Isolation and Loneliness and Beauty and Confidence

November 21 2017:

Solo walk on this cloudy and cool morning.

This beauty caught my eye. Hanging out all alone while the other leaves are off playing in the distance.

On the one hand it displays beauty and confidence … and on the other, isolation and loneliness.

Speaks and mirrors how I have felt recently. Nature is so amazing. Nature also presented a beautiful heart shape too, yet I wanted this to have its own post. xoxoxo

Solo Walk and Solo Leaf 11.21.17

Leaf Soup and Leaf Salt and a Near Leafcastraphe


November 5 2013:

I had leaves stuck all over in my hair! Beautiful Thomas entertaining himself (and me) waiting on Lillian to get done with her therapies. He made leaf soup, leaf salt and avoided a near leafcastraphe! I LOVE this beautiful and awesome life!!! xoxoThomas and Leaves 11.5.13 #3Thomas and Leaves 11.5.13 #1Thomas and Leaves 11.5.13 #2

A Drive Down Memory Lane by Camilla Downs

A Drive Down Memory Lane

Why did the beautiful and fun
memories hurt so badly
Why did her chest feel
heavy and her stomach in knots

The place where she and
her children had spent
seven years of their lives.

The place where her son
spent his young life
from one year old
through eight years old.

Driving past the many sidewalks
and trail where she had taken
walks alone, walks with
just her son, and walks
together as a family.

Driving past the home
her parents had lived in,
the home she and her kids had lived in,
the second home her parents had lived.

Remembering ….. Continue Reading Here …

Poetry: A Drive Down Memory Lane

Lead the Way by Camilla Downs

Musk Thistle #1

“Lead the Way”

I know not what I am doing.

This requires more than
self-confidence could ever provide.

This beckons a confidence not of my self.

A confidence ruled by the force
that causes the musk thistle do what it does.
Sprout, grow, bloom, wither, blow
with the wind, and re-seed.

The force that holds the stars
in the sky and the same force
that grew two beings in my womb.

This beckons a …

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Poetry: Lead the Way

Tree Buddy and Dancing Sun Sparkles and Wind and Nature’s Grace

September 30 2017:

Solo walk this afternoon. Sat with my tree buddy for a good long while watching the sun sparkles dance on the lake ripples (video attached).

Then back to walking to take in the beautiful fall leaves, the sound of the leaves as the wind blew through them, the sound of the geese munching on grass, and the grace of nature.

Ended the walk by sitting on a big rock, feeling the breeze, soaking in the sun, overlooking the lake, and chatting with a complete stranger like we’d known one another for years. What a wonderful walk. xoxo

Solo Walk Camilla Vintage Lake 9.30.17 #1 Solo Walk Camilla Vintage Lake 9.30.17 #2 Solo Walk Camilla Vintage Lake 9.30.17 #3 Solo Walk Camilla Vintage Lake 9.30.17 #4

Sunset Walk and Beautiful and Blessed

September 18 2017:

Sunset walk with Thomas. Lillian is still recovering from the fall she took on Friday. The cool down has begun.

Sunset Walk with Thomas 9.18.17 #1 Sunset Walk with Thomas 9.18.17 #2 Sunset Walk with Thomas 9.18.17 #3

September 20 2017:

Such an incredibly beautiful sky this afternoon. I received a special treat from a beautiful friend and this is the amazing sky that blessed me as I left her place and headed to volunteering at the library. Thank you Kathy!!!!

Audrey Harris Park Sky and Tree 9.20.17