Sun and Shadows and Magical and Bissful and Refreshing and Treasures

June 4 2017:

Sunset walk with Lillian. Playing with the sun and shadows. xoxo

Lillian and Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 6.4.17 #9 Lillian and Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 6.4.17 #8 Lillian and Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 6.4.17 #7 Lillian and Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 6.4.17 #6 Lillian and Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 6.4.17 #5 Lillian and Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 6.4.17 #4 Lillian and Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 6.4.17 #3 Lillian and Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 6.4.17 #2 Lillian and Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 6.4.17 #1

June 5 2017:

Another wonderful sunset walk with Lillian. Magical sun and clouds captured our attention this time …. xoxo

Sunset Walk with Lillian Vintage 6.5.17 #4 Sunset Walk with Lillian Vintage 6.5.17 #3 Sunset Walk with Lillian Vintage 6.5.17 #2 Sunset Walk with Lillian Vintage 6.5.17 #1

June 7 2017:

Cloudy sunset walk with Thomas … Felt so good and cool …. refreshing.

Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.7.17 #4 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.7.17 #3 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.7.17 #2 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.7.17 #1

June 9 2017:

One wonderful thing about our morning weather …. The beautiful pool all to myself for a blissful, refreshing, and invigorating swim. Thank you. And bring me more please. xoxo

Solo Swim 6.9.17 #3 Solo Swim 6.9.17 #2 Solo Swim 6.9.17 #1

June 9 2017:

Treasures from this mornings walk. Bunches of love … xoxo ….

Solo Walk 6.9.17 #3 Solo Walk 6.9.17 #2 Solo Walk 6.9.17 #1

Notice Nature by Camilla Downs

Thomas Walking Bartley Ranch Summer 2016“Notice”

Notice nature.
Feel and smell the air.
Study the clouds and the trees.
Listen to the birds.
How many different kinds of songs can you hear?
What kinds of birds are they?
Injoy a sunset.
Notice and smell freshly bloomed flowers.
Notice and study new buds on a tree.
Notice the smell of newly fallen leaves.
Study the moon, stars, and clouds.
Walk barefoot in the grass, dirt, or sand.
Watch the waves in the ocean,
Or the ripples in a lake,
Or the rushing water of a river.
Notice the glimmer of freshen fallen snow.
Watch the sunlight dance and sparkle on the water.
Study all types of trees.
Get up close. Touch them.
Go for a walk for no reason other than to commune with nature.”

-2016 Camilla Downs – Author, Lessons from Nature


Windy and Love and Peace and Calm and Endings and Beauty

April 16 2017:

Windy walk with Lillian this afternoon. Wonderful message received right when we started. It all means the same thing ….. Love …. Love …. Love!

Walk with Lillian Vintage Lake Heart Rock 4.16.17 #1 Walk with Lillian Vintage Lake 4.16.17 #2

April 18 2017:

Afternoon walk for me. I am in the depths of a peace and calm that are in divine time and grace. Feeling incredibly grateful for all the years of deep meditation and blessings of nature. And …. look …. babies!!!! I love the little goslings!!

Solo Walk Vintage Lake 4.18.17 #3 Solo Walk Vintage Lake 4.18.17 #2 Solo Walk Vintage Lake 4.18.17 #1

April 19 2017:

Beautiful blossoming tree greeting us after Lillian’s physical therapy this morning. One Wednesday of PT remains and then we are done!! After about 6 years. Next Wednesday will call for a celebration! xoxo

Blossoming Tree Vintage April 2017

April 22 2017:

A beautiful walk with Lillian this afternoon to admire the beauty of nature. Complete with some amazing rock love.

