Throwback Post: Everything Is Possible With Backyard and Indoor Camping


May 31 2014:

“If everything is possible, isn’t it possible that some things are impossible?” -Thomas ….

This one made me stop … and ponder … Hmmmmmm …. Blessed, blessed, blessed by this young man! xoxo

April 9 2012:

Backyard camping at the Team TLC Casa …. YAY for warm days ….

Backyard Camping April 9 2012

Later on …. Moved the camping inside … too windy!!

Backyard Camping #2 April 9 2012

Throwback Post: Operation Digging a Fireplace


May 28 2010:

Took a little break to perform an Operation with Thomas!! Bzzzzzz!!

Operation Game May 10 2010

May 29 2009:

Just wanted to let y’all know that Thomas is in the backyard “diggin a fire place so we can have hot dogs & marshmallows tonight”. When he gets done everyone’s invited over for a camp out!

Throwback Post: Patience While Worrying with Relaxing and Cleaning and Laughing


May 26 2015:

Reminders about life from conversations with Thomas …

Discussing patience with him. He does not like to be patient. As I’m putting him to bed, he says, “Like you need to be patient?” There are some changes going on and I’m getting all worked up about not knowing and not being able to control the result right now, not having an answer right now. I said, “So I should just stop worrying, stop trying to figure it out, just release it, and know that everything will work out as it should?” “Yep, something like that” -Thomas …

My shoulders and neck liked that. They can now move back to their proper location instead of wrapped around my ears. I just LOVE the way this all works. I think others needed to hear this tonight too. Love to you .. xoxo

May 26 2013:

We had a GREAT day relaxing at home with a little bit of cleaning and pulling weeds, lots of laughing and tons of reading! LOVE!!

Thomas and Lillian May 26 2013

Going Ape with the Elephants While Being Worn Out

January 5 2020:

Thomas helped decorate the open shelving in the kitchen. I put the elephant there, cause elephants. Thomas added the gorilla. He says I can look at him while I’m doing dishes. 🦍🖤🐘

January 16 2020:

They don’t look worn out, do they? I had a fingerprint live scan this morning. The tech had issues with a few of my fingers, commenting that my fingerprints were worn out. I didn’t know that was possible. Ha!

Kinda matches the rest of me, though. 2020 is the year, the beginning of a decade, of pressing the reset button, with focus on becoming un-worn out. I feel the relief in my bones, my cells, every breath I take. Here’s to unwornoutness!! 🎉❤️❤️❤️🎉

Throwback Post: Snow Eating Snake


May 26 2010:

Lillian and Thomas were about to have a throw down cause Thomas’s snake was eating the snow. I suggested to Thomas that his snake eat the worms on the ground that have snow on top of them. Throw down averted!! {This is all imaginery stuff my friends!!} Hahahahahahahaha!!

Radishes With a Side of Salad With Visions of Apple Cranberry Pie

December 24 2019:

Lunch today. Oh, that was good! Love radishes. Yum!

December 30 2019:

It is done. The Meeting the Authors website is back up … after 4 days of phone calls and frustration. You know, if you call a place every day and get a different person every time, you finally hit the jackpot of someone who takes the time to help you (well almost) … as I had to figure out the last step on my own, and it worked completely by accident.

I’ve just had a lovely piece of apple cranberry pie, topped with vanilla bean ice cream. Now I shall take the rest of the night off after I give Lillian a Reiki session.

January 4 2020:

All kitchen boxes have been unpacked. Treated myself to a lovely, generous salad.

Those Paws

December 22 2019:

I present the beautiful, sweet Roux (pronounced Roo). I get the pleasure of checking in on her while her human is away for Christmas. I’ve checked in on her in the past and she is such a sweetheart. She lives where we moved from. I’ve got 2 former neighbors who will still have me check on their sweet fur friends when out of town.

Thomas went with me last night. He couldn’t resist having a little photo shoot. Those paws!! So stinking cute!! (I was rubbing her belly; which she adores!)