Can I Tell You Something

He comes up to me like he’s got a secret to tell me, “Can I tell you something? … I’m feeling really positive. I’ve been having lots of best days of my life lately!” -Thomas this afternoon after school. He even brought all the bags in from the car and is being such a gentleman! Love that little man!

Richest Man in the World

“I’m the richest man in the World because I’m so happy. You are the best Mom in the World. Lillian is the best Sister in the World. I hope everybody in the World is this rich and finds the happiness that’s in them.” -Thomas says with “sweat” in his eyes …. Gosh, this kid makes my heart dance, my eyes sweat and inspires me so much I tingle! WOW! 

HappYness and Beauty of Christmas

“Keep the HappYness and beauty of Christmas not only in your thoughts …. but in your heart!” -Thomas Darnell

Y’all … Thomas was so excited he wrote an entire little book full of his own Christmas season quotes right after our movie was over last night (Barbie version of A Christmas Carol)! Said he felt like crying tears of joy!! Here’s a couple more of his quotes:

“Not only keep the seasons spirits bright but BE the spirit. Presents are not the real gifts but the real gift is YOU. You don’t always have to celebrate Christmas at home because you can be out helping the homeless people. Sometimes you like Christmas so much that you never ever let the Christmas spirit leave you.” -Thomas ….

This from a child who has not been taken shopping once during this “season”, has not seen me go shopping for anything and the only presents under the tree are home made gifts …. I think I like this little boy!! -Camilla


Team TLC Family Treasures 2012

Took all day …. Team TLC Family Treasures (our version of family rules) framed … Now to find somewhere good to hang it!!!

It’s not as simple as I’d like … but this was our first one!!! Next one will be more simple with less words …. Idea was sparked by a blog post on Live With Purpose about doing something “different” than ‘Family Rules’. Instead of “No this, that or the other” put what is expected. I added my own twist of “stuff” we treasure too!