Grounding in the Beauty of Nature

May 28 2019:

It’s been too many days without a walk. Finally. And since it’s been several days, I stood in this spot, under this tree, with this view. I removed my shoes and let my bare feet touch, skin to earth. I bent down and touched the ground with my fingertips. Grounding. Natures cure for whatever ails. Thank you Mama Nature. 🙏💚💙💚💙💚💙🙏

May 28 2019:

Couldn’t help myself.

Went for another walk after visiting Jack & Mittens, the two cats I care for when their human is out of town.

It was incredibly peaceful and beautiful. Ahhhhh …

May 31 2019:

Deeply grateful to Mother Nature for the beauty during the long walk today.

And deeply grateful to the young man sitting in the shade with his guitar playing and singing The Beatles She Loves You.

I wanted to take a photo. I wanted to tell him thank you. I wanted to stand and listen (and dance). Yet, I didn’t want to interrupt the zone. It brought pools of liquid love and gratitude to my eyes as I continued walking and taking it in.

Keep doing what you’re doing young man. Keep doing it. And, I thank you! 🙏💞💞💞🙏

Sunset Walks While Appreciating Nature’s Art Show

May 19 2019:

Short sunset walk with Thomas. Incredibly beautiful. Incredibly cold. 💛💛💛

May 20 2019:

Today’s walk. Beautiful sun. Thank you Nature. 🙏💛💛💛🙏

May 22 2019:

Short walk yesterday at sunset. The clouds and sun created a beautiful art show! 💛💛

Walks of Cold and Walks of Warmth with Sun Shadows of Selfie Treasures

April 30 2019:

Sunset walk with Thomas yesterday. Beautiful. But. Brrrrr …. Cold!!

May 2 2019:

Lillian and I visited the Wilbur May Arboretum this afternoon. So incredibly peaceful. Such beauty. Squirrels, robins, butterflies … quiet … What a treasure …. 💜💜💜  Amazing shadows too. The sun posed beautifully!! Loads of fun playing with photographing the sun! 

Every time I went to take a picture, the camera was reversed. I figured it must be trying to tell me something, so I took lots of selfies!! That’s the most solo selfies I’ve taken in a years time!! I’ve taken enough solo selfies to last the rest of the year! Ha! ….. We ran into a photographer looking for butterflies. She found us instead! And took a few photos of us! Ha! 




Frozen in Time …. For a Moment

March 14 2019:

As I swiftly walked by the fountain this morning, I was stopped in my tracks. Nature is the most incredible artist. The beauty of these leaves suspended and frozen for a moment in time, captured my heart. And … I did spot a heart shaped leaf. Beautiful!!

I mean. Just had to give the heart shaped leaf it’s own post. The lil frozen bubbles, the green leaf down below, the frozen ripples, sections partially free from the frozen water. Ahhhhh ….

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Take Life By The Lapel

Life loves to be taken by the lapel and be told “I am with you kid. Let’s Go.” -Maya Angelou

Eternally full of gratitude for all of the amazing and supportive people in my life. I LOVE this thing called life and am hugely blessed to be on this ride with y’all! –Camilla Downs

Camilla’s Gratitude List: Week of January 15, 2012

January 15, 2012, Sunday, I am grateful for:

A Team TLC stay at home day.
A nice warm house to be inside of while the wind is blowing pretty darn hard outside.
Feeling the force of the wind.
A day spent in “comfy clothes” all day long.

January 16, 2012, Monday, I am grateful for:

The opportunity to make my own schedule.
The walking trail behind our house.
Having a park within walking distance.
Nature and her beauty.
Walks with my kids.
Heat to warm my fingers when they are so cold they hurt!

January 17, 2012, Tuesday, I am grateful for:

Listening to my gut.
A heater that decided to work again while we were at Lillian’s therapies! Baby it was cold in this house . . . 54 degrees!
Unexpected money in the mailbox when we had just spent our last $20 on groceries and the gas tank was nearing E!
Kelley McDaniels of Simply Delegate.
Pizza delivery.

January 18, 2012, Wednesday, I am grateful for:

Thomas’s kindergarten teacher . . . Kim O’Connor.
Reno’s amazing cloud formations.
Friends who give selflessly.
Kymberlee Simantel.
The elderly woman in Walmart I was able to help. She couldn’t find her chips on the shelf. Only one bag left laying flat, pushed back and too high for her to see. Made her SO HAPPY! I floated on down the aisle after that!
Thomas hugs.
Sneaking kisses on Lillian’s forehead.

January 19, 2012, Thursday, I am grateful for:

Supportive friends.
Shelter when the wind is gusting to 70 miles an hour!
The firefighters, first responders, volunteers, police and everyone who worked so hard helping and working on the Washoe Valley brush fire today.
Caring friends.

January 20, 2012, Friday, I am grateful for:

Thomas’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Kim O’Connor.
Brian Benson.

January 21, 2012, Saturday, I am grateful for:

Slow Saturday mornings.
Smell and sound of coffee brewing.
Smell of bacon cooking.
The library.
How much Thomas and Lillian love going to the library.
Finally finding unsweetened almond milk – every grocery store I’ve been to in the last week has been out!
Dark Chocolate Almond Milk . . . Mmmmmmmmmm!!
Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Hot Dogs.
Thomas stopping before he left the room, saying he forgot something, then coming up to me and giving me a big hug and telling me he loves me.