Steaming Hot Sumatra and Potato Chili Bowl With Almond Butter Cocoa While the Guinea Pig Chews

May 5 2019:

Me. A hot steamy cup of organic Sumatra black coffee. A super delicious vegan super fruit muffin. Gorgeous trees outside the window. A most satisfying combination. 💙💙

May 7 2019:

That. Was. Delicious!!! Baked red potato smushed into a bowl of vegan chili, sliced open and topped with Miyoko’s “butter”, sweet onions, and Daiya cheese. I couldn’t even eat it all. Filling and YUM!!

May 11 2019:

Yummy find at Trader Joe’s. So. Good.

Do your bookmarks look like this?Thomas has Lovey, our rescue Guinea pig, give her stamp of approval to bookmarks, receipts, and any other bits of paper!

I once accidentally knocked a receipt into her house that I needed for a return. I felt like a child saying the dog ate my homework when I handed the chewed receipt to the cashier. Sorry. Our Guinea pig thought it was hers and chewed it! 😱🤣

Roux the Beautiful and So Is My Hair

April 16 2019:

Isn’t Roux (pronounced Roo) gorgeous? Another beauty I get to read out loud to when her human is out of town. 💛💛💛

April 18 2019:

Happy Birthday to me ….. still … Just had to share these birthday goodies just received. For years, I have been wanting to switch from the long time shampoo I’ve been using.

Last month I switched to bar shampoo and apple cider vinegar rinse and have been wanting to try this brand as I like the variety and the different essential oils used. Love it!!! Thank you to a sweet friend for continuing the celebration. 💖💖💖

Yesterday was my first time to use it. I was using a different brand for the last month and it did take my hair some time to adjust to shampooing with a healthier-for-the-hair-and-environment product. The hair has settled into it nicely now! I also love that when using a bar shampoo there’s no plastic bottle to toss when done!

I have one friend who always make sure to treat me to lunch and makes sure I get to treat myself to some lovelies (I have one more package on the way – YAY!!). Even if it’s way belated!

Blessings Abound


May 8 2015:

Oh my goodness!! What a blessed day! Set intention to be mindful and to know when I’m supposed to share with others. Ended up with a first client for a new business I have not even talked about because I shared specific information with her that I was moved to share. At that exact time she had just prayed for that specific information.

Met with a beautiful friend for coffee at Whole Foods. Shopped for a few items that I can only get there and Mike, a sweet employee stocking the shelves, gifted me a bag of spicy chips, the employees checking me out made a lovely fuss over making sure my items were bagged perfectly, one of Thomas’ friends gave us half dozen fresh eggs from his chickens, stopped to get the mail and someone mailed us 3 bottles of fish oil supplements, and I received two checks (one I knew about and the other was a surprise)!

Blessed, blessed, blessed day!!! Thank You! xoxo

Gifted Goodies 5.8.15

Vegan Tacos and Lemon and Ginger Water and Meh-Shee-Ka

April 3 2019:

Mmmmm … That was so good!!! I’m in love with this seltzer water flavored with real lemon and ginger juice.

April 12 2019:

Finally, finally, finally got to eat here!! The birthday celebrations continue! Thank you Carolyn R Smith for my birthday lunch!! House of Mexica (Meh-Shee-Ka)

From the restaurant: “Meh-Shee-Ka – A Tribe of plant based Mexica united together to create Heaven on Earth through the powers of food, life, love, & light.”

From Me: A full vegan menu with a feel good vibe permeating the atmosphere. Our server (and also co-owner), Marv, was absolutely wonderful with an incredibly humble energy.

We split the asada fries to begin with … WOW!! So good!!! I had a burrito and Carolyn had a chimichanga. It was like a symphony of harmonious flavors performing a lovely concert in my mouth. One I did not want to end.

Thank you Carolyn for EVERYTHING! Thank you for treating me to lunch, to your company, and for treating me like a birthday queen. I love you and I love our friendship. 💜💜💜

(Photo of the building borrowed from Yelp as I forgot to take a photo)

Letting the Laughter In and Wild Blueberry Hearts and Virginia City Fun

March 15 2019:

Last night the three of us laughed and laughed together. We each took an online quiz to determine our archetype. Mine and Lillian’s were pretty spot on.

Yet, Thomas’ results had us laughing, laughing, laughing. That felt so very good. We haven’t all three laughed together in a long time. Laughter is good medicine. Especially when done alongside those you love mostest. Here’s to silliness. Here’s to laughter. Here’s hoping you let laughter in … as often as possible .. Towanda … (Photo of Thomas on one of our 2015 walks)

March 16 2019:

Thawed and warmed frozen wild blueberries and they left a bit of love behind in the pan. Lovely blueberry stained heart shapes ….

March 16 2019:

Aunt Debbie is up from Mississippi visiting The Romano Duo. She always has to visit Virginia City when in the area.

Lillian and I went for a bit to listen to The Comstock Cowboys with them. And I got treated to a really yummy virgin Bloody Mary. Yum!! Thank you Aunt Debbie and Mom n Frank. ❤️❤️❤️