Another Step and Floating and Celebration and Rocks and Library

August 1 2016:

Finished another step for Thomas’ book, Biggest Little Photographer, this afternoon! Onward! Blessings abound! Our upstairs neighbor who is headed back to Montana this weekend, bought 2 books. (Sample of a photo that will be in the book)

She has been here with her son attending a specialty school (right behind us) for those with neurologic conditions similar to autism. They should be back in December to resume school.

Thank you to everyone who continues to share, like, comment, and pre-order the book. We overflow with gratitude! xoxo

Biggest #174 - 4 page

August 2 2016:

There are times when a swim feels amazing and then there are times like today. Those times when all that exists is you and the water with an indescribably peaceful feeling …. Floating and feeling the water against ones skin. Today has been weird. This was a blessing in the weirdness! xoxo


August 3 2016:

Team TLC made a celebratory giant almond flour cocoa brownie this afternoon. Celebrating the first step taken today towards a Team TLC dream. xoxoxo



August 5 2016:

Went to get in bed last night and saw someone beat me to it! So blessed that Thomas keeps me smiling! I knew he was giggling for some reason!



August 5 2016:

It’s a great day to mail two of Thomas’ painted rocks and a great day to deliver the two peacock rocks I painted!! I love LOVE!!! Thanks tons for supporting Team TLC!! xoxo



August 5 2016:

It was library day for Team TLC. We have wanted to visit this library for years! Today was the day! We will return as we loved it!

Thomas and Lillian had a great time and Thomas said he never wanted to leave. Beautiful drive up and back down Mt Rose.

“To open a book, is to discover another world. To read a book is to explore new worlds.” ~me

incline-village-library-day-8-5-16-5 incline-village-library-day-8-5-16-4 incline-village-library-day-8-5-16-3 incline-village-library-day-8-5-16-2 incline-village-library-day-8-5-16-1

The drive back home …. My hair was blowing in Thomas’ mouth! HA! He can make some crazy faces!! Lake Tahoe is incredibly beautiful. Words and pictures simply cannot capture the grace and peace.

incline-village-library-drive-home-8-5-16-7 incline-village-library-drive-home-8-5-16-6 incline-village-library-drive-home-8-5-16-5 incline-village-library-drive-home-8-5-16-4 incline-village-library-drive-home-8-5-16-3 incline-village-library-drive-home-8-5-16-2 incline-village-library-drive-home-8-5-16-1


Walking and Nature and Love and Exploring

August 2 2016:

Lillian and I had a beautiful walk last night. Walking with Thomas and Lillian inspires me and I’m blessed they feel the same. xoxo

August 3 2016:

Took our nightly read-out-loud-together to the park last night. Also had our family walk and threw the football and frisbee.

Yesterday was a day of intensely sad emotions. I’m blessed this is the way we ended our day. Nature and love are good medicine. xoxo


August 6, 2016:

Sunset walk with Lillian last night. Noticeably cooler with a wonderful breeze. So much joy in exploring trees, leaves, and shadows. Plus we found this cool feather to research and discover its owner. xoxo

sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-9 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-8 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-7 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-6 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-5 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-4 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-3 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-2 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-1

Keep Alive the Nature Connection

August 6 2016:


I began taking Thomas and Lillian for walks when they were both infants. Having not tried to introduce going for walks and relighting the spark of wonder at a later age, I’m not sure how this would work with older children. Thomas is 10 years old now and Lillian is 14 years old. Each of them treasure our walks together and if we skip more than 2 days, they notice and bring it up. [ 772 more words. ]…/13-ways-to-keep-alive-your-child…/

Camilla and Thomas July 2016 Date Day

August 4 2016:

Thomas and Camilla July (a little late) 2016 Date – After dinner we headed to Icecyle Creamery for dessert. Then to Audrey Harris Park to enjoy our ice cream while taking in the view and listening to Frank Sinatra and the like.

Next we walked the loop down to Bartley Ranch and back up. And for the drive home, chatting and more Sinatra and Flying to the Moon. So incredibly awesome. Thomas commented as we were nearing the end of the loop … “I wish this would never end … ” And so it is …

Yes! Thank you, and I’ll have more please! We get to choose, we get to choose it all in this life of ours ….. And we took that first step yesterday!! Wahooo!!!! xoxoxo

thomas-and-camilla-july-2016-date-day-8-4-16-15 thomas-and-camilla-july-2016-date-day-8-4-16-14 thomas-and-camilla-july-2016-date-day-8-4-16-13 thomas-and-camilla-july-2016-date-day-8-4-16-12 thomas-and-camilla-july-2016-date-day-8-4-16-11 thomas-and-camilla-july-2016-date-day-8-4-16-10 thomas-and-camilla-july-2016-date-day-8-4-16-9 thomas-and-camilla-july-2016-date-day-8-4-16-8 thomas-and-camilla-july-2016-date-day-8-4-16-7 thomas-and-camilla-july-2016-date-day-8-4-16-6 thomas-and-camilla-july-2016-date-day-8-4-16-5 thomas-and-camilla-july-2016-date-day-8-4-16-4 thomas-and-camilla-july-2016-date-day-8-4-16-3 thomas-and-camilla-july-2016-date-day-8-4-16-2 thomas-and-camilla-july-2016-date-day-8-4-16-1thomas-and-camilla-july-date-day-8-4-16-20thomas-and-camilla-july-date-day-8-4-16-19thomas-and-camilla-july-date-day-8-4-16-18thomas-and-camilla-july-date-day-8-4-16-17thomas-and-camilla-july-date-day-8-4-16-16

Cardboard and Paper and Pencil and Halloween Movie

October 13 2016:

It was Thomas’ turn last night to choose our family activity. He chose to play the board game he made for Lillian for her birthday … A piece of cardboard, a piece of paper, and a pencil + imagination and creativity = Fun and love. xoxo



October 14 2016:

Thomas was 5 years old when he thought of this, put it together, and asked me to “film” it …. Just came across it again … Enjoy … !!! (He’s about to turn 11 years old!) xoxoxo

Wonders Of Nature by Lillian

Hey there, everyone! This post is about wonders nature can give you if you look closely. Hope this helps nature lovers and other people who want to be nature lovers or likers. Enjoy these wonders I listed below.

