Camping and Earth Art and Biggest Little Photographer Book and Home Grown Vegetables

June 20 2016:

Happy and excited Thomas!!!! It’s camp time with the Great Basin Naturalists – Destination Wilderness!! I think this is his 3rd summer being a part of this camp and he just loves it.

They go hiking every day and learn so much by just being outside and having fun together.

Thomas CAmp June 20 2016


June 22 2016:

The countdown is on! The Romano Duo left this morning on their way to Reno! Due to arrive on Saturday! Thomas and Lillian have been counting down since we last saw them at Christmas. YAY!


Thomas has been wanting us to brainstorm ideas to earn money this summer that we can do together. One idea is running errands and another is poop scooping. Would this be useful, wanted, or needed here in the Reno area? Off to go get him from camp! xoxo


Extra movie night with friends tonight. Mom’s choice: Mary Poppins …. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Thanks Kendra Johnson!!!

 Mary Poppins Movie June 22 2016

June 23 2016:

The doodle art and yin yang are the only 2 still looking for a home …. Next up is working on the special request peacock. Gonna have some fun with that one!


June 23 2016:

It’s a Wonderful World … Thomas’ favorite song is the version sung by Louis Armstrong. I listened to it today to remind myself that he’s off experiencing what a wonderful world it is!

Dropped off Thomas this morning for the one night camp out to end the week long day camp with Great Basin Naturalist. Picture of him from 2 years ago during the same camp when he kept asking to know all about the Drake Equation! I forgot to take a picture this morning. I know he’s having fun, yet I can’t wait to have him back!! Lillian and I are off for our after dinner walk … xoxo

Thomas June 2014 Camp


June 25 2016:

Thomas and I are so excited!! Pre-order your copy now! xoxo The book trailer is finished and it’s all coming together. It’s just under 2 minutes so we invite you to take a look if you have a couple of minutes.

Book information: This is a photography book including many of the photographs Thomas took during the 365 day photo a day project he worked on for 1 year of his life … from 8 years old to 9 years old.

It will also include an introduction of how it began, quotes, and a bit of the story along the way.

 Biggest Little Photographer Picture June 2016
June 25 2016:
The Romano Duo have arrived. Peppers, squash, cucumbers, potatoes and garlic from my Aunt Debbie and Glenn’s garden in Mississippi. Thanks Aunt Debbie and Glenn. And fresh herbs from The Romano Duo herb garden. Plus! A Mississippi watermelon! Yum!!!!!!

Mississippi Veggies June 2016

Happy … Just Because

April 15, 2015:

Thomas shared this morning that he was smiling because he was so happy. I asked him why he was happy and he replied, “Just Because”. Told him I thought that was the best reason for being happy that I’d ever heard …. Happy, for no reason at all. Another gift received from a short and sweet conversation on the way to school this morning. Sharing that gift with all of you too! xoxo

Twilight Zone and Angels and Butterflies and Songbirds

June 19 2016:

Today felt like an episode of Twilight Zone …. All day …

And then we went for an after dinner sunset walk. Incredibly cool that we spotted a different type of duck that we will look up, 5 blue-billed ducks, and a beaver, I think. Don’t know what else would have dragged a branch for a bit and then disappeared under water with it. And then an amazing sunset. xoxo


June 20 2016:

After dinner solo walk last night since I missed the morning walk. A joyful walk with magical clouds decorating the sky.

Plus, I got to share some love with Gus, an extremely happy dog. I like that fellow. He always comes over to say “hi” to me.

Solo Walk June 21 2016

This walk inspired a blog post on Camilla’s blog

A little story sparked by a 5 minute stop at the Farmer’s Market this morning …. An Angel at the Farmer’s Market … Hope you enjoy it and the may the words land in front of the one for which they are meant. The pictures are paired with the story on my blog. xoxo

She had been dealing with a headache for 3 days now. She felt as if her body, inside and out, was covered in a thick and sticky sludge. A sludge full of all the reasons why she is wrong, inadequate, a loser, and a downright horrible person.

She thought back to the dream she had two weeks ago. She could not get away from a giant sink hole. Everywhere she went, this sink hole followed! One minute she’d be free of it and then she would purposely re-enter the force of it’s pull. She knew this was not just a random dream. The sink hole was a metaphor for how she’d been feeling about her life these past few weeks.

