Thankful for Robert F Downs Jr


November 12 2012:

Grateful that Robert F Downs, Jr is my Daddy … Blessed for all the family that came along with being born into his family and all the FUN times we had growing up. He doesn’t hesitate to give me his opinion, but knows I’m gonna do what I think is best. He’s really been there for me over these past 5 years and I’m thankful beyond words for that!!


Daddy Collage 11.12.12

**Update December 2017 – 

And … especially over this past year (2016-2017) … If not for him and The Romano Duo; Team TLC would be living in Rosey, our faithful car … He is the reason Team TLC has been able to attend the C18 conference the past 3 years …. We are so grateful!! xoxo
This 2012 post may make it seem that we have a really close relationship. We actually don’t. Yet, I know that he has always done the best he can with where he’s at in his own journey. He loves the best he knows how to ….

Cheers to Good Health and Well Being and Gratitude and Art Fortune

December 25 2016:

Cheers from Team TLC and The Romano Duo!

We toasted to good health and well being. I’ve been incredibly sick since last Monday and not the best host. Grateful to The Romano Duo for their understanding.

Lillian is having her sleepover with them tonight! May the force be with them!!! xoxo 🙏💤



December 26 2016:

Lillian says, “I don’t like it when their visits end. They seem too fast. I had a lot of fun with them and I always do”! Thomas says, “Seemed so short and don’t like it when their visits end.”

Today was their last day here …. and my first day to come out of the house since they’ve been here! So we could at least have a picture of all of us. This sickness has been kicking my booty!!



December 27 2016:

They left early this morning … Safe travels Romano Duo. Til next time!!!

Got a good shot of the sweater Thomas loves. Going on the 3rd day straight wearing it! xoxo

Lillian says, “I don’t like it when their visits end. They seem too fast. I had a lot of fun with them and I always do”! Thomas says, “Seemed so short and don’t like it when their visits end.”



December 30 2016:

Oceans of gratitude to you Kathy Montoya Duncan for giving me a really good trim. I am grateful for this thick hair, yet it can get pretty heavy feeling being as long as it was. And, deeply grateful for trading my book for the cut!!! Blessings and love abound to you!!!



December 31 2016:

My art fortune from Pan received earlier this month. Things got crazy busy with Biggest Little Photographer and this got buried in papers. Just came across it again.

I had just met Pan minutes earlier. He did not know the ideas that come to me daily nor that walking is so deeply intertwined with who I be.

Win the day, I have to say, forthcoming, will be the way. …… Walk With Me and Lessons from Nature ….. I AM Ready .… xoxo



Sacred Round Dance and Happy and Business Fair

September 25 2016:

Thomas and I got to hang out at the beautiful OdaBe today, and learn about, and participate in a traditional round dance. So beautiful. And much love and peace. Thank you Denise Sheehan … Thank you …!!! 💙💚💙

thomas-and-camilla-at-odabe-round-dance-9-25-16-9 thomas-and-camilla-at-odabe-round-dance-9-25-16-8 thomas-and-camilla-at-odabe-round-dance-9-25-16-7 thomas-and-camilla-at-odabe-round-dance-9-25-16-6 thomas-and-camilla-at-odabe-round-dance-9-25-16-5 thomas-and-camilla-at-odabe-round-dance-9-25-16-4 thomas-and-camilla-at-odabe-round-dance-9-25-16-3 thomas-and-camilla-at-odabe-round-dance-9-25-16-2 thomas-and-camilla-at-odabe-round-dance-9-25-16-1


September 27 2016:

Thomas and I got to take Happy to the vet today. We got this waiting room stuff figured out.

happy-to-vet-9-27-16-2 happy-to-vet-9-27-16-1


September 28 2016:

Come see Team TLC on October the 8th for the 1st Annual Children’s Business Fair!!

Thomas will have his book, Biggest Little Photographer, for sale as well as painted rocks, and Love Cards for sharing Random Acts of Love created using a bookmark he designed.

Lillian will have prints of her Egyptian Eye abstract art, one of her newly designed abstract art pieces, and handmade bookmarks!

I’ll be handing out free hugs and smiles and helping Thomas and Lillian!

Come join us, support budding entrepreneurs, and perhaps do some early holiday shopping!! xoxoxoxo

egyptian-eye-4-29-15 ishot-99 love-back-of-card-july-2015 front-side-of-random-act-of-love-card-1