Vintage Lake Walk with Lillian 4.22.17 #5 Vintage Lake Walk with Lillian 4.22.17 #4 Vintage Lake Walk with Lillian 4.22.17 #3 Vintage Lake Walk with Lillian 4.22.17 #2 Vintage Lake Walk with Lillian 4.22.17 #1

The Heart Knows by Camilla Downs


“The eye cannot
Conceive the miracle
It beholds.
The beauty surpasses
The knowing of
The senses.
The heart knows.
The heart knows.
The heart remembers
How to fly
Into the mystic.
Delivering remembrance
To every cell
Returning us to
and revealing the oneness
Of all.” -2016 Camilla Downs – Author, Lessons from Nature

You Lift Me

October 29 2016:

“When I’m tired, you lift me.
When my thoughts have settled on sadness,
you hold a gentle space for me.
You remind me to unfold with life
and help me remember to simply be.” ~ Camilla Downs


Sweet Nectar for My Soul and Bliss and Beauty and Love and Hidden Beach

August 15 2016:

Lillian and I got to have a sunset walk. I’ve had a rough day and this was like sweet nectar for my soul.

I received an anonymous email from someone who laid judgment upon me and the way I choose to live. It hurt. I have not been able to take my own advice of “What other people think of you, is their business, not yours.”

I finally shared with a small group of friends and that helped a bit. Then I was treated to this most delicious walk with Lillian where I ask her about our walks together. xoxoxo And, lastly, I came home to a Louise Hay post of “I Release All Criticism” … Feeling so much better. Not quite myself. Yet, much better.

I apologize! I turned the video to landscape halfway through. Oops!!

By the end of the day, I chose to see this as an opportunity for growth for myself and to have compassion and non-judgment for the one who is confused by whether my living as a free spirit is by choice or necessity and the one who feels my kids are enduring financial stress that no kid should endure … Oceans and oceans of love to you … LOVE is the answer … xoxo


August 17 2016:

Wonderful sunset to darkness walk last night. It was nearly 8:45 pm once we got back to the car. So quiet and peaceful with stops several times to listen to the birds talking. It got too dark for more pictures. These walks are so incredibly blissful. … Then we went to the grocery store. 9:00 at night is the time to go grocery shopping! So quiet!! xoxo



August 18 2016:

Beauties outside of the building yesterday afternoon … Northern Nevada Medical … Where Lillian receives craniosacral therapy. We were in a hurry so I could get to another appointment, yet we stopped to admire natures gift and to try and capture it. Remember to have a sense of wonder as often as you can. It’s life changing. xoxo



August 18 2016:

Thomas n Camilla sunset walk tonight. I simply could not get enough of the light breeze brushing against my skin while gently blowing my hair. So divine.

Thomas and I had a ball. We watched the killdeer and the black necked stilt for a bit. Then danced a killdeer tango as we walked. If you’ve watched them you know what I mean.

Then Thomas said something that caused me to remember the television show with Lee Majors as The Bionic Man. Ha! Now Thomas knows some tv trivia! Nature is love … xoxo

walk-with-thomas-8-18-16-5 walk-with-thomas-8-18-16-4 walk-with-thomas-8-18-16-3 walk-with-thomas-8-18-16-2 walk-with-thomas-8-18-16-1

Thomas wanted to share more about our walks. And I chime in a wee bit too. And so do the ducks!! On our sunset walk last night. xoxoxo


August 19 2016:

Field trip day!! Lunch stop!! xoxo

field-trip-incline-village-8-19-16-1 field-trip-incline-village-8-19-16-2 field-trip-incline-village-8-19-16-3 field-trip-incline-village-8-19-16-4

Third stop on field trip day yesterday. I’ve only been here once and Thomas and Lillian have never been here.

Definitely got our exercise for the day. Another first for Lillian. She has never hiked on a little narrow path, sometimes with a steep downhill on one side. Lots of anxiety and one scream and one scratch on her toe and one scratch on my hand from her grasping my hand. We made it though!!

A first for me!!! I swam in Lake Tahoe and it was amazing. Refreshingly cold. Relaxing. I didn’t want to get out!! The water hugged and caressed my body like a Mother hugs her baby. Pure heaven.