Then she was brought back to the present when she received a message from a friend that landed on a heart that she’d been slapping around and wringing like a sponge. It was exactly what her heart needed to hear and was the perfect message for her to receive in that moment. The divine message: “I love your positiveness and your love of life and love. You are a true inspiration to me.”

After dinner she went for a solo walk as she had missed her morning walk. It was an incredibly …. Go here to read more.


June 22 2016:

Walk with Thomas last night …. We sat on this rock for quite a while. Round after round of ducks and geese came over to see if we had food. They make the most wonderful sound when asking for food. It’s really soft and quiet.

Then we saw a swallowtail butterfly. We watched him go from bud to bud. So cool!!!


June 23 2016:

Lillian and I had the most amazing walk last night. A slight breeze was blowing, the shadows were amazing, and we listened to the song birds.

When we got home I saw what Lillian had posted a bit earlier and it made my eyes sweat … “Hey, everyone! Have you heard the news? I started June 15 walking up the stairs. (I only did 2 the first time). 2 days, I stepped up to the 4th step. I use positive affirmations like “Do this for Camilla” or “Do this for myself”. I didn’t realize I was using them until I told Camilla yesterday. Now, I’m actually finding them useful. I hope you find this post inspiring.” xoxo


June 24 2016:

Early morning walk …. Two fresh water turtles, a nutria, bunches of blue billed ducks, cormorants, one white goose, loads of musk thistle, and so many song birds in this tree. It’s a wonderful world … And I’m grateful and blessed I get to experience it … xoxo

Lillian and Camilla June 2016 Date Day

June 22 2016:

Lillian and Camilla June 2016 Date Day – Picking out dessert for later and smelling all the yummy soaps. We enjoyed our desserts on the patio then played three games of UNO. Lillian won every game!!

We finished our date by reading together on my bed and Lillian made braids in my hair. I LOVE it when she plays with my hair. Perfect date day …. xoxo

Memories of the Candy Apple Red Camaro

April 15 2014:

After dropping off Thomas and Lillian this morning, driving south on 395 with the sun shining on my face, a song came on that flooded me with warm, beautiful and fun memories.

There I was back in 1987 driving my boyfriend’s 1970 candy apple red camaro with a 450 v8 engine and an amazing stereo system with Van Halen or ZZ Top blaring, windows down with not a worry or care in the world! I loved driving that car down McDowell Road in Jackson, Mississippi! Then I thought about the time at the race track when he let me race it! WOW! What an amazing feeling that was! How inspiring this morning to re live those memories! Thank you!! xoxo

Priceless to Him

April 13 2015:

About a month ago I bought a $20 desk for Thomas at a thrift store. Last night he said that it’s so hard to believe that something which only cost $20 is priceless to him. He’s been wanting a desk in his room since last June to do school work and projects. Gifts from the heart have no price tag and can be as simple as a smile and a hug. xoxo

Window Shopping and Dragonflies and Lunch

April 13 2015:

April 2015 Camilla and Lillian date day … Part 1 … Window shopping at Neon Dragonfly.

Lunch at Mel’s Diner and more window shopping.

Surprise Birthday Party

April 13 2014:

Thomas got a surprise birthday invite yesterday from a friend he made at the Galena Exploration Camp. No time for a gift so Thomas made him an awesome hand made card with a wee little cash gift. Thomas looked out for him at camp and created this quote for the card, “Just take one more step and you will be at your dream.” He also added a fun fact about his friend’s favorite topic.

Wind and Nature and April 2013 Date Day with Thomas

April 13 2013:

Hours of FUN with the wind and pillow shams … Adventures INdeed!! Grateful for wind and imagination ….

Thomas & Lillian April 13 2013


Date day with Thomas … Hiking above Damonte Ranch …. This place is so full of love!!! It’s clear why the wild horses hang out here!

I take Thomas and Lillian on a date day once a month … Thomas and I went hiking above Damonte Ranch High School today! Fun, peaceful, inspiring, windy, calm, hot, cold, lots of discovering stuff, using imagination, talking about how it makes us feel being up so high, looking at the view and feeling our oneness with nature.