Thank You Angels and Living Life and No Television and Magpie

August 28 2016:

Sunset walk with Thomas tonight. I finished. I did it! Our part of the book is all but finished. It’s with an editor now and we will simply be adding quotes Thomas chose and then it’s off! 188 pictures and 19 categories. Finished at 2:44 … Now that’s amazing. Thank you angels! Wahoo!!! I did it!!

walk-with-thomas-8-28-16-1 walk-with-thomas-8-28-16-2 walk-with-thomas-8-28-16-3 walk-with-thomas-8-28-16-4 walk-with-thomas-8-28-16-5

On our sunset walk last night, I asked Thomas his thoughts about our “living in a tiny home” adventures. Thomas’ personality really shines in this one!!


August 29 2016:

Morning walk. I don’t know what it is about these beautiful and graceful creatures that brings such joy to my heart. What a gift this morning! Four cormorants drying together and one in the famous bat pose. So inspiring. xoxo



August 30, 2016:

Sunset walk for all three of us last night. The sky, clouds, and sun put on an amazing show.

And Wahooo!!! Just sent everything to the local book publisher who is working with us to get Thomas’ book published! It is done! It is done! Hallelujah! You can still pre-order too!! Oceans and oceans of gratitude to those who have pre-ordered, shared, liked, and commented. xoxo

sunset-walk-8-29-16-1 sunset-walk-8-29-16-2 sunset-walk-8-29-16-3 sunset-walk-8-29-16-4 sunset-walk-8-29-16-5


August 31 2016:

Lillian and I very much enjoyed our walk last night. This time she shares her thoughts about life without television. Kinda goes long as we had some worries about passing dogs! Would you like a question answered by Lillian and Thomas? Let us know. xoxo


September 2 2016:

Lillian and I found a really cool spot to sit Tuesday night on our walk. So peaceful and quiet. I just love going for walks with her, soaking it in, and taking pictures to capture the view. xoxo

sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-30-16-1 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-30-16-2 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-30-16-3


September 3 2016:

Beautiful black-billed magpie caught my ears yesterday. Such a pretty call they have. Made me look up … And glad I did!!! xoxo …. Go here to hear the call if you’d like ……/Black-billed_Magpie/sounds


Rights My World and Swimming and Variety and Sadness

August 7 2016:

Drastically rights my world …. Going for a walk with Thomas and Lillian and taking pictures. So incredibly grateful for it all. xoxo

team-tlc-walk-8-7-16-5 team-tlc-walk-8-7-16-4 team-tlc-walk-8-7-16-3 team-tlc-walk-8-7-16-2 team-tlc-walk-8-7-16-1


August 8 2016:

First day of 5th grade for Thomas and 10th grade for Lillian. Field trip to Bowers Mansion park and pool after a morning of working. Thank you to Northern Nevada Home Schools, Inc. for organizing this. We had so much fun!!!!

bowers-mansion-8-8-16-10 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-9 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-8 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-7 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-6 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-5 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-4 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-3 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-2 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-1


August 9 2016:

Walk with Thomas last night. It was an incredibly beautiful sunset and quiet, peaceful walk. Thomas loved how the holes he made filled so quickly with water. This time around we discussed the stock market and day trading. I love the variety of topics we discuss.

Today he had this to say, “It’s fun to buy things with your own money. It even feels different when you’re holding what you buy afterwards.” He bought himself a pizza for dinner … With his own money.

And he had this to say, “I’m glad I’m not an adult with seeing how sad you are today.” Yes. Sometimes I find it difficult to practice what’s in my heart. I’ve been in pain all day from a tweaked muscle or nerve in my upper left back/shoulder … And I had so much I needed to work on today. It’s been a very low day of wallowing in anxiety and fear and being in pain.

I’m blessed these two amazing young people use these low times to remind me of different perspectives at just the right moments.

walk-with-thomas-8-9-16-4 walk-with-thomas-8-9-16-3 walk-with-thomas-8-9-16-2 walk-with-thomas-8-9-16-1


August 10 2016:

This was our view while Lillian was in physical therapy this morning. xoxo