Pumpkin Curry Soup and Okra and Tarte aux Champignons and Cobbler

February 15 2017:

We did some flavor traveling last night with dinner. A pumpkin curry soup, oh so yummy okra (including memories of mammaw Downs), a Tarte aux Champignons (French style flat bread with mushrooms), and a dirty apple and pear cobbler (Thomas‘ name for our dessert).

Happy Valentine’s Day to Team TLC!! xoxo

Also known as …. Using what you’ve got to create a special dinner! That cobbler is amazing! I mean, Lillian even ate it …. and that’s a miracle!! I had the store bought gluten free pie crust in the freezer. Peeled and sliced 4 apples and pears.

Mixed with cinnamon, lemon juice, and coconut sugar. Then made a topping to crumble over the top with coconut oil, coconut flour, almond flour, salt and coconut sugar. We ate almost the entire dish!!!

Valentine's Dinner 2.14.17 #1 Valentine's Dinner 2.14.17 #2 Valentine's Dinner 2.14.17 #3 Valentine's Dinner 2.14.17 #4

What Would the World Be Like if We All Liked the Same Thing


February 18 2014:

Thomas at Camp June 23 2014

When I picked up Thomas the other day he told me he has been asking all of his classmates whether or not they like LEGOS. Only one or two say they do and the others tell him they don’t and they like playing the Wii.

He said it makes him feel bad that no one else likes them. I explained to him that I’ve had a similar experience with feeling bad when others don’t like or feel the same way about something I like. BUT, I have learned that I am choosing to feel this way … And I can choose not to feel this way also.

He said, “That’s so hard, though”. I told him I completely understand and it takes lots and lots of practice to choose not to let it bother you. I said this may help …

“People are all different. We like different things. Some like the same things. Some don’t like the same things. Instead of labeling it as good when someone likes the same “stuff” as you, just look at it as “It just is” and when someone doesn’t like what you do, look at that as “It just is”.

What would the world be like if we all liked the SAME thing? Nothing would ever get done! If EVERYONE liked LEGOS and only building with LEGOS we’d having nothing but little plastic LEGO food, LEGO furniture and LEGO houses, LEGO cars. We’d be these big giant people trying to live in a little LEGO world! We all three got a laugh out of that one!

LEGO GRill 2.14.14

Brain and Heart and Stomach are Happy

February 12 2017:

“My brain, heart, and stomach are happy!” … Said by Thomas last night after our beautiful dinner at Moon Rabbit Cafe.

What wonderful feelings brought about by good food, great company, and a peaceful, joyful setting.

Me too Thomas … Me too! xoxo

Thomas and Camilla January 2017 Date Day Part 3 1.31.17 #3

Sabores de Amor with Thomas

February 11 2017:

Thomas and I just had an amazing Sabores de Amor (Flavors of Love).

Peruvian veggie ceviche, vegetarian Pastel de Choclo, oh so yummy cocadas dessert with raspberries ….. washed down with a guava sparkling water and hot mint tea.

What a very special treat for us. Thomas says everyone was so nice. As we were driving home he said, “My brain, heart, and stomach are happy!”

I was so excited I forgot to take a picture of the main dish! Oops! Here’s the cool plate, though! xoxo

Oceans of gratitude Moon Rabbit Cafe, Farm Fresh Catering, and Reno Buddhist Center! xoxo

Moon Rabbit Cafe with Thomas 2.11.17 #1 Moon Rabbit Cafe with Thomas 2.11.17 #2 Moon Rabbit Cafe with Thomas 2.11.17 #3

Making Errands Fun


February 13 2016:

Making errands fun = Stop at the park.

Remove shoes and throw the football with son while feeling squishy wet grass between the toes.

Plus, walking barefoot in the leftover snow.

And rolling down a hill.

And playing with a paper airplane kite.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End.

Park Stop Errand Fun 2.13.16 #1 Park Stop Errand Fun 2.13.16 #2 Park Stop Errand Fun 2.13.16 #3 Park Stop Errand Fun 2.13.16 #4 Park Stop Errand Fun 2.13.16 #5

Unexpected Side Effect and Rancho San Rafael and Wilbur May Center

February 6 2017:

An unexpected and wonderful side effect of Thomas’ book, Biggest Little Photographer, is renewed interest in my book published in 2012, D iz for Different. It was a great day to mail one to California. YaY!!!

Mailing D iz for Different 2.6.17

February 8 2017:

Got a new order of books! Now’s the time to get your copy if you’ve been meaning to order!

…. Plus, Biggest Little Photographer coming soon to The Wilbur May Center Gift Shop …. The order was placed this morning to coincide with the awesome Biggest Little Photographer exhibit currently being created for the Rancho San Rafael Visitor Center.

The Visitor Center will also host Thomas and I for a few public discussions about the book as the exhibit will run through April 2017. Plus, plus a private discussion about the book for children at The Children’s Cabinet. And perhaps planning a way for books to be donated to Children’s Cabinet too! Wonderful and heartwarming ….. xoxo

Biggest p8 - d

February 8 2017:

Biggest Little Photographer is on his way to the capitol building in Carson City!! I was contacted last week and the gift store manager wants to see the book. Yay! Hope she likes it!!! xoxo

Biggest Little Book to Capitol Gift Shop 2.8.17

My Heart Tells Me I Love You


February 12 2012:

Thomas is missing Lillian very much! He made this Valentine’s card for her today. We’ve already put it in the mail to head to Grandma’s in Vegas!

Lillian! Valentine’s Day is almost here. Here’s your Valentine’s card I’m giving to you. Do you know why I love you Lillian? My heart tells me that I love you, no one else. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Thomas Valentine to Lillian 2.12.12

All Things Change


February 11 2015:

Just came across this quote in my desk. Thomas found it in a book in the classroom back in March 2014. He wrote it down and brought it home to me.

March 2014 was near the beginning of a big change for us. It was perfect then … and perfect now!

“All things change, nothing is extinguished. There is nothing in the whole world which is permanent. Everything flows onward, all things are brought into being with a changing nature. The ages themselves glide by in constant movement.” -Ovid

Thomas on grassy hill 2.2015