She Spread Her Wings …. And Flew – Happy 15th Birthday Lillian

September 14 2016:

So this one turns 15 at 11:27 pm tonight … We’ve been celebrating all day as hopefully we’ll be asleep by that time!

… And she spread her wings …. Took a deep breath … And, just like that …. She FLEW!!! xoxo ….

For anyone who has been following all of the amazing accomplishments Lillian has made since this past July, you truly understand my comment above. They are happening so fast I cannot even keep up with posting them here.

See this picture below .. That’s a first … Taken last night on a Team TLC adventure. Jumping in the air bunches and bunches of times while I took 771 pictures of her …

4 pounds of heaven grown into a full blown fairy angel who knows she is to be a writer and helper. She has indeed done it her way … From butt scooting instead of crawling, talking different than others, eating, drinking, walking different than others …. and on and on and on … Blessed, blessed, blessed and so grateful we chose one another to teach and learn. Happy Happy Happy 15th Birthday Lillian Darnell!!!

Today is her day. After physical therapy this morning I took her to pick out sparkly headbands, then for gluten free donuts at Haven on Earth, and then home.

After resting for a few minutes, she opened her gifts, Thomas and I sang her Happy Birthday, and then we ate way too much of the gluten free chocolate cake (with oh so yummy cream cheese frosting) that we made last night.

Then we finished the celebration with a “live” Facebook birthday party!! That was interesting and fun!!!


Taking Pictures and Jumping and Eating Grapes and Walking in the Rain

September 13 2016:

This opened my heart. So blessed and loved that we went for our after dinner walk in this spot and at this time.

All 3 of us took tons of pictures, had a ball jumping on the hill for pictures, eating grapes straight from the vine, and ended by walking in pouring down rain and strong wind!! Check out the moon on a stick!!

Thomas said he wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else. Now we are going to bake a chocolate cake and make cream cheese frosting for Lillian’s birthday cake tomorrow. We may just eat a piece tonight!


Update on Biggest Little Photographer

September 5 2016:

Isn’t this the most beautiful thing? Introducing the bar code for “Biggest Little Photographer”! We’re so happy to welcome this little guy! Another step done! YAY!!


September 9 2016:

The last piece. Library of Congress Control Number. And so it is.

We got word this morning from the local publisher/printer that they are gonna try like heck to get the book ready for us by October 8th! In any event, it should be in our hands by the end of October 2016.

Time to line up some book signings for this young man. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all for your support, encouragement, likes, loves, wows, shares, comments, and pre-purchasing!!

Yes. Thank you. And bring us more. xoxoxo


Sunset or Sunrise – Lillian

September 9 2016:

On our walk tonight Lillian answers a friends question … Which do you like better, a sunrise or sunset? Plus, she shares about a huge accomplishment she achieved today! Got a question for us? xoxo

Walk With Me Camilla – Birdsongs

September 9 2016:

Just back from a walk with my first “Walk With Me” client who is at the beginning stages of learning the art of mindfulness and letting go of many things. Our mindful walk was the perfect piece to add to the clients tool bag.

Listen to the serenade we received from the birds and what a treat with the abundance of wildlife.



Would Anyone Believe?

September 6 2016:

Thomas and Camilla August 2016 date day …. (Our date day got postponed by a few days as Thomas was sick!)

Little Washoe Lake …. “Would anyone believe that playing with sticks and walking and splashing in the water would be so fun?” -Thomas. This was an impromptu stop as we drove right by on our way home from Carson City. And it was Thomas’ idea …. Kinda. As I had just thought, we should stop by the lake. Hmmm.

The wind was blowing like crazy and I accidentally took the first two¬†pictures of the sky! My phone takes random pictures as this case doesn’t quite fit it properly. They turned out awesome!

Thomas told me he was having so much fun and was so happy we stopped. I sat in the sand and watched him a while and then he asked me to join him. And I did. Took off my shoes and walked and splashed with him.

Cost of this date = $0 / Value = Priceless xoxo

We Learn About Sagebrush and Explore the Nevada State Museum

September 6 2016:

Field trip today! We learned all about sage, the Nevada state flower, and then got to explore the museum. Haven’t been here since Thomas was a wee young one!