Cold Sunset Walk With a Bunny and Horses

March 28 2019:

Thomas and I went for a sunset walk after dinner. Wow! That was cold! I see a bunny in the sky!

Lillian left this afternoon for a 3 day weekend with The Romano Duo. Yay!!! I am deeply tired and looking forward to 3 nights of uninterrupted sleep. I love you lots Lillian …. but I gots to get some sleep!!!

March 29 2019:

On the hour long walk this morning I passed by a few wild horses just strolling down the trail. I told them they were beautiful as I walked by, stopped for a millisecond to take their photo, and thanked them. Beautiful beings.

Blossoms, bees, sunshine, blue skies, wild horses, and an abundance of bird song. It was an amazing and magical hour long walk today.

The Grace of Icicles and Trees and Sun and Soft Untouched Snow

February 5 2019:

“When you walk in the mist, you get wet.” – Zen Master Dogen …

Graceful icicles today as the snow melted. Along with the amazing sun. 💦☀️

February 6 2019:

Today was library volunteer day. Lillian and I couldn’t resist the lil garden behind the library. Wonderful, untouched, soft, fluffy snow! Along with a beautiful blue sky and gorgeous trees. That and some deep belly laughs = Ahhhhhh!!!

February 8 2019:

Love the way the trees frame the sun … from a walk yesterday.

February 9 2019:

… from the hour long walk yesterday. It was perfect timing to have this walk, then write about walking, and what it means for me.

Since the first week of January I’ve submitted seven writings of either a trio of poems or an essay style writing. We shall see if any are accepted or chosen. If not chosen, at least I’m creating new material for my blog and next book!

Heart in the Clouds and Frosty Nature Art Show

January 21 2019:

I saw many heart shapes on today’s 5 mile walk. Yet, this little beauty hiding in the clouds shared a lovely message and caused my heart to tingle. 💙💙💙

Bold and cold 5 mile walk yesterday. Such contrast in the sky. 💙💙💙

January 22 2019:

A walk with Thomas last Friday …. 💜💜💜

January 22 2019:

Frosty cold walk this morning … My face nearly froze! The nature art show made it worth it though … 💛💙💛💙

Amazing nature art show this morning. It looks like the trees are cradling the sun. And the sun looks as if it’s smeared into the clouds. Beautiful! 🌲☀️🌤💚💛

I sure hope you enjoy the nature photographs I share here! If you are moved and inspired to do so, I’d be deeply grateful if you’d like to “Buy Me a Coffee” ….. – Camilla

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The Path of the Heart by Camilla Downs

November 17 2018:

The Path of the Heart

The path back home
seems littered with
suffering and struggle.

What is this insane
ability to cause
one self such suffering?

Suffering by way of the
thoughts that dart
here and there,
at times stabbing
the soul as if they
were a cold, sharp knife.

When one golden day
the tides of change
bring ….

Poetry and Photography: The Path of the Heart

Wonderful and Love and Nature and Amazing and Breathtaking and Grateful and Clouds and Colors and Reflections and Gorgeous and Orbs

October 21 2018:

Wonderful walk this afternoon. I’ve come such a long way in living a heart centered life aligned with my beliefs, not being concerned with what that looks like to others, nor whether others approve.

Yet, when the “disapproval” is from the ones I’ve been blessed to call my kids; I’ve still got some work to do. Big ole trigger. Went for a walk so I could be with that sucky trigger, feeling it, and loving it. Deeply grateful for love and Nature. 💚🍁🧡💙🌏💙🧡🍁💚

October 23 2018:

Amazing sky to match the breathtaking colors on today’s walk. Deeply grateful for the internal alchemy nature facilitates. Love, love, love … 🍁🧡

October 24 2018:

Today’s hour long walk was about clouds, colors, and reflections. Ahhhh …. Deep gratitude … 💙💙💙

October 25 2018:

Walk with Thomas this afternoon. Gorgeous nature and beautiful Thomas. I love them both so very much. 🍁💛💛💛

And, check out the orbs on the last picture. WOW! Oh my gosh! I just noticed the 4 orbs climbing Mt. Rose! I have never seen orbs like that!!

Water Dance by Camilla Downs

August 12 2018:

Water Dance

As the suns reflection
Becomes a dancer
Of the water,
She takes by the hand
the one who walks.

She whispers sweet reminders,
To the walkers heart.

She dances elegantly.
She dances of love and grace.
She dances unknown ….

Poetry and Photography: Water Dance

Calm and Smooth and Peace and Incredible Stillness and Refreshing Breeze

July 9 2018:

Today’s morning walk brought the message of calm, smooth, peace, and just BEing with what is.

Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 7.9.18 #1 Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 7.9.18 #2 Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 7.9.18 #3 Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 7.9.18 #4

July 10 2018:

Sunset walk with a Thomas last night. Incredible stillness. Incredible clouds. Incredible Nature.

July 12 2018:

Sunset walk with Lillian last night. A refreshing breeze invited us to linger just a bit longer. I love you Mother Nature.

Awakens and Amazing and Magnify and Instant Calm and Beauty

May 20 2018:

There’s really not much I truly know. Yet. This. I do know. Nature awakens the Knowing of my Heart. xoxo

Not much I truly know Sunset Photo Vintage Lake 5.20.18

May 20 2018:

Team TLC walk this afternoon. Lillian heads to Surprise, Arizona later this week with The Romano Duo so we made sure to have a walk with the whole team before she leaves. And look at the amazing cloud show we got to see!!

Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #1 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #2 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #3 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #4 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #5 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #6 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #7 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #8 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #9 Team TLC Walk Vintage lake 5.20.18 #10

May 21 2018:

….. from a walk this morning …. Nature. Magnified. Take pause. Zoom out and See the Whole. Simply beautiful. xoxo

Goose Feather with Water Droplets Poem 5.23.18 Water Droplets Goose Feather Vintage Lake 5.21.18 #2

May 23 2018:

Brings instant calm. The shoulders and jaw relax. The neck releases. And, if one chooses, whatever it is, can be released and let go.

Instant Calm Walk Vintage lake 5.23.18

May 25 2018:

Beauty amongst the pins and needles.

Pins and Needles Tree 5.25.18

Walking and Sitting

April 12 2018:

It’s been an afternoon of phone calls … Ingram Books, Createspace, and scheduling appointments for Lillian. Thankfully I went for a walk this morning and sat for a bit by the water. Ahhhhhh ….. (photo of where I sat)

Nearing completion of changes that need to be made so Lillian can have a book signing at the Reno Barnes & Noble and they can have them for sale there too! One form to fill out and email and then we wait for the change to process.

YAY for progress!!! xoxo

Am I alone in NOT liking to use the phone? Not sure what it is, yet, I will try all other non-phone communication methods before using the phone!

Solo Walk Vintage Lake 4.12.18

Feel the Joy by Camilla Downs

Joy, Oh What a Feeling
You effortlessly glide my way
Gently wrapping your wings of love
around me as I become dizzy with
your tingling embrace.

Joy says, “Write about me too!”
I am as important to feel
and be with as are the
unlovely feelings and emotions.

Feel me, physically feel me
Let yourself know that
you are worthy of the lovely
feelings too.

Feel me. Try not to cling
to me. I shall always …. Visit the below link to read further …

Poetry and Photography: Feel the Joy