Love and Beauty and Fun

December 26 2017:

Solo walk this morning. I stood next to this tree for a while. Thanks Mr. Tree. I’m blessed and grateful for your love and beauty. xoxo

 Solo Vintage Lake Walk 12.26.17
Sunset walk with Thomas. This felt so incredibly good!! Great fun throwing rocks onto the frozen lake. xoxo
Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 12.26.17 #1 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 12.26.17 #2 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 12.26.17 #3 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 12.26.17 #4 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 12.26.17 #5

Relaxing and Peaceful

November 26 2017:

I hadn’t planned on a solo walk this morning, yet, the lake was calling. Had it all to myself and sat for a while on a huge, perfectly fitted rock with this view.

Listening to the gentle sounds of the water lapping and feeling the wind blowing was incredibly relaxing and peaceful as I handed over concerns to Mother Nature. Felt like I could have stayed in that spot all day. So blessed I listened to the call. xoxo

Solo Walk Vintage Lake 11.26.17

Time to Nourish the Soul


November 6 2012:

Time to nourish the soul ….

As the butterfly swoops by, as the last remaining leaves rustle, as the sounds drift by, as the sun shares it’s warmth with me, as the soft breeze cools my face…

Pondering, accepting, releasing …. Soaking it in ….

As we choose to believe we must always be “doing” so hard and “doing” so much and choose to believe in lack and that we need something or someone to make us happy, the belief and obsession to have more and more ….

All we need do is return to nature so as to feel and see and know the abundance that surrounds us …. The abundance that is ours once we choose to live a true and authentic life.

Peace is ours once we discontinue to identify with what we have and what we accomplish. The search for this peace is a worthwhile quest. Knowing that we are valuable just because we ARE and not believing that we are valuable only when we have accomplished something … This is a concept that brings instant peace when we truly grasp it and live our life knowing this.

Add the ingredient of resilience …

Add the fortitude to stay true to this thought pattern when old negative thoughts and thought patterns rear their ugly head …. AND

Joy, Happiness, Contentment and Peace is YOURS.

Mt. Rose Damonte Ranch View 11.6.12

Lead the Way by Camilla Downs

Musk Thistle #1

“Lead the Way”

I know not what I am doing.

This requires more than
self-confidence could ever provide.

This beckons a confidence not of my self.

A confidence ruled by the force
that causes the musk thistle do what it does.
Sprout, grow, bloom, wither, blow
with the wind, and re-seed.

The force that holds the stars
in the sky and the same force
that grew two beings in my womb.

This beckons a …

Go here to read more …

Poetry: Lead the Way

The Way of Pain by Camilla Downs

“The Way of Pain”

Experience the pain, we must.
Feel the pain, be with the pain,
so as to receive the shining gift
that awaits on the other side
of the pain.

Physical pain, emotional pain,
as long as we push against it,
fight against it, cover it up,
smother it, drown it with
numbing agents, we miss out
on the indescribable beauty
that awaits when we lovingly
embrace it and walk consciously
through it.

Pain is a ….

Poetry and Photography: The Way of Pain


Beautiful and Grateful and Amazing Grace

October 23 2017:

Thomas and I had a beautiful walk yesterday morning. Love these beauties!

Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 10.23.17 #1 Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 10.23.17 #2

October 25 2017:

It’s been several days since I’ve been for a walk. I was brought to joyful tears during a quick walk this morning. Joy for the love that Mother Nature so freely shares and that I felt so deeply this morning. Incredibly grateful for the Amazing Grace of Nature.

Solo Walk Vintage Lake Camilla 10.25.17 #1 Solo Walk Vintage Lake Camilla 10.25.17 #2

Tree Buddy and Dancing Sun Sparkles and Wind and Nature’s Grace

September 30 2017:

Solo walk this afternoon. Sat with my tree buddy for a good long while watching the sun sparkles dance on the lake ripples (video attached).

Then back to walking to take in the beautiful fall leaves, the sound of the leaves as the wind blew through them, the sound of the geese munching on grass, and the grace of nature.

Ended the walk by sitting on a big rock, feeling the breeze, soaking in the sun, overlooking the lake, and chatting with a complete stranger like we’d known one another for years. What a wonderful walk. xoxo

Solo Walk Camilla Vintage Lake 9.30.17 #1 Solo Walk Camilla Vintage Lake 9.30.17 #2 Solo Walk Camilla Vintage Lake 9.30.17 #3 Solo Walk Camilla Vintage Lake 9.30.17 #4