Volunteering with Treats

October 7 2019:

Thomas and I volunteered at The Humane Society this morning. Helped decorate for Halloween and visited the cats a bit. Thomas took the photo of the sleeping cat.

October 12 2019:

Afternoon treat courtesy of my mom. She brought treats when she picked up Lillian for respite on Wednesday! Vegan Neapolitan cupcake! Yum!

Throwback Post – Character is Happy and Has An Ability of Yelling


May 21 2015

Thomas completed an application for employment yesterday. His character is happy, personality is good, and he has an ability of yelling.

Yes, yes. He is indeed a very loud young man. I think I’ll hire him. I’m sure I can find something for a loud, happy, glad young man to do.

Thomas Job App May 21 2015

Thomas and Camilla September 2019 Date Day

September 30 2019:

Thomas and Camilla September 2019 Date Day

First stop: Window shopping for costume ideas.

Second stop: Ice cream – Tiramisu and Oktober Fest for Thomas. Pumpkin roasted coconut for me. Oh my! That was so good!

Last stop: Audrey Harris Park to eat our yummy ice cream and then a walk around the loop. Beautiful and gorgeous day and a wonderful and fun date day with Thomas.

Throwback Post: Rocks as Gifts and Picture Day and Weather Station


May 21 2013:

Thomas went on a quick bike ride this morning before school … and brought home gifts for me and Lillian …. ROCKS. This kid totally Rocks! Perhaps he was inspired by the gift Lillian and I brought him from our date Sunday. We brought him a sticker from Squeeze In and a weed eater string we found at the park. He liked the weed eater string best!! Maybe y’all will be inspired to show some gratitude/kindness to someone you love today by giving them a home made or nature made gift! Have FUN!!

Thomas Rocks as Gifts May 21 2013

Picture Day at HDMS Adventures for Thomas and Lillian … April 2013.

Thomas and Lillian May 21 2013

After going outside to check the homemade weather station and the wind this morning, Lillian came to me and said she had a nature chant to share … “Go wind Go. Someday, I know, you’ll be the pro.” The wind must have really liked it. I nearly got blown over during my walk!! So inspired by that young lady!

Something for the Sibs – Sibshop at Renown Hospital

September 20 2019:

Thank you Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities for hosting a Sibshop this afternoon at Renown! Thomas really enjoys getting to take part in these and getting to hang out with other siblings. Deeply meaningful!! Thank you Diana Beeghly Rovetti for all you do to make these happen!

Throwback Post – Pet Store and Book Store Adventures


May 21 2012:

Pet store adventures for Thomas. Special adventure for earning his green card today in school!!

Thomas May 21 2012

Special adventure for Lillian for braving the pet store adventure!!

Lillian at Bookstore May 21 2012

Praise plate time!! Tooth fairy is coming to visit Lillian tonight for the next to LAST time!!!! And Thomas has had 2 full weeks of good days at school ! YAY!

Thomas and Lillian May 21 2012


Adventure Day with a Museum Pass to The Discovery Museum

September 5 2019:

Today’s adventure … Thanks to Washoe County Library’s “Museum Pass” program, you can “check out” tickets to several local museums (and several more in California!)

Lillian stepped into one of her fears, and took the steps back up to the main floor. Got a few good pictures of that. Her hands were quite sweaty by the time she made it to the top. Yet, she did it!

We stopped for ice cream on the way home … Blueberry lavender for me, cookie something or other for Thomas, and a bag of BBQ chips for Lillian since she doesn’t eat ice cream.