Taking the Day Off With Different Beautiful Colors Alongside Peaceful Magic

September 2 2019:

After dinner walk yesterday. Sat for a bit this time. Beautiful colors and magically peaceful.

September 3 2019:

Much needed and welcome walk yesterday after dinner. I did something I haven’t done in years. I took the day off … off of social media, off from working on my book, off from Meeting the Authors, off from packing, off from everything (except making food for all three of us). And ….. read almost all day long. 💜 The sun and clouds made amazing sky art!

September 4 2019:

Magical and breathtaking walk with Lillian yesterday.

September 7 2019:

From an after dinner walk on Thursday. Trying to get different views as I’m usually drawn to the same views for photographing.

So Begins the Week Long 18th Birthday Celebration

September 7 2019:

I remember when I was a brand new single parent when Lillian was 5 years old, hiding in the garage and sobbing, thinking how am I going to do this? How will I do this alone? Well, here we are …

Photo from Lillian’s graduation photo shoot …

Tomorrow begins the week long celebration of her 18th Birthday happening on Saturday, the 14th. She has a mile long list of things she wants to do for her birthday so we are having a week long celebration to make it all happen.

This one has an incredibly tender heart. She was sad and disappointed that many at the C18 conference were not aware she had graduated as they were asking what grade she was in now. So, if you missed the millions of posts I posted around that time, here’s your chance to get caught up! HA! Lillian GRADUATED from high school on June 1 2019!! YAY!! And, she turns 18 on Saturday, the 14th. Be ready for a deluge of posts dedicated to her.

This was the perfect spot for the first set. The little garden behind the library. We’ve been coming here ever since she was 5 years old.

I’ve taken tons of photos of the three of us in this little garden throughout the past 12 years.

More Research on Supported Decision Making

September 5 2019:

I’ll be immersed in this for the next few days. Thought I could wait a bit longer and come back around to it. However, our move in date to the new place happens 2 days after Lillian turns 18. She will have to sign the lease and/or I’ve got to have this bit figured out.

September 6 2019:

Done reviewing the handouts. Moving on to the websites now. Here are a few slides that stood out for me. 👀 Deeply appreciative to Diana for getting me copies of the slides and handouts as I found out about this workshop on the morning it was to happen.

Memories of Perfect Music While Reading and Receiving Closure

August 30 2019:

Sometimes all it takes to bring back the mojo is hearing the perfect music while running errands. Billy Idol, Queen, The Cars, Aerosmith, Men Without Hats, and I’m sure a few I’m forgetting.

Brings back memories of the 80’s and those teenage years, full of energy, smart a** attitude, knowing all the answers, not giving a crap about the rest, and all the time in the world (I may still have one or two or a few of these attitudes … Hmmmm) ….. Ahhhhh … I LOVE Music!! 💜💜💜

Photo by Vova Krasilnikov from Pexels

September 3 2019:

Am reading …. One is a reread, one I had to check out from the library again as I didn’t get finished, and the other two are first time reads.

September 5 2019:

One more task fully checked off the list yesterday! Closure on this one! Yes!!

Adventure Day with a Museum Pass to The Discovery Museum

September 5 2019:

Today’s adventure … Thanks to Washoe County Library’s “Museum Pass” program, you can “check out” tickets to several local museums (and several more in California!)

Lillian stepped into one of her fears, and took the steps back up to the main floor. Got a few good pictures of that. Her hands were quite sweaty by the time she made it to the top. Yet, she did it!

We stopped for ice cream on the way home … Blueberry lavender for me, cookie something or other for Thomas, and a bag of BBQ chips for Lillian since she doesn’t eat ice cream.

Throwback Post: An Amazing Food and Culinary Experience


May 11 2014:

This was THE MOST AMAZING food and culinary experience I have ever had!! This is what food is supposed to taste like! Good golly!! I got to take a trip to Seregno, Lombardia in Italy on Sunday night with some very beautiful and loving friends … Brenda, Glenna and Noreen!!

arte italia is delighted to welcome renowned Italian chef Giancarlo Morelli of Ristorante Pomiroeu for three culinary and wine pairing classes May 11 – May 13, 2014. Pomiroeu is located in an old courtyard in Seregno, Lombardia, just outside Milano. The restaurant sits on a quiet corner and combines classic and contemporary charm with a cosmopolitan spirit and welcoming atmosphere, much like Chef Morelli and the cuisine he prepares.

After graduating from the Institute Hotelier of San Pellegrino Terme, Chef Giancarlo embarked upon his career as head chef on the cruise line The Pacific Princess. In 1981, Morelli began consulting for various Italian restaurants throughout the world until he decided to focus on his own culinary creations and opened Pomiroeu.

