Time to Nourish the Soul


November 6 2012:

Time to nourish the soul ….

As the butterfly swoops by, as the last remaining leaves rustle, as the sounds drift by, as the sun shares it’s warmth with me, as the soft breeze cools my face…

Pondering, accepting, releasing …. Soaking it in ….

As we choose to believe we must always be “doing” so hard and “doing” so much and choose to believe in lack and that we need something or someone to make us happy, the belief and obsession to have more and more ….

All we need do is return to nature so as to feel and see and know the abundance that surrounds us …. The abundance that is ours once we choose to live a true and authentic life.

Peace is ours once we discontinue to identify with what we have and what we accomplish. The search for this peace is a worthwhile quest. Knowing that we are valuable just because we ARE and not believing that we are valuable only when we have accomplished something … This is a concept that brings instant peace when we truly grasp it and live our life knowing this.

Add the ingredient of resilience …

Add the fortitude to stay true to this thought pattern when old negative thoughts and thought patterns rear their ugly head …. AND

Joy, Happiness, Contentment and Peace is YOURS.

Mt. Rose Damonte Ranch View 11.6.12

Where Would You Fly Update and Lillian Darnell Interview

December 13 2017:

Short interview with Lillian Darnell about the upcoming debut of her first book, “Where Would You Fly”.

I briefly give everyone an update about the book and then she and I talk a bit about quotes from the book and the latest review blurb she received. Much, Much, Much gratitude to everyone! xoxo

**Our goal is to pre-sale 50 books. We’ve sold 37 so far! If you’d like to learn more about the book or pre-order, go here …. http://www.LillianDarnell.com/author …. Thank you so much for your support!

Where Would You Fly Updated Cover 9.2017 #2

Isolation and Loneliness and Beauty and Confidence

November 21 2017:

Solo walk on this cloudy and cool morning.

This beauty caught my eye. Hanging out all alone while the other leaves are off playing in the distance.

On the one hand it displays beauty and confidence … and on the other, isolation and loneliness.

Speaks and mirrors how I have felt recently. Nature is so amazing. Nature also presented a beautiful heart shape too, yet I wanted this to have its own post. xoxoxo

Solo Walk and Solo Leaf 11.21.17

Faerie Magazine Submits Review Blurb for Where Would You Fly

December 13 2017:

My heart is smiling really big and my eyes pooled with sweat …. xoxoxo ….

“Although all of us who love fairies understand that children, with their vivid imaginations, are closer to magic than any of us, we all yearn to retain that childlike sense of wonder. Lillian Darnell’s writings are a welcome reminder of what is possible when you dream big, and accept no limitations.” – Grace Nuth, Senior Editor – Faerie Magazine

Where Would You Fly Updated Cover 9.2017

Would you like to help us reach our goal of 50 books pre-sold? It will help us with this last and final stretch! We’ve sold 36 so far! We had just 2 items that needed adjusted to the interior as of this morning! By the end of today, one of those was addressed. One more and then we can finalize the cover … And, then order a proof book! Wahoo!! Go here if you would like to pre-order a book … http://www.LillianDarnell.com/author … 

More Purging and It’s Empty

November 19 2017:

Today is the day we are squishing the last of our contents from The Romano Duo’s storage unit into this wee 800 sq foot place. The patio is getting full and it is time to purge once again. One more trip and it will be empty!


Done!!! I plan to never use one of these again … unless we are transitioning from one place to another. Three trips here, one to Goodwill, and one to the recycling bin.

Our patio looks horrible, yet it’s all out and now I’m on a purging quest! Posting lots of items on our resident portal. Be gone stuff!!

Empty Storage Unit 11.19.17

Loads Lightened and Encouragement – D iz for Different Review


November 6 2012:

“Finally read your book – you are such an inspiration. It is my prayer lives will be touched, people will be changed, hearts will be softened, kids will be raised to their full potential, parents will be encouraged, loads lightened, and joy embraced through your inspiring story and advice and direction. You truly are making a difference. You share so freely, may blessings come back many fold!” – Terry Vasenden, Reno, Nevada


Movie Night: White Christmas

December 9 2017:

Team TLC movie night: Thomas’ choice – “White Christmas”

Thomas says, “I like it and like watching it every year.”

Lillian says, “Good, musical, favorite part is the end, like the songs, 100% recommend, very Christmasy, and very festive.”

I say, “Incredibly heartwarming. And, why do heartwarming movies sometimes bring forth inspiration and sometimes bring forth sadness and loneliness?” Hmmmm …… I’m sure I know why. These are simply thoughts to share.

White Christmas Movie 12.9.17

Drafting the Copyright Page and Dewey Decimal – Where Would You Fly

November 18 2017:

Saturday afternoon Sleuthing Fun = Researching Dewey Decimal System Call Numbers!!

November 19 2017:

398.21 – Figured it out! Thank you Google! I Love Sleuthing!

Dewey Decimal System Call Number for Lillian’s book, Where Would You Fly …

Once Lillian’s book is on the shelf at the library, the spine should be labeled like this:

398.21 DAR 2017


Finished the Copyright Page! Next: Book blurb and book trailer! YAY! xoxo

Where Would You Fly Updated Cover 9.2017 #2

Our goal is sell at least 50 books through pre-order so as to assist with bringing the book to life. We’ve sold 15 so far. Would you like to pre-order? Go here … http://www.LillianDarnell.com/author … We are hoping for having the book in hand by Christmas. Thank you!

Pluck from the Vine

After I pluck the tomato from its vine, I move the tomato to my nose and breathe in the smell of the freshly broken connection of vine to fruit. glgkhjg

That smell and feel of the vine take me instantly to my mammaw Downs and her garden. A garden I despised as a kid and teen. I so disliked the chore of all the grandkids to help in the garden.

Stooping, bending, and squatting in the …. Go here to read more …

Pluck the Tomato from the Vine