Thomas swam too. He loved it!! Even though he got a gnarly scratch from one of the rocks. He wants to come back again and again. And wants to move to Incline Village!

Another first for Lillian. She got “attacked” by a dog. Well, not really. She has a debilitating fear of dogs. She was sitting on the towel. I saw the sweet puppy headed over and before I could get there he was trying to lick her to death. I’m sure all of Hidden Beach thought someone was in grave danger. Lillian screamed like I’ve never heard her scream. The dogs humans apologized like 5 million times. They felt so bad! It took her about 15 minutes and then Lillian recovered back to enjoying herself.

As we headed down to the beach Lillian was commenting she never wanted to come again. On the way back up she was commenting about next time this, that, and the other …

Made it back home about 8:00 with 4 scrapes and scratches amongst us and lots of tired muscles and having learned so incredibly much.

And …. We loved it!!! We will all sleep soundly tonight.

hidden-beach-8-19-16-1 hidden-beach-8-19-16-2 hidden-beach-8-19-16-3 hidden-beach-8-19-16-4 hidden-beach-8-19-16-5 hidden-beach-8-19-16-6 hidden-beach-8-19-16-7 hidden-beach-8-19-16-8 hidden-beach-8-19-16-9 hidden-beach-8-19-16-10 hidden-beach-8-19-16-11 hidden-beach-8-19-16-12 hidden-beach-8-19-16-13 hidden-beach-8-19-16-14 hidden-beach-8-19-16-15 hidden-beach-8-19-16-16 hidden-beach-8-19-16-17 hidden-beach-8-19-16-18-hearts hidden-beach-8-19-16-19 hidden-beach-8-19-16-20 hidden-beach-8-19-16-21 hidden-beach-8-19-16-22 hidden-beach-8-19-16-23-hearts hidden-beach-8-19-16-24



Your Strength is My Strength

August 20 2016:


“All that you witness I may never know.
Your strength is my strength.
Your patience reminds.
Your flexibility inspires.
As we dance this life together I reveal your beauty to you,
and you reveal my beauty to me.
Shall we dance?” ~Camilla Downs

Rights My World and Swimming and Variety and Sadness

August 7 2016:

Drastically rights my world …. Going for a walk with Thomas and Lillian and taking pictures. So incredibly grateful for it all. xoxo

team-tlc-walk-8-7-16-5 team-tlc-walk-8-7-16-4 team-tlc-walk-8-7-16-3 team-tlc-walk-8-7-16-2 team-tlc-walk-8-7-16-1


August 8 2016:

First day of 5th grade for Thomas and 10th grade for Lillian. Field trip to Bowers Mansion park and pool after a morning of working. Thank you to Northern Nevada Home Schools, Inc. for organizing this. We had so much fun!!!!

bowers-mansion-8-8-16-10 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-9 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-8 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-7 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-6 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-5 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-4 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-3 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-2 bowers-mansion-8-8-16-1


August 9 2016:

Walk with Thomas last night. It was an incredibly beautiful sunset and quiet, peaceful walk. Thomas loved how the holes he made filled so quickly with water. This time around we discussed the stock market and day trading. I love the variety of topics we discuss.

Today he had this to say, “It’s fun to buy things with your own money. It even feels different when you’re holding what you buy afterwards.” He bought himself a pizza for dinner … With his own money.

And he had this to say, “I’m glad I’m not an adult with seeing how sad you are today.” Yes. Sometimes I find it difficult to practice what’s in my heart. I’ve been in pain all day from a tweaked muscle or nerve in my upper left back/shoulder … And I had so much I needed to work on today. It’s been a very low day of wallowing in anxiety and fear and being in pain.

I’m blessed these two amazing young people use these low times to remind me of different perspectives at just the right moments.

walk-with-thomas-8-9-16-4 walk-with-thomas-8-9-16-3 walk-with-thomas-8-9-16-2 walk-with-thomas-8-9-16-1


August 10 2016:

This was our view while Lillian was in physical therapy this morning. xoxo