At Washoe Lake, Thomas, Camilla, and Lillian (which is me) found gypsum rocks. I picked a big gypsum rock to keep. Camilla had found a hand sized gypsum rock that had shimmered to catch Camilla’s attention. Camilla had said that the gypsum rock told her, “I’m yours!” and that is one wondrous thing especially if you’re a rock lover.

Also at Washoe Lake, Thomas found a piece of slate and a different mineral or rock. When we got home, he washed both and cleaned both. That is a miraculous thing to find by a lake.

At home, I found petrified wood and I was amazed by the wood turned into stone. It’s a very cool thing to have. I found out that blue goldstone and goldstone were pretty and can have healing powers.

Amethyst can look pretty and have healing powers too. Quartz is always pretty and if you look closely you can see a rainbow and it has some healing powers as well. Sandstone is our state stone and it’s amazing how sand turns into stone.

I was surprised to find out that we had hematite in our home. It’s also very pretty but it’s a natural wonder. Malachite is very pretty and almost the same as hematite.

When we were walking at Rancho San Rafael Park, we saw a hummingbird and I had never seen one before. I think hummingbirds represent nature in different ways. I also saw a blue jay that same day. I think blue jays resemble the mountains. When walking here at home, I saw a Little Egret and Egret. I think egrets represent snow and lake.

In one of our previous homes, we saw California quails. I think it was a great experience! I also think that quails represent land and sky together. Coots are amazing. I think Coots represent the night sky.

I saw a woodpecker last autumn pecking a dead tree and that was amazing. I think that woodpeckers represent dirt. I saw a hawk eating something and it attracted a crowd. I thought that was very awesome! A hawk represents fertilizer to me.

I had never seen a dove up close until 2014 to last year. I think a dove represents an angel from “heaven”. I also hadn’t seen Canadian geese up close until last summer. I think a Canadian goose represents earth.

Camilla, Thomas, and I saw two pelicans not too long ago and I think pelicans represent floppy paper. All these natural wonders remind us that natural wonders are around us all the time. Look around you and you’ll see natural natural wonders no matter where you look. I hope you visit my blog, Thomas’s blog, and Camilla’s blog.

Gorgeous Sandstone!

Peaceful and Wonderful and Wind and Leaves and Art and Clouds and Sunset

October 9 2016:

Such a peaceful and wonderful walk with Thomas this afternoon. We sat in the cool, green, shaded grass and watched a worm inch along, up and down blades of grass. These walks complete me …. Yes and thank you …. xoxo

walk-with-thomas-10-9-16-5 walk-with-thomas-10-9-16-4 walk-with-thomas-10-9-16-3 walk-with-thomas-10-9-16-2 walk-with-thomas-10-9-16-1


Mere words cannot describe how much I love this sound …. Soul love!! On the afternoon walk with Thomas today. xoxo


October 10, 2016:

It’s like the feeling when you slip into your favorite pair of comfy pants or slip into your favorite robe. That feeling. So wonderful …. Walk this morning … xoxo

walk-10-10-16-4 walk-10-10-16-3 walk-10-10-16-2 walk-10-10-16-1


October 10 2016:

On a walk this afternoon with Lillian …. I ask her, “What do you feel is the purpose of art?”

My phone ran out of storage before she got done. Last point from Lillian, “You can see art in nature, and then you can share nature with others through art.” xoxoxo


October 11 2016:

Walk with Lillian yesterday afternoon …. Cool clouds!!! xoxo

walk-with-lillian-10-10-16-4 walk-with-lillian-10-10-16-3 walk-with-lillian-10-10-16-2 walk-with-lillian-10-10-16-1


October 11 2016:

Such an amazing sunset last night. Lillian was adamant I must get outside and see it. She was right about that!! xoxo

sunset-10-10-16-4 sunset-10-10-16-3 sunset-10-10-16-2 sunset-10-10-16-1


October 11 2016:

Just can’t get enough of this beautiful tree and leaves. She posed again for me this morning. xoxo



October 12 2016:

Sunset walk with two of my favorite people. Lillian and I spotted this gorgeous bush. The birds were singing and we had a nearly full moon. Felt so good, so right. Our walks inspire me.

sunset-walk-10-12-16-4 sunset-walk-10-12-16-3 sunset-walk-10-12-16-2 sunset-walk-10-12-16-1


October 13 2016:

Walked out of the library today and this. I put everything down in my hands and looked at the magic nature creates. So amazing. Nature and photography inspire me. xoxo


Knowing the True Me

October 12 2016:


“As I visit you day by day,
the secret to life is shared with me.
Every time, a different way.
Each time we part,
I leave knowing the true me.” ~Camilla Downs