Twenty Years of Walking – Camilla on The Creator’s Roulette

September 22 2020

Thank you for such a beautiful post, Kriti! I deeply appreciate you having me as a guest on The Creator’s Roulette series!

Philosophy of Walking … Twenty years ago I began going for walks. The walks blossomed into a walking practice, teamed with other practices, leading to blogging, writing poetry, and having four books published.

Just as a cool glass of water slakes my thirst on a scorching hot day, going for walks quenches the thirst of my soul and heart to know my true self, to heal, to release, to allow joy, and to be at peace. Walking guides me in the loving way to process life, to fulfill life, and to let life be …..

Camilla Downs – On Walking and Inspiration

A Dedication to Mary Armstrong – We Are Family

On Thursday, September 10, 2020, I received two facebook messages from cousins letting me know that she had passed away an hour and a half earlier. Although I have not been home (the Jackson, Mississippi area) since 2005, I have fond, fun, heart warming memories of Aunt Mary during my childhood, teenage years, and early adult years.

I have been on and off sad and letting the tears flow since finding out, thinking of those memories, and also thinking of my own mortality and that of my mom, dad, and Frank.

I felt moved to write about my feelings and these memories, wanting to also get them outside of my mind while they are still clear and crisp, and as a dedication to my Aunt Mary. If any of my cousins, aunts or uncles, or my mom or dad have anything to add to this, I would love for you to share.

(This is from one of the last visits I made … Summer of 2002 – taken in New Orleans at my dad’s house, from left to right: Robert Downs (my dad), Aunt Mary, Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Millard – Siblings)

There was the home made macaroni and cheese she made for all the holiday gatherings. I loved her mac n cheese, the creaminess of it, with the cheese browned perfectly on top. We had very large family gatherings for holidays when I was growing up, with so much food I cannot even remember it all. Six or more  ….

We Are Family – A Dedication to Mary Armstrong

Gorgeous Cool Breeze With a Bat Pose While Nature is Magnificent

September 5 2020

Gorgeous walk yesterday morning.

September 8 2020

It finally cleared enough for a walk. Lillian’s choice: Our old neighborhood, with a refreshing cool breeze. Bonus: We got to see a cormorant in bat pose! Cormorants and pelicans are two of my favorites.

September 9 2020

I am good tired this afternoon. A swim this morning and then a lovely hike to Tamarack Lake with beautiful people. Thank you Fran, Melinda, and Barbara. And to the four legged fur friends you brought along …. Stella, Hank and Boo. Deeply grateful for being invited with you ladies. Nature’s beauty is magnificent.

Push It with a Side of Super Freak

September 8 2020

When you can’t go for morning walks due to the poor air quality, from the smoke due to the California fires; you have morning dance parties.

I was thrown back into my 80’s body with the help of Salt n Pepper’s Push It, followed by Rick James’s Super Freak … That was fun! The 80’s and 90’s Camilla could certainly bust some serious moves!

Photo of a 2 year old Camilla getting some fine looking clothes for Christmas. I don’t remember, but I think that Camilla liked dancing, too!

Push It:

Super Freak:

Change – It Is Time

August 22 2020

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I would post an update with changes to where I focus my time.

In regards to, I will be posting less frequently. I absolutely love offering this venue to authors, and will continue to do so. I very much enjoy meeting authors and book bloggers around the globe. It’s deeply satisfying.

I had been posting two interviews a week, with either a Book Shelf, Meet the Book Blogger, or Friday with Friends post also. I’m taking it down to one interview per week, one Friday with Friends per month, one Meet the Book Blogger per month (or less if no book bloggers have returned responses to questions), with Book Shelf posts sporadically.

I’m notching down the amount of time spent on ….

Latest News: Time for a Change

Stay at Home Vacation – The Second Week

August 15 2020

I took a break from blogging and social media for two weeks, July 26, 2020 – August 9, 2020.

I was moved to share my thoughts and what happened for me during the first week (posted previously).
The second week went much smoother (August 2 – August 9, 2020). After taking the time to write about my experiences with the previous post, I was able to go with the flow better.

I began the week by giving Lillian a haircut. Thanks to our friend and hairdresser, Kathy, for finding the best “how to” video for me and for giving me tips. I think I did a good job as there was no meltdown afterwards and Lillian seemed happy with it, and still does.

I received a book that …..

The Second Week – Stay at Home Vacation and Social Media Break

Sincere and Sensitive Ode to Life – Words of Alchemy

August 9 2020

Thank you to the miramichi reader for publishing Bill’s glowing review of Words of Alchemy! Deeply appreciated!

“Camilla Downs is a powerhouse – a one-person publishing house, selfless promoter of fellow authors, bestseller, blogger, photographer, and mom – the order of which is not prioritized. I met Camilla through online authors’ networks. We swapped books, as you do. And I immediately fell for her story – relatable, inspiring – facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, and being a role model. In other words, a good person. A person who, among other things, fuels her creativity and capacity to give by immersing herself into landscapes – communing with the outdoors, shooting photos, and writing about all of it.

Words of Alchemy is her compilation of free verse poetry touching on these issues – a sincere and sensitive ode to life and to nature. Divided into alchemical sections – experience, perspective, lessons and growth – we take a seat next to our author for the Alchemy of Healing.

In Words of Alchemy, author Camilla Downs relays her story – powerfully personal and enlightening. Her words reflect a recognition of challenges and rewards, the natural world she is mindfully part of, consciously present, and admirably, ensuring she shares it with all of us.” – Bill Arnott

Go here to read the full review …

Words of Alchemy by Camilla Downs