I Never Imagined It Would Be So Fun


December 19 2013:

“I never imagined it would be so much fun. It was the best night of my life!” -Thomas …

HDMS Multicultural night was a blast! I got to help serve the awesome array of South American dishes brought in by the families of Candelaria students. Thomas was super excited to perform the Happy Dance with his classmates. He said he was so happy he almost cried. All performances were amazing! We got to travel to South America, Asia, ancient Egypt, The Renaissance, The Galapagos Islands, and Meso-America .. Mayan, Inca and Aztecs …

Such wonderful people!

HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #1 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #2 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #3 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #4 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #5 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #6 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #7 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #8

The Problem Will Still Be There

March 24 2018:

I look into his eyes during these conversations and wonder where this brilliant and amazing human came from? ….. And think about how grateful I am … Conversations with Thomas today …

The borders in Europe before World War I and after World War II, Winston Churchill, FDR, romantic comedies of the 30’s-50’s vs romantic comedies of the 80’s on, the marches today, and Thomas sharing this thought …

“If you continue to address everything except the problem, the problem will still be there.” …. and this one …. “If you don’t ever address the why of a problem, it’s like putting a bucket under a leaky pipe.”

He loves to create metaphors. He does this almost daily. And he’s good at it! (Photo from earlier this year when we got to experience a ceremony with the Gaden Shartse Monks)

It’s not just wisdom. He runs it through his heart and applies compassion and empathy … He just blesses me so with the thoughts he shares … xoxo

Gaden Shartse Monks Visit 1.20.18 #1

Ode to the Sock by Camilla Downs

March 21 2018:

In honor of World Poetry Day and in complete contrast to my usual writings … And to follow up with our oh so fun sock thread courtesy of Thomas … Hope it makes you giggle!

I give you …

Date Day with Thomas November 2017 11.21.17 #16

Ode to the Sock

Sock, Oh Sock!
What a strange
creature you are!

Your creation was
meant for good,
I can see that.

Yet, most times you come
equipped with a built in
irritator to rub
these precious feet.

Rub, rub, rub in a way
that the mind latches onto.
Latches onto and …… Go below to read more …

Poetry: Ode to the Sock

Who Likes Socks

March 19 2018:

Thomas wants to know if he’s the only one that doesn’t like socks? Most times he wears them inside out …

None of us like socks! The seam is a big issue and that’s why he wears them inside out. After 40+ years, I finally caught on too, and wear some of mine inside out to get away from that seam! Seriously. We went for a walk this afternoon and he wore flip flops because he dreaded putting socks on (and there are piles of snow still around)! HA!

Seemed like he was always running around with one sock on when he was younger! I even have pictures! I asked him one time why he did that and he said “Cause it feels good” … Okay then!! xoxo

Thomas has big time sensory issues and can’t take how restrictive and tight they are, not to mention the crazy seam. Most times he just wears them inside out to get away from the seam. Yet, he still finds them uncomfortable.

I’m with him. I’ve taken to turning some of mine inside out too. I’d much rather just go barefoot and ditch shoes and socks altogether! As it is I only own a few pairs of shoes. I stand for Toe and Foot Freedom ….. !!! HA! xoxo

One of the first things we do when stepping inside. Take them shoes and socks off!! We ain’t got no time for that discomfort!!!

He’s just got big time sensory issues. Seams in all clothing and tags too. Thank goodness tagless shirts are abundant these days!

It’s not just with seams in socks. He can’t stand it if they are too tight also. And, absolutely no jean material or restrictive pants. He will only wear the gym type pants and shorts.

Lillian wears her snow boots without socks!! She can’t stand the way it feels with socks on!)

I prefer the barefoot type shoes that let you feel and connect with the earth. I have a pair of sandals like this and hope to soon get a pair of no sole moccasins and a pair of barefoot shoes meant for cooler wet weather. They are spendy. But worth it to not be restricted by these horribly designed and made shoes!!

The Force is Strong


December 17 2015:

Thomas and Lillian have successfully integrated me to the backwards world. Yesterday I wore my pants backwards without realizing until later in the day and this morning I had my shirt on backwards! Thomas is always putting his shirt on backwards and Lillian her pants.

The force is strong in this backwards world. xoxo