Leaf Soup and Leaf Salt and a Near Leafcastraphe


November 5 2013:

I had leaves stuck all over in my hair! Beautiful Thomas entertaining himself (and me) waiting on Lillian to get done with her therapies. He made leaf soup, leaf salt and avoided a near leafcastraphe! I LOVE this beautiful and awesome life!!! xoxoThomas and Leaves 11.5.13 #3Thomas and Leaves 11.5.13 #1Thomas and Leaves 11.5.13 #2

Realize and Eventually


November 4 2013:

Last Friday morning Thomas told me that he feels guilty about all the stuff people give to him. I asked him what kinds of stuff he was talking about and as an example he said all the things he got at the chromosome 18 conference like the blow up guitar. He said that then there wasn’t enough for everyone else.

I explained to him that if people give him something it’s because they want to and we should let ourself feel happy about it. Also that this is a world of abundance and just because he is given something doesn’t mean that there’s not enough for others. He asked why there are people who have nothing if this is the case.

I told him they just haven’t realized this yet … some eventually figure it out …. and some never do … (Great reminder for this Mama too as I navigate the “realizing” and “eventually” part!!) Tons of hugs to all y’all! xoxo

Name Three Things You Wanted to BE When You Grew Up


November 1 2013:

More from the sweet little mind of Thomas ..

The other night Thomas asked me to name 3 things that I wanted to be when I grew up. I told him I could not remember 3, but I do remember that I wanted to be a dancer … a Solid Gold dancer (hahaha). I have LOVED dancing as far back as I can remember. Explained to him I don’t think I ever really knew what I wanted to do … and I still ponder about it!!

He said he wants to be a restaurant owner, an artist/painter and house builder. As he likes do do things solo, by himself so he can do things how he wants to do them without anyone telling him how to do it. Ummmm … Either OOPS, what have I done? or YAY, look what I’ve done! HA! …

And, I have to say, this morning Mr. Thomas’ behavior left me wondering if I had woken up in the wrong house!! What an interesting adventure this role of parent takes one on with all of the twists and turns and ups and downs and laughs and grumpiness … and learning, living, growing and LOVING!! xoxo

If You Could Go Back In Time

November 7 2017:

At dinner Thomas asked, “If you could go back in time and spend time with someone, who would you choose?”

While I was thinking of what to say, he shared his answer. He would go back to when Hitler was a kid and encourage him to attend art school.

I didn’t even know what to say after that. Selfishly, I had been thinking Buddha, Jesus, or Gandhi simply to be amongst their energies.

So incredibly grateful for having Thomas be a part of my life … xoxo

Date Day with Thomas April 2017 4.26.17 #1

Can I Stay a Kid Forever


October 28 2013:

Another Thomas moment ….

He told me the other night he wanted to stay a kid forever and asked if he could do that and if it was okay. I told him his body will keep getting older but he sure as heck can stay a kid in his mind if he wants to and that I thought that was a fabulous and awesome idea!! Right on Thomas!!

He inspires me so much! xoxo

Painting is my Passion


October 27 2013:

“Painting is my passion” and “Painting makes me happy” -Thomas Darnell …

While painting this morning Thomas says he hasn’t decided whether he wants to be an artist/painter or a restaurant worker when he grows up. He asks me how to choose. I tell him choose whichever one brings him happiness and whichever one he is happiest doing. This brought on the previous quotes from him.

Then he asked if it’s okay to try being a restaurant worker so he knows what it’s like. Absolutely it is Thomas! I so much love that I get to be this young man’s Mama! xoxo

Thomas Painting 10.27.13

Why Do Some People Forget to Use Their Imagination


October 24 2013:

A conversation with Thomas about imagination …

Last night he wanted to know why some adults forget how to use their imagination when they grow up? He asked why some adults use the imagination for negative things. He also asked why the imagination was a good thing.

I told him some people are just disconnected from their true selves. Sure he may not grasp what I meant but I choose not to let that stop me from trying to explain things. I also told him EVERYTHING material begins in ones imagination. These items must have first been a thought in someone’s mind. I was holding a fork so I used that as an example. Told him someone had to imagine that fork before it became a material object.

Then I shared the awesome Albert Einstein quote with him about imagination … “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” -Albert Einstein ….

Did I mention how grateful and blessed I am by this young man’s soul being a part of my life? … Overflowing … xoxo

Volunteering at Humane Society – Slow and Gentle

November 3 2017:

It was Humane Society volunteer day! Thomas got to sit with Angel. He knows she can be grumpy about having her napping interrupted. So, he moves slowly and so gently gives her loving. I’m so relieved to see her still here when we come. So many beauties.

Volunteering at Humane Society 11.3.17 #1 Volunteering at Humane Society 11.3.17 #2 Volunteering at Humane Society 11.3.17 #3 Volunteering at Humane Society 11.3.17 #4 Volunteering at Humane Society 11.3.17 #5