Healthy and Healing and Peaceful and Love Vibes and Trees and Holding Space

May 28 2018:

Sunset walk yesterday. Nature = Healthy, Healing, Peaceful, Love Vibes

including one accidentally zoomed in photo that turned out pretty cool!

Sunset Walk Vintage Lake 5.28.18 #1 Sunset Walk Vintage Lake 5.28.18 #2 Sunset Walk Vintage Lake 5.28.18 #3 Sunset Walk Vintage Lake 5.28.18 #4 Sunset Walk Vintage Lake 5.28.18 #5 Sunset Walk Vintage Lake 5.28.18 #6 Sunset Walk Vintage Lake 5.28.18 #7 Sunset Walk Vintage Lake 5.28.18 #8 Sunset Walk Vintage Lake 5.28.18 #9 Sunset Walk Vintage Lake 5.28.18 #10

May 30 2018:

…. from yesterday’s walk … I love these trees. And, found a friend on the pedestrian bridge. Love, love, love …….

Walk Vintage Lake 5.30.18 #1 Walk Vintage Lake Heart 5.30.18 #2 Walk Vintage Lake Path 5.30.18 #3

June 2 2018:

Trees holding space for the sun … from a walk a couple of days ago. Forgot I made this photo. I can hardly walk by these trees and this spot and not take a picture.

Trees Holding Space for the Sun 6.2.18

A Flower’s Curious Emotions by Lillian Darnell

June 2 2018:

A story inspired by the Chromosome 18 Conference. ….. from Lillian …  xoxo

Once many years, a little girl named Rainbow loved traveling to new places. One day, Rainbow decided to write a story. “Hello! My name is Rainbow. My family and I have been going to a conference called Party Dancers for many years”, wrote Rainbow.

One day at the Party Dancers, she faced many fears in just 1 day. Rainbow was very determined to conquer more fears. A couple of years later at the Party Dancers, Rainbow met a friend she connected with through Bookworm the previous year and had so much fun. Rainbow knew many friends and people that year.

Rainbow even tried to get in the cold pool. This year, Rainbow was pumped to go …..

Fundraising for the 2018 Chromosome 18 Family Conference – Rainbow of Emotions

Get Well Gift – HappYness Treasure Map and a Bag of Rocks


April 25 2013:

Off to pick up Team Member T & L from school and deliver a very special Get Well gift to Susan Hill!! So much FUN making this one!

Get Well Gift Rocks 4.25.13 #1 Get Well Gift Rocks 4.25.13 #2

Here are the fun “Instructions” that go along with the Inspirational Rocks:

HappYness Treasure Map™
+ One bag of inspirational rocks

Ingredients: One bag of Inspiring Rocks to guide you in feeling good, inspire you and to make part of your daily adventure. One HappYness Treasure Map.

Dosage: Remove one rock from bag daily.

Side Effects: Good feelings, creativity, acceptance, HappYness and inspiration

Instructions: Each morning slide your hand into your bag, shift the rocks around in your fingers until you find just the right one, and pull it from your bag. The following are some suggestions to go along with the phrase on your chosen rock. Continue choosing a rock every day until your bag is empty. Put them all back in and start again! Have FUN!!

Acceptance – Is there something that is causing you disharmony due to not wanting to accept?

Morning thoughts: I have no control over other people or how events play(ed) out. I accept this and make peace with it. I accept myself just as I am. I am loving, kind and wonderful. Change wording to suit you.

Evening thoughts: I am grateful to have reached acceptance of _______________.

Attention – Be clear about what you are giving your attention. Does it relate to your intentions for your life, for the week, or for the day? Bring your attention back to your intention.

Be Flexible – Use today as a reminder to be flexible …. At least once during the day sing this little song to yourself,

“Row, row, row YOUR boat,
GENTLY down the stream,
Life is but a DREAM.”
Row your own boat, be HappY and create your dream!

Faith – Remind yourself throughout the day to have faith in yourself.

Forgiveness – Today is the day to forgive yourself and anyone else. Write a letter to yourself or someone else detailing what you are forgiving yourself or that person for … No need to give it to anyone. Just write it and reach the place of forgiveness within yourself.

Gratitude – Make today about being thankful. Take as many opportunities as possible to express silently or out loud your gratitude.

Intention – Review your intentions. What are your intentions for your life, this year, this week or this day. Have you taken a detour? If so, either make peace with the detour or get back on your path.

Intuitive – Be sure to check with your intuition today on your decision making. Trust yourself.

Kindness – Make today about spreading kindness to yourself and those you encounter. Could be with a smile, a hug or even a silent blessing for the person.

Laugh – It’s good medicine and good for the soul. LAUGH a lot today!

Love – Do everything you do today full of love from your innermost self.

