaning and purging to give a girl a pep in her step and to clear the way for possibilities …. ♥ ♥ ♥


Badminton and Walking and Making Wishes

May 9 2016

Blessings and beauty overflowed yesterday (Mother’s Day). Thomas made a wonderful sign for me, I made a handmade gift for my Momma with rocks, bark, sticks, and recycled materials, we went to the park, and Lillian gave me several dandelions to make wishes with and a beautiful digital card. A lot like a typical day for us, yet I love the way we live our days …. xoxo

Badminton, walking, and making wishes. Yes, please. Thank you …. And I’ll have more. xoxo









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