More Magical Icicle Fairyland

February 19 2019:

I just can’t help it. Magical icicle fairyland.

It’s like they won’t leave me alone …. until I go photograph them! I’m sure I look quite mad squeezing between huge columns and air conditioner units and squatting to get them from underneath! Bwahahaha ……

February 22 2019:

One last time before they melt …

Rushing Water and Winter Wonderland

January 4 2017:

From the Thomas n Camilla December 2016 Date Day on Monday. I love this sound. Yet, I also love the silence and quiet of the snow covered wood upon departing the rushing water. Such beauty in contrast. xoxo


January 5 2017:

Winter Wonderland walk this morning. Icicles are incredibly beautiful!! I took about 20 pictures of them!! Loved seeing the ducks all huddled together snacking on cracked corn. They make the sweetest sounds when eating.

winter-wonderland-walk-1-5-17-1 winter-wonderland-walk-1-5-17-2 winter-wonderland-walk-1-5-17-3 winter-wonderland-walk-1-5-17-4 winter-wonderland-walk-1-5-17-5


January 6 2017:

Thomas and Lillian in the Winter Wonderland! xoxo

Winter Wonderland 1.6.17 #1 Winter Wonderland 1.6.17 #2 Winter Wonderland 1.6.17 #3 Winter Wonderland 1.6.17 #4 Winter Wonderland 1.6.17 #5


January 7 2017:

Sweet Lovey wasn’t as excited about the snow as we’ve been!!! Quickly took her picture and got her back inside. She says, “Too cold!” xoxo

Lovey in the snow 1.7.17