The 2016 Chromosome 18 Conference: Beauty and History at Every Glance

(This is part seven of The 2016 C18 Conference Journey. Go here for part one.)

July 15 2016:

One more solo walk early yesterday morning ….. Strolled along for about an hour. Beauty and history at every glance. Nature shares her beauty and inspiration for all. She cares not who you are or where you are from … xoxoxo

The 2016 Chromosome 18 Conference: Kindness and Pizza and Surprise Encounter

(This is part six of The 2016 C18 Conference Journey. Go here for part one.)

July 14 2016:

The Journey home … San Antonio to Las Cruces, New Mexico!! Had an amazing dinner at this lovely place! We got there at 8:50. They close at 9:00, yet invited us to come on inside and we had THE BEST brick oven cooked 4 cheese pizza EVER!!! …. With an amazing salad and pistachio gelato for me and lemon sorbet for Thomas!! Plus shaved carrots and prosciutto for Lillian since she doesn’t eat pizza or salad! xoxoxo

Look who we ran into!!! The Romano Duo and Team TLC got to cross paths in Las Cruces, New Mexico this morning. Spent about an hour together chatting. Now we head in different directions. xoxo

July 15 2016:

The Journey home …. Las Cruces, New Mexico to really close to the Nevada border. Was going to try to make it to Boulder City today but we spent an hour with The Romano Duo this morning since they were driving right by Las Cruces where we had stayed for the night.

Then, we hit rush hour traffic in Phoenix. The hour with The Romano Duo was totally worth it. Long drive tomorrow, yet we will be in our own beds tomorrow night!! xoxo

The 2016 Chromosome 18 Conference: Riverfront Walk With Lillian

(This is part five of The 2016 C18 Conference Journey. Go here for part one.)

July 13 2016:

Wonderful, warm, and beautiful walk with Lillian yesterday. Blessed that she, too, loves our time in nature. Looking, listening, and discovering. xoxo

The 2016 Chromosome 18 Conference: Stairs Conquered

(This is part four of The 2016 C18 Conference Journey. Go here for part one.)

July 13 2016:

Welcome to a different new … Check out these 3 sets of stairs Lillian conquered!!! You go beautiful you!!!

Lillian has had a fear of stairs since being a toddler. We have always had to use an elevator and if one has not been available; she has held tightly to me with a white knuckle grip with sweaty hands and tons of anxiety.

So exciting!

The 2016 Chromosome 18 Conference – Riverfront Walk With Thomas

(This is part three of The 2016 C18 Conference Journey. Go here for part one.)

July 13 2016:

Thomas and I went for a walk yesterday morning before he went to hang out with his friends. I deeply love that he enjoys this as much as I do …. Between this walk and my own solo walk, my heart was refueled. xoxoxo


Reaching for the Stars

Lillian Going Down Stairs July 2016 San Antonio

She’s reaching for the stars … And she will have what she reaches for …. Incredible, wonderful, inspiring blog post that Lillian wrote yesterday … xoxo

“Hey, everyone! This blog post will include 2 stories (1 non fiction and 1 fiction), inspiration, and a fiction interview. Let’s start with the non fiction story.

One day, my body decided I was ready to try the ladder at my therapy place. Slowly but surely, my body had decided to try the stairs. Now I can easily walk up them alone without being scared. Ever since, I’ve been proud to have touched the stars. (If anyone wonders what’s next, it’s escalators).

Let’s move on to the fantasy version of a story. I hope you enjoyed the 1st story!

Once, a young girl named Rainbow had wanted to be able to go down stairs for a long time but her body wasn’t ready to do it. Many years past before her body started to sense that she wanted to achieve the goal. When she was probably 14, her body was able to take the hint fully. So she took her time up until Wednesday when she achieved the goal. She was very excited. She was reaching toward the stars.

Let’s move on to the interview. This is where you will find more details about the first story. Speaking of story, I hope you enjoyed the 2nd story. (If you are wondering, this blog post is inspiration based). …………. The moral is to reach for the stars.”

Go here to read the entire story

Thomas and Lillian and Book Authors

April 20 2014:

I think it was about 6 months ago when I posted about Lillian and Thomas emailing authors of books. Lillian usually tells them what her favorite part of the book is and how much she enjoyed it. Thomas likes to ask them for tips on writing his own book and if they know other authors of books he’s read.