Over the years, Chef Morelli has won many awards including the “Riso Gallo Risotto of the Year.” Risotto has always held a special place for Giancarlo. “Rice is the food of my heart,” he says. “I consider rice, with its elemental elegance, a valuable raw material that is a bit like a beautiful, rough stone, and when expertly crafted, reveals its potential and value.” It is with that passion and spirit that Pomiroeu has earned the coveted Michelin Star.

The cuisine at Pomiroeu is varied and follows the traditions and authentic flavors of the Lombardia region infused with Chef Morelli’s creative genius. His kitchen is part laboratory and part innovation. The Chef maintains a deep respect for seasonal, raw products of the highest quality in order to preserve the authenticity of the dish’s origins.

When conceiving a menu, ingredients are evaluated in relation to one another and their ability to create emotions. Says Chef Morelli of his process: “I do not think the plate. I feel it.”

The culinary class schedule for each day will include the demonstration and preparation of an authentic Italian dinner beginning with antipasto, primo piatto, secondo piatto and dolce. In addition, fine Italian wine will be paired with each dish.

Our menu for the evening. Chef Morelli only speaks Italian so Chef Ivano from La Strada was the interpreter for us.

Dolce: Sbrisolona tart Bavarese with coffee mascarpone and creme anglaise gelato …. I have honestly never had gelato this freakin amazing! The PERFECT meal. Did not leave feeling bloated and over full. Just perfect!! xoxo

Chef Morelli only speaks Italian so Chef Ivano from La Strada was the interpreter for us.

Secondo: Sea salt crusted rack of veal with shallot confit, sage scented pineapple gelato, honey, and mint … The sage came straight from Chef Morelli’s home garden! He brought it with him! Oh My Word!!! This was so very delicious paired with the gelato!

Checking the secondo! Chef Morelli only speaks Italian so Chef Ivano from La Strada was the interpreter for us.

Primo: Carnaroli risotto with saffron, bone marrow and a white wine glaze

We had a ball cheering on the tossing of the risotto!! Look how high he got it!

A little lesson on butter and clarified butter!

Antipasto … Goat cheese terrine with sardines, slightly smoked smashed tomatoes, and crispy garlic chips

This is what Chef Morelli is famous for … I see why! Words cannot describe how yummy this risotto was … Oh My Gosh!!

Book Musings: My Hands Sing the Blues

September 1 2019:

My Hands Sing the Blues – Romare Bearden’s Childhood Journey

Bearden, of African, Cherokee, and Italian descent, was one of America’s most vibrant and innovative 20th-century artists. When he was a young child of three-years-old, his family faced discriminatory Jim Crow laws and attitudes. They participated in the Great Migration North, moving to New York City. We all enjoyed learning about Romare Bearden!

Movie Night: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

August 31 2019:

Team TLC Movie Night … Well, let’s face it! Just me watching this one. It was my turn to choose: “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”

I adore Judi Dench and Maggie Smith so couldn’t resist this random find on the library shelves; found while pulling holds during a volunteer shift at the library.

A charming feel good story that reminds it’s never too late for new beginnings or to find love.

The Best Ever Pizza with These Wonderful Things Called Teeth While Packing the Dishwasher

August 18 2019:

Yummy homemade pizza for dinner last night (except for the crust). Drizzled olive oil on the crust, then smeared a bit of creamy fiesta cashew dip, followed by a sauce of marina mixed with a spicy green herbal sauce. Topped with crimini mushrooms, green and kalamata olives, sweet onion, artichoke hearts, and sugar plum tomatoes. With a yummy side salad and washed down with a bottle of Virgil’s Rootbeer. Incredibly delicious and satisfying!

August 26 2019:

Have you ever been flossing your teeth, your fingernail snags what you think may be a side filling on one of your lower molars, and it falls off in your mouth? And it does this on the eve of paying off the huge dental bill and work you had done 6 months ago? (This is a different tooth, different side. Not the one just worked on.)

That may have happened to me last night. I thought I’d be in tremendous pain when I brushed my teeth or tried to eat. Not yet … Hmmm … I may find out just how tough I am … These things called teeth are interesting creatures … Still smiling …. Oddly weird, yet, it did not hurt and still doesn’t hurt … pray that the pain gods continue to keep the pain away!


August 28 2019:

Packing the contents of the dishwasher …. What one uses the dishwasher for when not used for washing dishes. Perfect storage cabinet for lightbulbs, LEGO boxes, and an iron. Got to improvise when 3 people live in a 1 bedroom, 1 bath and those who shall remain unnamed wish to keep the empty LEGO boxes! And for some unknown reason one has a surplus of 100 watt light bulbs.