Those Paws

December 22 2019:

I present the beautiful, sweet Roux (pronounced Roo). I get the pleasure of checking in on her while her human is away for Christmas. I’ve checked in on her in the past and she is such a sweetheart. She lives where we moved from. I’ve got 2 former neighbors who will still have me check on their sweet fur friends when out of town.

Thomas went with me last night. He couldn’t resist having a little photo shoot. Those paws!! So stinking cute!! (I was rubbing her belly; which she adores!)

Throwback Post – Thanks for the Company and Dinner With The Romano Duo


May 11 2015

Stopped by Great Basin Community Food Coop this afternoon to get a chunk of solid cocoa butter and had a great time chatting with the person who checked me out. As I was leaving, he said, “Thanks for the company.” … I like that. Have never heard that before. Yet, that’s what we were doing .. keeping each other company for a few minutes talking about eating good fats! Spreadin it!

May 24 2015:

Hey y’all! Had our first dinner with The Romano Duo last night … Homemade lasagne … YUM!! They always bring little gifts for us and this wall plaque was one of mine. Cool y’all!!

Hey Y'all May 24 2015

Throwback Post: Chess and a Great Day


May 24 2014:

Practicing his strategy this morning …. I’m reading Book I of Once A Pawn A Time so I can be a better opponent. xoxo

Thomas Playing Chess May 24 2014

May you be enjoying this kinda day … If not, press the reset button and start over. It’s your life, you get to do that! Have fun … Laugh and smile! ♡

Lillian May 24 2014