The Great Universe by Lillian Darnell

September 24 2017:

Working on Lillian’s debut book, “Where Would You Fly and Other Magical Stories” ….

Thought I’d share one of the stories to be included (this one hasn’t been edited yet). It’s one of my favorites!:

Where Would You Fly Updated Cover 9.2017

The Great Universe

It all started on a warm summer night in a cozy home where a girl lay sleeping until she felt a jolt and she realized she wasn’t in her home anymore. She thought, “Why is there nothing?” and she got her answer. A echoing voice said,”You are where the universe began. It’s up to you to make the planets including Earth. Once you’ve made Earth, start creating. Have fun!”

So the girl quickly discovered she could use her mind and creativity to make everything. First she designed Earth to look sparkly, clean, and rainbow colored. Second, she made other planets look like the colors of the rainbow. She went into Earth and saw she needed to make the moon and stars. So she made the moon look and taste like cheese. She made stars look like glitter.

(Want a book? Go herexoxoxo)

She made the sky look indigo when it was daytime. She exited Earth to put the blue colored sun near Earth. She went entered Earth again and realized she needed to plant some plants. Luckily, she had some seeds in her pocket. She planted them. She added orange water to Earth to help the plant. She also needed rain. So she made red rain by circling her hand. She made green clouds too.

She realized she was lonely so she added animals of different colors. She created yellow grass so she could rest. Soon the animals became bored with just the little girl. The animals spoke to the girl about being lonely. She said, “No problem. I can make humans but first, I need to set aside some land for roads, buildings, homes, shops, stores and more.”

As she spoke, she created all the other things humans needed. After that, she formed the first 2 people. She also casted a spell to make a child and make it grow. The humans were magenta. The animals were amazed at how quickly the humans formed and adapted.

She thought she was done but the voice spoke to her saying that she would have to use creativity, quick thinking, and more. So she tried casting a spell to make the years speed by but it didn’t go as planned.

She made a makeshift bed and tried to get into her cozy home. That didn’t work so she tried to get the the people and animals to help her. They saw a note on the palm tree. The girl was able to reach it. She realized it was a riddle. She realized all she had do was fall asleep.

Before she fell asleep, she cast one final spell and it was the days of the week, months, and years. She fell asleep after that. There was a surprising jolt and she woke up. She was happy to find herself back in her bedroom. She couldn’t help thinking was it all a dream. Just then, a friendly voice explained that it wasn’t a dream. It was morning.

She went to the kitchen to tell her parents the most amazing thing happened to her. Her parents explained to her she had a real vision. Years later, she grew up to become a beloved author. Her name was Morgana and she had been 11 when the amazing thing happened. She lived in Australia at the time. She loved the book Anne of Green Gables. She thought it described her life perfectly.

The End!

How Did You Make That


October 4 2014:

A mom with a cute lil blinky hat, a fairy princess, and a fortune teller had a great time at the HDMS chili festival and craft fair! So many creative people with great creations for sale! Loved it!

Thomas was in heaven seeing all the things people make. He was going from table to table asking how they made it. He said he kept getting asked why he was so interested.

HDMS Fall Festival 10.4.14 #1 HDMS Fall Festival 10.4.14 #2

Movie Night: Lee Daniels’ The Butler

Team TLC movie night: Thomas’ choice – “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”

Thomas says: “I’m glad I chose this movie. It was really good. I like that it’s inspired by a true story.”

Lillian says, “Good, awesome, emotional, and I like that it’s historical.”

I say, “Sobering. A testament to awakening.”

The Butler Movie 9.2017

One Day You Shall Be Released by Camilla Downs

Some of you, many of you, may not know I have a brother who is five years younger than me. Well, I do. And his name is Robert …

This is dedicated to my younger brother and all in a similar situation. Please pray and meditate for them. 🙏✌️💜

Brother, One Day You Shall Be Released

I feel your pain.
I feel the sadness
that penetrates
deep into your soul.

The unfulfilled longing
to feel loved,
and validated.

I do not judge
you for the hunger
so extreme that
you have chosen to fill
that inner void
with addictive substances.

All of us need this
necessary soul-food of
unconditional love.

I do not judge
for giving your
soul temporary relief
with these substances.

I only send you
unconditional love,
as you are worthy
to receive this love.

As are your brothers and
sisters who walk
beside you in this
path littered with
and the broken pieces
of your life.

I feel the .. Go here to read more …

Poetry: Brother, One Day You Shall Be Released


Book Musings: Colors of the Wind

Colors of the Wind – The Story of Blind Artist and Champion Runner George Mendoza

George Mendoza has been legally blind since the age of 15 and he paints what he sees. He has a very rare form of blindness, called fundus flavimaculatus, which destroyed his central vision but left him with limited peripheral vision.

