The Soothing Medicine of Mother Nature With a Million Questions

February 16 2020:

Quick drive to Washoe Lake. Thank you Mother Nature for the soothing medicine. My entire body and soul relaxed deeply in your loving embrace.

It was a struggle to get Lillian to leave the house. It was a struggle to get her out of the car. I pray nature helped her, at least a little bit. Deeply grateful this beautiful lake is only about a 15 minute drive away. 🙏♥️♥️♥️🙏

February 20 2020:

Lillian left yesterday afternoon to spend a couple of days with The Romano Duo. A much needed break for both of us. Hope you’re having fun, Lillian!! 🎉🎉🎉

Thomas and I are just back from an hour long walk. Incredibly beautiful and peaceful …. Well, except for the million questions from Thomas.

From the moment he could talk he’s asked one question after another after another. He’s still at it. The questions have gotten harder to answer though!

When he was about 4 or 5 years old, my mom asked me how on Earth I answered all of his questions. I told her I just answered the most recent one. He literally used to ask a string of questions all at once! What a heart warming memory to have popped up! 💜💜💜

Throwback Post: Operation Digging a Fireplace


May 28 2010:

Took a little break to perform an Operation with Thomas!! Bzzzzzz!!

Operation Game May 10 2010

May 29 2009:

Just wanted to let y’all know that Thomas is in the backyard “diggin a fire place so we can have hot dogs & marshmallows tonight”. When he gets done everyone’s invited over for a camp out!

Throwback Post: Smiling Bread and Glad to Still Be A Kid


May 27 2014:

I was making Lillian’s lunch for tomorrow and her beautiful bread gave me a wink and a little crooked smile ….. I love being open to kindness, happiness and love coming at me from any one or any thing! HA! ♡

Bread May 27 2014

May 28 2012:

“I’m so glad I’m still a kid.” -Thomas Darnell

{ This has turned into a morning long conversation. Today’s BrainPop was about Memorial Day and mourning. He asked what mourning means …. Then said he never wants Lillian to die and his eyes started “sweating” (as he calls it). May we ALL remember to think and live like when we were a kid and to fully embrace every single moment with our loved ones!}

More Found Treasures

February 2 2020

Ahhhhh …. To have them be in this space where they actually like one another, that would be such a blessing. ❤️❤️❤️

Looking through thumb drives and found photos I had forgotten about – Actually thought they were lost as they were on a computer that died, and I no longer have it. So glad I still have these!

Throwback Post – Hold Out Your Hands


May 27 2014:

“Hold out your hands to feel the luxury of the sunbeams. Press the soft blossoms against your cheek, and finger their graces of form, their delicate mutability of shape, their pliancy and freshness. Expose your face to the aerial floods that sweep the heavens, “inhale great draughts of space,” wonder, wonder at the wind’s unwearied activity.

Pile note on note the infinite music that flows increasingly to your soul from the tactual sonorities of a thousand branches and rumbling waters ….. I am sure that if a fairy bade me choose between the sense of sight and that of touch, I would not part with the warm, endearing contact of human hands or the wealth of form, the mobility and fullness that press into my palms.” – The Faith of Helen Keller

Walk with Thomas earlier this evening … Just got to see how this picture turned out .. LOVE it! Looks like a giant lit match or giant glow ball on a stick! HA! It’s a lamp post with the sun lined up right on top of it!

LOVE looking for LOVE everywhere we go!

Came across a dead bird. Thomas said we had to have a funeral for it. He found a stick to push it into the bushes. I said some kind words about Mr. Birds soul … and we carried on … then we came across the big heart rock in one of these pictures! xoxo

Honeysuckle …. I LOVE HONEYSUCKLE!!!!!!!!!! Intoxicating!

Throwback Post: Patience While Worrying with Relaxing and Cleaning and Laughing


May 26 2015:

Reminders about life from conversations with Thomas …

Discussing patience with him. He does not like to be patient. As I’m putting him to bed, he says, “Like you need to be patient?” There are some changes going on and I’m getting all worked up about not knowing and not being able to control the result right now, not having an answer right now. I said, “So I should just stop worrying, stop trying to figure it out, just release it, and know that everything will work out as it should?” “Yep, something like that” -Thomas …

My shoulders and neck liked that. They can now move back to their proper location instead of wrapped around my ears. I just LOVE the way this all works. I think others needed to hear this tonight too. Love to you .. xoxo

May 26 2013:

We had a GREAT day relaxing at home with a little bit of cleaning and pulling weeds, lots of laughing and tons of reading! LOVE!!

Thomas and Lillian May 26 2013

Thomas and Camilla January 2020 Date Day

January 16 2020

Thomas and Camilla January 2020 Date Day

First stop: We walked to Ike’s Sandwiches. I’ve been wanting to try this place as they have an abundance of vegan options. I mean, vegan Dutch crunch bread!! This is a photo of my sandwich, I think it was called a MacDaddy or something like that. Enjoyed with a side of fries. I was only able to eat half of it. Pretty good.

The almost all white photo is what we walked back and forth in. We had planned on going for a trail walk when finished with lunch, but, we were kind of wet (and cold) when we got back.

So … Change of plans, Thomas wanted me to play Deltarune. I did much better this time around.

Ended with a game of Monopoly. Love date days!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Going Ape with the Elephants While Being Worn Out

January 5 2020:

Thomas helped decorate the open shelving in the kitchen. I put the elephant there, cause elephants. Thomas added the gorilla. He says I can look at him while I’m doing dishes. 🦍🖤🐘

January 16 2020:

They don’t look worn out, do they? I had a fingerprint live scan this morning. The tech had issues with a few of my fingers, commenting that my fingerprints were worn out. I didn’t know that was possible. Ha!

Kinda matches the rest of me, though. 2020 is the year, the beginning of a decade, of pressing the reset button, with focus on becoming un-worn out. I feel the relief in my bones, my cells, every breath I take. Here’s to unwornoutness!! 🎉❤️❤️❤️🎉

Throwback Post: Snow Eating Snake


May 26 2010:

Lillian and Thomas were about to have a throw down cause Thomas’s snake was eating the snow. I suggested to Thomas that his snake eat the worms on the ground that have snow on top of them. Throw down averted!! {This is all imaginery stuff my friends!!} Hahahahahahahaha!!

Throwback Post: You Are a Great Cooker


May 26 2009:

Made some 5 minute instant rice to go w/ dinner & Thomas said, “I like this, You’re a Great Cooker & I Love You”. Just had to share ~ this little man surprises me every day with his funny & beautiful comments!

(Photo from our June 2009 Date Day – He preferred the stairs to the escalator. We used to have date days at the airport. He loved roaming around, eating lunch, and looking at the airplanes. We stopped doing it once they remodeled and closed off many areas.)