Purpose – What is your purpose? What do you feel you are supposed to accomplish during your life? It’s okay not to know. Just ponder it …

Release – Today is the day to release any guilt, judgments, hurt, or any other negative feelings. Be one with the feeling, embrace it, then release it.

Self Love – Do something kind for yourself today. Nurture yourself. What makes your heart sing? A walk outside, reading a good book, enjoying a divine meal, doing absolutely nothing … do IT.

Well Being – Focus on your well being. Know that you have well being within you.

Morning thoughts: I am an instrument of well being.

Evening thoughts: I am grateful for my well being.


Rainbow of Emotions by Lillian Darnell – Fundraising

May 30 2018:

Rainbow of Emotions … Another from Lillian … She is fundraising to help attend the Chromosome 18 Conference next month. This is the 2nd piece she’s offering as a print. The first was The Egyptian Eye.

I’ve decided to sell prints or copies of Rainbow of Emotions once again to fundraise and help my family attend the annual Chromosome 18 conference. The print will be about an 8 X 10 size and mounted on foam board or similar ready to hang.

The Chromosome 18 conference helps me get over my fears and my emotions. It helps me feel brave, courageous, and enjoyable. Here’s an example: Last year in July when my family and I were inside the airport, I was fearful, nervous, tired, and afraid; yet, the view I got from the airplane was amazing and it was all worth it.

The really fun part is that YOU get to choose your own price! The base price is $25 to cover cost of printing, mounting, and shipping (US Only – Our overseas friends can email my mom at Camilla Downs @ if you’re interested in purchasing a print).

Use this Paypal link and enter your own amount over the $25 base price. For example, if you want to donate $50 towards my fundraiser, then you would enter $75. Go here.

OR …. If you simply want a photo quality print, the base price is $15 to cover cost of printing and shipping. For example, if you wish to donate $25 to my fundraiser, then you would enter $40. Use this Paypal link. (Please note whether you want “Just the Print” or “Mounted Print”)

Here’s a story inspired by the Rainbow of Emotions:

Rainbow of Emotions Lillian Absract Art

A Flower’s Curious Emotions

Once long ago, there lived a flower named Rainbow who was always emotional. One day, the flower was very curious about why she was so emotional.

So the flower went to a wise flower named Emotions but liked to be called Lavender instead. When Rainbow got to Lavender’s home, Rainbow asked, “Why am I so emotional, Lavender?”.

Lavender laughed and said, “You are emotional because you are always inside any living thing but I can give you some wisdom if you think it will help”.

“Yes, I think it will help me better understand. I trust you and your wisdom.”, said Rainbow in excitement. So Lavender said, “The princess who owns the sky is sometimes called Rainbow of Emotions and she watches over you. Your emotions are actually inherited from the princess. I hope that wisdom helps.”

Rainbow said, “Thank you! That helps. Now I am very grateful for the princess’ emotions.” So Rainbow walked off happily. So if you ever see a rainbow or feel any emotion, chances are you could be experiencing either Rainbow’s emotions or the princess’ emotions.

That’s the end of the story.

Visit the link below to read further …

Fundraising for the 2018 Chromosome 18 Family Conference – Rainbow of Emotions

The Uninhibited Imagination – Where Would You Fly

May 26 2018:

Where Would You Fly Book Trailer Slide #6

What a beautiful gift to share with us Stephen! Kindness is a gift and we are grateful for your gift of kindness!! Thank you!!

“What a beautiful gift to share; the uninhibited imagination is a state that most yearn for and Lillian has operated in this world all her life. A true blessing for ALL who immerse themselves in these magical stories. Thank you, Lillian! and Camilla (the mom).” – Stephen, Reno (in regards to the book, “Where Would You Fly”)

Go here to learn more about Where Would You Fly by Lillian Darnell.

Awakens and Amazing and Magnify and Instant Calm and Beauty

May 20 2018:

There’s really not much I truly know. Yet. This. I do know. Nature awakens the Knowing of my Heart. xoxo

Not much I truly know Sunset Photo Vintage Lake 5.20.18

May 20 2018:

Team TLC walk this afternoon. Lillian heads to Surprise, Arizona later this week with The Romano Duo so we made sure to have a walk with the whole team before she leaves. And look at the amazing cloud show we got to see!!

Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #1 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #2 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #3 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #4 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #5 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #6 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #7 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #8 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #9 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #10

May 21 2018:

….. from a walk this morning …. Nature. Magnified. Take pause. Zoom out and See the Whole. Simply beautiful. xoxo

Goose Feather with Water Droplets Poem 5.23.18 Water Droplets Goose Feather Vintage Lake 5.21.18 #2

May 23 2018:

Brings instant calm. The shoulders and jaw relax. The neck releases. And, if one chooses, whatever it is, can be released and let go.

Instant Calm Walk Vintage lake 5.23.18

May 25 2018:

Beauty amongst the pins and needles.

Pins and Needles Tree 5.25.18