He refers to it as “kaleidoscope eyes” because of the way objects are reflected back and multiplied in his vision. Such an amazing and wonderful story! We really enjoyed learning about George Mendoza!

Colors of the Wind Book 2017

Comfortable Clothes

September 22 2017:

As we were leaving the store yesterday afternoon I thanked Thomas for being so easy to buy clothes for and not caring about brands. (Had to buy him two new pairs of pants yesterday as NONE of his from last spring fit anymore!)

He says, “I don’t stinking care what kind of clothes I wear or what I look like in them!” My thoughts exactly! Although, we all three have sensory issues! The only thing we care about is if the clothes are comfortable and don’t irritate our sensitivities.

Thomas and Camilla September 2017 Date Day

September 21 2017:

Thomas and Camilla September 2017 Date Day – Thomas wanted a sandwich from Icecycle Creamery. He loved how they cut and made a heart shape with it and he enjoyed every bite. I had a few bites of fresh mint ice cream on top of a scoop of chocolate before Thomas claimed it! Yum!

Thomas and Camilla September 2017 Date Day 9.21.17 #1 Thomas and Camilla September 2017 Date Day 9.21.17 #2 Thomas and Camilla September 2017 Date Day 9.21.17 #3 Thomas and Camilla September 2017 Date Day 9.21.17 #4

Part 2: A visit to the new VibesUP store. I was drawn into the store this morning and told Thomas about. He wanted to check it out. He LOVED it!!! Amazing store, amazing energy, amazing products, and amazing mother and son running the store.

Then, at Thomas’ request, a rainy walk at Virginia Lake. And last stop was to get Thomas a couple pair of new pants. With this cool weather he put on pants last night and they were way short and a bit tight. Oh my gosh! He’s grown so much since Spring and shorts weather.

Thomas and Camilla September 2017 Date Day 9.21.17 #5 Thomas and Camilla September 2017 Date Day 9.21.17 #6 Thomas and Camilla September 2017 Date Day 9.21.17 #7 Thomas and Camilla September 2017 Date Day 9.21.17 #8 Thomas and Camilla September 2017 Date Day 9.21.17 #9

More Than Simply a Haircut

September 21 2017:

On Monday I had a STRONG feeling I needed to get a hair cut. I messaged a friend hairstylist and asked if she had any openings this week as my hair felt “heavy”. (Took some pictures to show the beautiful pampering Kathy gave me as this ain’t happening by my hands! Two pictures from my morning walk this morning as the curls were still there!)

I woke up yesterday feeling grumpy, angry, and feeling defeated. In the afternoon I went to see my friend Kathy to get my haircut. We had meaningful conversation while she did her magic and then she decided to curl my hair.

I don’t even own a curling iron so this never happens and won’t happen again until I see her again. With her gift of pampering and loving kindness I left feeling incredibly lighter!

After what happened the rest of the day yesterday and today, I now know she didn’t just cut off hair; she cut off so many things that were weighing heavy on me. Things that had risen to the surface and were ready to go! Gone! Poof! Just like that! Now I know why I felt so strongly that I needed to get a haircut!

I went straight from there to the library volunteer job as Lillian could not go since her knee is still healing from the fall on Friday.

I felt as if I floated into the library and went straight into helping with setting up an Explore and Discover area; which they were behind on getting set up. I had just seen the same items set up at the Incline Village Library so I was familiar with it. I simply had a great time while there!

Then Thomas and I attended the Alchemist Theatre event last night. I volunteer with a group of other Reiki practitioners to give complimentary Reiki before the event. That was incredibly inspiring!

The show was amazing as always and I resonated with Jessica’s message of Trust and Spontaneity. Then, Then, Then, Today Happened. Oh my gosh! What an amazing day. But, that’s for another post cause it’s all about trust and being spontaneous. WOW!

Haircut and Curls Camilla 9.21.17 #1

Haircut and Curls Camilla 9.21.17 #2 Haircut and Curls Camilla 9.21.17 #3 Haircut and Curls Camilla 9.21.17 #4

Sunset Walk and Beautiful and Blessed

September 18 2017:

Sunset walk with Thomas. Lillian is still recovering from the fall she took on Friday. The cool down has begun.

Sunset Walk with Thomas 9.18.17 #1 Sunset Walk with Thomas 9.18.17 #2 Sunset Walk with Thomas 9.18.17 #3

September 20 2017:

Such an incredibly beautiful sky this afternoon. I received a special treat from a beautiful friend and this is the amazing sky that blessed me as I left her place and headed to volunteering at the library. Thank you Kathy!!!!

Audrey Harris Park Sky and Tree 9.20.17