Amelia’s Angel Visit by Lillian Darnell


November 22 2013:

Lillian’s class participated in NaNoWriMo and she chose to write a collection of short stories. Reading her notebook brought “sweat” to my eyes … xoxo … Here’s one of them:

Amelia’s Angel Visit
Written: Lillian

Once upon a time, Amelia’s prince had died and Amelia was a poor queen but one night, Amelia had been visited by Amelia’s prince angel. He had said,

“Respect all other angels like you do with me.”

And so her father, stepmother, stepsisters, and their princes’ angels came along with Amelia’s prince angel and they had said,

“Keep your confidence and hopefully you will strengthen your courage.”

Then one night they stopped visiting and left Amelia alone because she had enough courage to be super-duper happy. To this day, she’ll tell you to keep confidence and you will soon build up courage to be super-duper happy.

**Update – December 19 2017: This is an example of the stories included in Lillian’s debut book, Where Would You Fly and Other Magical Stories. You can learn more and pre-order the book by going here … …. 

Where Would You Fly Updated Cover 9.2017

Huge Step for Lillian – Using Mindfulness

December 18 2017:

Huge step for Lillian Monday night!

I did not feel well all weekend and spent as much of Sunday as possible in bed. We needed groceries and I had planned a date day with Thomas on Monday. I woke up Monday feeling great! I did the grocery shopping, then came home to whisk Thomas off for his date.

When he and I got home, it hit me again. I could hardly move! Lillian was doing what she does when she’s not had enough interaction with me … messing with my hair and head. I could not take it as I was aching all over.

I sensed her energy beginning to shift so made sure to stay calm in letting her know I did not feel good and needed her to stop. She got very quiet and sat with her back to me; which, many times in the past meant the switch was about to flip to meltdown mode.

Instead she said she needed to tell me something. She said she needs some attention from me and hasn’t been getting enough. Hallelujah! This is huge when she can lean into the uncomfortable feelings, halt the near immediate switch to meltdown, and put into words what she needs.

I was in the middle of working on something and suggested when I got done that we could color for a few minutes in the mindfulness coloring book we had just received from a friend. So, we did that and before bed, danced to one Christmas song. I was barely moving but knew she needed this.

Must remember to celebrate this when I feel better! So incredibly grateful for our path of mindfulness and allowing and connecting with feelings! Hugs to all who celebrate this with us! xoxo

Lillian in Snow 2013 or 2014 - Fire Poppy

It Is Completed – Where Would You Fly

January 7 2018:

Just placed the first order books! Arriving January 30th at the latest. It is completed! xoxo

Matte v Glossy Where Would You Fly Book January 2018

January 8 2018:

Celebrating with gluten free chocolate macaroons. This team celebrates with what we can and however we can. It may not look like much, yet, the celebration and joy in our hearts more than make up for it.

Here’s to us! Here’s to completion! And here’s to those who support and encourage us. Here’s to everyone. All humans, animals, plant life, and Mother Earth.

Chocolate Macaroons Celebration 1.8.18

January 10 2018:

Would you like to learn more about the book? Go here … … Thank you!

Can You Brush Your Teeth


November 19 2014:

How many of you can brush your own teeth?

We have one more member of the “brush-my-own-teeth” club! At 13 years old her proprioceptive system is finally waking up along with the motor skills needed for proper brushing along with the tightness of her mouth muscles loosening some!

Go Lillian Go! Thank you Matt at Advanced Pediatric Therapies!! This calls for some happy dancing … xoxo

Issues Addressed and Glossy versus Matte – Where Would You Fly Book

December 31 2017:

Issues addressed! Another proof book on its way! This time with gloss cover for comparison to the matte cover. xoxo

January 2 2018:

Look what we got! Time to start addressing envelopes!! So far, three Where Would You Fly beauties are flying internationally to Australia!! Thank you to our Aussie friends!!! xoxo

Bubble Mailers 1.2.18

January 5 2017:

Matte vs Glossy …… I like matte. Thomas prefers glossy. Lillian Darnell likes glossy. It’s her book! Glossy it is!!

Placing our first order tonight or tomorrow. Just waiting for one wee little change to the cover. Changing font color to white on the spine so it stands out when on the shelf amongst other book lovelies!

Let us know if you want in on the first order! Incredible gratitude to all!!!

Matte v Glossy Where Would You Fly Book January 2018

If you would like to learn more about the book or place an order, go here … …. Thank you to everyone for your support and kindness!

The Sky is the Seagulls Ocean

December 15 2017:

“The sky is the seagulls ocean.” – shared by Lillian Darnell on our date yesterday.

Look what we got to pick up today!!! Bookmarks with Lillian’s artwork! The special something that those who pre-ordered before 12.1.17 will receive.

Thank you Toni Ponce Quiruz at Digiprint!!! We are incredibly grateful!!!xoxo

Where Would You Fly Boomarks 12.15.17

If you would like to learn more about Lillian’s book or pre-order a book, go here … … 

Another Small Step to Independence – Lillian Darnell

December 9 2017:

One more task I have been relieved of helping with. It seems so small and trivial, yet, Lillian feels she must have a dab of peppermint oil rubbed under her nose before going to bed.

There have been many times I was incredibly tired and ready for bed long before she got to this step. Doing her routine and all the steps in order is vital to Lillian …. in her mind and way of thinking.

This was the last task I was helping with that kept me from going to bed when my body and mind were ready. Best, Best, Best Christmas present Ever!!

For about the past 6 months, on the 3rd of every month, Lillian chooses one task to take over that I’ve still been helping with. I was firm that for December, this was it!!! HA!!! Hallelujah ….

Lillian's Post About Essential Oil 12.9.17

Proofing the Proof Book – Done – Where Would You Fly

December 27 2017:

Just finished the checklist and review for the proof! There are two handfuls of minor issues to address. Once addressed, we are done!! xoxo

Proofing Where Would You Fly Book 12.27.17

Just seeing her writings in book form is a success for me. What a process creating a book is when doing it all oneself (except for the hard work our angel book designer has put into it)! I really enjoy the creation process and can’t wait to get that first shipment!!


Our goal is to pre-sell 50 books. We’ve sold 40! Almost there! If you’d like to learn more about the book, go here … … Oceans of gratitude!

Proof Book Has Arrived – Where Would You Fly

December 22 2017:

Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!!! Look what just got delivered!!!!

Lillian with Proof Book Where Would You Fly 12.22.17

Camilla and Lillian with Where Would You Fly Book 12.22.17

Another from Friday …. Squeal!!! I’m reviewing, reviewing, reviewing like crazy! xoxo

Lillian with Proof Book Where Would You Fly 12.22.17 #2

I’ve been working hard at combing through the proof book to make sure all items that need to be addressed are spotted! This is THE final stretch!! Thank you to those who have pre-ordered 44 books to date! If you would like to learn more about the book go here …. …. 

The Best Reader in the World


November 6 2013:

A couple of weeks ago Lillian asked if she could email authors of books she’s reading. I told her, “Sure” …. And she did just that. I didn’t know until I saw the return email of two of the authors as I monitor her email.

I emailed them both back to thank them for responding to her and Chris Grabenstein emailed me back and asked for our address so he could mail a signed book! It came in today’s mail. Thank you tons and tons Chris for your enthusiasm and spreading kindness!

Lillian with Chris Grabenstein Book 11.2013 #1 Lillian with Chris Grabenstein Book 11.2013 #2