Whisperings by Camilla Downs

“Whisperings of the Heart”

The heart whispers secrets
Try not to hear it you do.

Continuing to be in this life’s game
Following the rules, filling out the papers,
conforming to the this-is-the-way-it’s-done norms.
Too busy for interruption
to hear the gentle whisperings of the heart.

Yet, the whisperings never quiet fully.
They are there.
The whisperings are ever delivered
with love and gentleness.

The whisperings of the heart judge not.
The whisperings of the heart
are …..

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Poetry and Photography: Whisperings of the Heart


More Than Simply a Haircut

September 21 2017:

On Monday I had a STRONG feeling I needed to get a hair cut. I messaged a friend hairstylist and asked if she had any openings this week as my hair felt “heavy”. (Took some pictures to show the beautiful pampering Kathy gave me as this ain’t happening by my hands! Two pictures from my morning walk this morning as the curls were still there!)

I woke up yesterday feeling grumpy, angry, and feeling defeated. In the afternoon I went to see my friend Kathy to get my haircut. We had meaningful conversation while she did her magic and then she decided to curl my hair.

I don’t even own a curling iron so this never happens and won’t happen again until I see her again. With her gift of pampering and loving kindness I left feeling incredibly lighter!

After what happened the rest of the day yesterday and today, I now know she didn’t just cut off hair; she cut off so many things that were weighing heavy on me. Things that had risen to the surface and were ready to go! Gone! Poof! Just like that! Now I know why I felt so strongly that I needed to get a haircut!

I went straight from there to the library volunteer job as Lillian could not go since her knee is still healing from the fall on Friday.

I felt as if I floated into the library and went straight into helping with setting up an Explore and Discover area; which they were behind on getting set up. I had just seen the same items set up at the Incline Village Library so I was familiar with it. I simply had a great time while there!

Then Thomas and I attended the Alchemist Theatre event last night. I volunteer with a group of other Reiki practitioners to give complimentary Reiki before the event. That was incredibly inspiring!

The show was amazing as always and I resonated with Jessica’s message of Trust and Spontaneity. Then, Then, Then, Today Happened. Oh my gosh! What an amazing day. But, that’s for another post cause it’s all about trust and being spontaneous. WOW!

Haircut and Curls Camilla 9.21.17 #1

Haircut and Curls Camilla 9.21.17 #2 Haircut and Curls Camilla 9.21.17 #3 Haircut and Curls Camilla 9.21.17 #4

One Way I Listen to Life’s Messages


February 10 2016:

The way events line up is so interesting. Yesterday morning I had coffee with Jules Holland and we were talking about living an unfiltered life and experiencing the rawness of life. Later in the day, I wrote an article to be submitted to an online website. An article influenced by our conversation.

I wrote it in the format of a letter …. A letter addressed to a meltdown. Dear Meltdown … Later last night Lillian had a huge meltdown. In the midst of it, I remembered what I had just written and remained calm. Had I not had coffee with Jules, talked about what we talked about, wrote the article when I wrote it, I may have handled the meltdown completely differently …. and not so calmly!! Love, love, love … xoxo

C18 Trip July 2016 #35