Vegan Open Faced Sloppy Joe and Mango Shadow and Open Faced Veggie Burger and Tomato Salad

April 16 2018:

Oh yum!!! Vegan open faced sloppy joe. This was incredibly good!

Crumbled falafel “meatballs” with sautéed sweet onions, cauliflower, green beans, sweet corn, petite green peas, tomato sauce, and veggie broth spooned in heaps on a piece of toast and sprinkled with arugula.

I didn’t set out to make this. It wasn’t until I was finished cooking and sat down to the eat that I realized what I had created! Yum!!!

Vegan Sloppy Joe 4.16.18

April 17 2018:

Well. That made for an interesting shadow!!

Mango Shadow 4.16.18 #1

A halfway eaten mango!!

Mango Shadow 4.16.18 #2

April 19 2018:

Open faced veggie burger piled high with sweet onion, tomato, and arugula with a side of baked potato medallions! That was good!!

Open faced veggie burger 4.19.18

April 21 2018:

I mean. Look at this cute wee cherry tomato salad with sweet onions, Holland Enjoya peppers, and piled high with arugula. Topped with sea salt and black pepper. Yum!! xoxo

Tomato Salad 4.21.18

Solo Dance Party and Soul Book and Fuji Apple and Veggie Chili and Peace and Love

January 7 2018:

Just finished a solo dance party …. The Bee Gees, K.C. & The Sunshine Band, Chic, and Lipps Inc …. Felt so good!


Ending the day with a food-for-the-soul book and a juicy, crisp Fuji apple. xoxo

Book and Apple 1.7.18

January 8 2018:

Veggie Chili tonight …. from beginning to end. So beautiful. And delicious with a piece of sour dough garlic bread! Mmmmmmm ….. xoxo

Veggie Chili 1.8.18 #1 Veggie Chili 1.8.18 #2 Veggie Chili 1.8.18 #3 Veggie Chili 1.8.18 #4

January 9 2018:

Peace. And. Love. And arts and crafts with Lillian.

Peace and Love Arts & Crafts with Lillian 1.9.18

January 10 2018:

The stuffed little vegan chili burger that could ………..
……. fall apart with the first bite!!!! So, so yummy!!!

Foodies artichoke burger, sautéed sweet onions and mushrooms, Roma tomato, mustard, ketchup, sea salt, black pepper, sweet & hot jalapeños, a dollop of my veggie chili, and romaine lettuce …. all snug inside of two slices of garlic sour dough bread with a cute lil kosher dill pickle.

I knew there was a reason I chose a bowl instead of a plate. Ha!!!

Veggie Chili Burger 1.10.18

Lillian and Thomas are not vegetarian. I made a cheese, mushroom, and onion quiche for Thomas (which I haven’t made in years and years). I mostly don’t eat eggs so he gets it all to himself!

Thomas moans and groans about me being vegetarian leaning towards vegan; yet, he will scarf down that yummy vegetarian goodness!! Steals my food all the time! I prefer to let them make their own choice about becoming vegetarian. I am at about a year and a half of being vegetarian.

January 11 2018:

It may look odd, yet it’s one of my favorite dessert type treats. Frozen wild blueberries in almond milk. Some of the milk freezes into blueberry milk ice chunks. I let it sit for 5-10 minutes before devouring! Yum!!

Wild Blueberry Almond Milk 1.11.18