In one of Lillian’s latest reply emails from an author he was so impressed with her website that he offered to be interviewed on her blog! Thomas is networking even though he doesn’t know he’s doing it. There’s one author of a very successful series that he would like to email/talk with. In emailing with other authors he is asking them if they know the author he can’t easily get in touch with!

He says one of the authors said they did not know another author he asked about, but that they were going to look him and his books up! I’m so happy these are the two people I get to be on this journey of life with!

The 2016 Chromosome 18 Conference: Deja Vu and The Riverwalk

(This is part two of The 2016 C18 Conference Journey. Go here for part one.)

July 10 2016:

The one who says to me as we’re driving through the amazing rock formations after going through the Boulder Dam area … “I always have deja vu, like I’ve lived this life before. He said it all seems so familiar.” … and when we encountered some difficulties on the trip down … “When you get a rock in your shoe, just shake it out” ….. I deeply love this little human … Thomas Darnell …. xoxo

July 12 2016:

Took a much needed walk this morning. Feeling so out of place here. This was exactly what I needed. Felt like a massage … So relaxing, refreshing, and inspiring. I love nature. xoxo




Fireworks and Popcorn and Biggest Little Photographer and Awareness

July 4 2016:

Just back from an adventure! Made popcorn, grabbed some jelly beans, found a perfect spot to park in Reno so as to watch the fireworks in Sparks …. Absolutely wonderful spot away from crowds and the boom, boom of the fireworks. This is how we roll with sensory issues …. What FUN! xoxo

July 5 2016:

She’s up to 8 steps now!! This is so wonderful! She has NEVER gone up stairs without clinging to me for dear life!!!! We have always avoided stairs due to her fear and proprioceptive issues.

She made it a goal to reach the top before we leave for San Antonio. Tomorrow she’ll be going up the last 10 steps since we leave Thursday morning. Stay tuned … xoxo

Lillian going up 8 steps July 5 2016

July 6 2016:

Just wanted to share another Biggest Little Photographer update …. And since we’ll be leaving on Thursday for the C18 Conference here’s a picture that minifigure photographer took while at the 2014 C18 Conference … New York Harbor … xoxo

Our goal was to have received 100 pre-orders of Thomas’ Biggest Little Photographer book by July 1st. We didn’t reach that goal OR did we? They’re still coming in and we’ve had about 30 pre-orders for the book now. Some orders are still coming by check so not sure of the exact amount.

However, sometimes what we wish for is delivered in a different way. After calculating money we received last week … When divided by $20 (average price for book) … It comes out to 100 …. Ummmmm … WOW!!

So we actually exceeded our goal! Our goal was met in a miraculously creative way … With 2 couches, a bayou Angel and her mom, and the loving-kindness of those who shared, liked, commented and purchased. Team TLC overflows with gratitude and sends blessings and love to all … xoxo

Lego minifigure new york harbor July 2014

July 6 2016:

A State of Pure Awareness – New blog post that poured out so fast and hard I was barely breathing and two hours went by that felt like 30 minutes ….

” ……… My therapists have been the authors of the books I read. Two of my greatest teachers have been my kids, Thomas and Lillian. Other teachers have been the suffering brought on by my thoughts, beliefs, and ideas, and those with whom I have shared un-lovely moments. The friends I share absolutely everything with are nature, meditation, and my own version of praying.

I continually ask to see things differently, to question the thoughts, ideas and beliefs I have. I ask to unlearn thoughts, beliefs, and ideas that no longer serve me. In the few days before this experience, I had finally come to a point where I authentically released and let go of all that I wish for and want. I let go of it with tremendous love and with the knowing that I would absolutely receive once I let go of the longing.

Here is what I experienced ….. ……”

To read the entire post visit here  …. It’s the first post on the blog. xoxoxo

July 6 2016:

We leave first thing in the morning …. And two goals reached today!

Top of the ladder at physical therapy and TOP OF THE STAIRS … Without clinging to me!

She DID IT! Oceans of gratitude for all the encouragement!!! xoxo

Thank you oceans and oceans for the wonderful cheering for Lillian!! Yesterday, she went down 2 flights of stairs and one huge flight to get from the main level of the hotel to the Riverwalk!! Four years ago when we were here we had to take the elevators down ….. I’m so happy she listens to her intuition and body and does things as she knows she’s ready! xoxo