One Month of Volunteering at South Valleys Library

October 12 2017:

It’s been a month for Lillian and I volunteering at South Valleys Library – every Wednesday for 2 hours. She is getting more and more comfortable.

Yesterday I had her push the cart and she re-shelved a few books without my help. Go Lillian Darnell Go!!

Damonte Ranch Walk 9.13.16 #4 Damonte Ranch Walk 9.13.16 #5

Last Craniosacral Session for Lillian and Library Volunteering

September 11 2017:

Lillian’s last craniosacral session since Anthem Blue Cross has decided these sessions are not helping her so they will no longer pay. We so much appreciate Christine! Lillian has been seeing her for 3 years now.

Aren’t we blessed that people who know nothing about chromosome deletions and nothing about the intricacies of pain levels that are sometimes better and sometimes worse are so knowledgable about what’s best for us?

We have not given up. We’ll try starting sessions again in 2018 after she’s had three months without them. Beautiful hibiscus to send us off ….xoxoxo

Lillian Last Cranio Appointment 9.11.17 #1 Lillian Last Cranio Appointment 9.11.17 #2 Lillian Last Cranio Appointment 9.11.17 #3

September 13 2017:

Second time volunteering at the library …. and Lillian’s last day as a fifteen year old! This time we pulled holds for two hours. Found all but three of them. Good job us!!

Camilla and Lillian Volunteering at Library Day #2 9.13.17 #1  Camilla and Lillian Volunteering at Library Day #2 9.13.17 #3

Camilla and Lillian Volunteering at Library Day #2 9.13.17 #2

Volunteering at the Library and Humane Society

September 7 2017:

First day volunteering at our home away from home! Thomas took a picture as we were leaving and we had Mary take a picture of us with our official badges!

Our library tour was easy since we already know everyone there and we already know the library layout having been going two or three times per month for the past ten years.

Lillian enjoyed getting to see behind the counter where the books are returned and where all the behind the scenes action takes place. We will be there every Wednesday from 2-4.

I may be a tad more excited than Lillian! Ha!!! I am truly inspired by the written word. xoxoxo

Lillian and Camilla 1st Day Volunteering at the Library 9.7.18 #1 Lillian and Camilla 1st Day Volunteering at the Library 9.7.18 #2

Thomas’ turn now! He wants to volunteer at the Nevada Humane Society working with cats and small animals. Orientation set for October 1st! He’s very excited!

Here’s a picture of Cinamon who was with me for 18 years (from the time she was a wee tiny one). Thomas got to have about five years with her before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2010. xoxoxo

Nevada Humane Society Confirmation for Orientation 2017 Cinamon

Lunch with Old Friends and Sibshops and Books and Fingerprints and Letting Go

July 23 2017:

It was so amazing to see you face to face once again Kimberly Phipps-Nichol!! I’m so thrilled to have met Nguyen Tom Griggs also!!! You two leave me speechless. Blessed and grateful to infinity and beyond!! I love you!!!

And, yay, for seeing friends I had not seen in years! Wow!!! Great to see and chat with Glenna E Smith, Cheri Hill, Donna Holland, Johanna McClain, and  Simantel!!!

Thanks everyone for a wonderful afternoon!! xoxoxo …

Camilla and Kimberly 7.23.17

Lunch with Kimberly and Friends 7.23.17

July 26 2017:

Thomas had a great Sibshop event earlier today!! Thank you Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada (DSNNN) and JUSTin HOPE Foundation!! He always has the BEST time at these events.

Plus, finally got a picture of Biggest Little Photographer for sale in the Visitor Center! xoxoxo

Sibshops Thomas 7.26.17 #1 Sibshops Thomas 7.26.17 #2 Sibshops Thomas 7.26.17 #3 Sibshops Thomas 7.26.17 #4

July 27 2017:

Finally got all the books packed! One doesn’t really know how many books one has until it’s time to pack them! YAY me! I’m getting rid of about 30 books! Thomas found about 5 to pass on. Lillian, well, it’s Lillian. She wants to keep everything. Onward! xoxoxo

July 28 2017:

Fingerprints done and turned in to Washoe County Library Administration so that Lillian and I can volunteer at South Valleys Library. That was the last step.

Took Thomas along for a mini field trip to the Sheriff’s office (for my fingerprints). Extremely kind people doing the fingerprinting!! He asked about 544 questions and she answered them all!!

Fingerprints to Library 7.28.17

Oh my gosh!!! She said “Yes”. Lillian has said “yes” to getting rid of something. She wanted a picture so as to remember it. This hasn’t been used in many years. We need to have a celebration!!! I am so happy when I get to pass something on instead of packing it. xoxoxo

Purple Etch a Sketch Lillian 7.28.17