Happy World Book Day 2018

April 23rd was World Book Day!!

Happy World Book Day from a Team of Book Lovers!!! It’s the perfect day to add to your collection!! xoxo

World Book Day or World Book and Copyright Day is a yearly event on April 23rd, organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, to promote reading, publishing and copyright.

World Book Day 2018

Team TLC on Plush Life TV Show – Coming Soon!

April 5 2018:

On April 8th, at 6:00 pm PST, Team TLC was on the local Reno NBC station … We were interviewed a few weeks ago for a wee segment which aired on Plush Life TV Show .. a local lifestyle show. Wheeeee …… Oceans and Oceans and Oceans of Love and Gratitude!!! xoxo

Plush Life Interview Team TLC 3.12.18 #1 Plush Life Interview Team TLC 3.12.18 #2 Plush Life Interview Team TLC 3.12.18 #3 Plush Life Interview Team TLC 3.12.18 #4 Plush Life Interview Team TLC 3.12.18 #5

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D iz for Different

Closer Still – Where Would You Fly

November 11 2017:

Forward, Closing, About the Author … Done! Next: C18 Info & Book Blurb for Back Cover!

November 16 2017:

Font style chosen. Next to complete: copyright page and back of the book blurb! xoxo

Where Would You Fly Updated Cover 9.2017

Want to pre-order and help us in bringing this to life? Our goal is to have 50 books pre-ordered and we have 15 so far. We are hoping to have them in hand by the end of December 2017. Go here to learn more …. http://www.LillianDarnell.com/author

Thank you!! xoxo


The Golden Yellow Colored Pencil

November 29 2017:

“When I first discovered the “golden yellow” colored pencil years ago, I came home and began looking for it right away in my colored pencils. Now I have lots of them and they are great for coloring stars!” -Lillian Darnell

Lillian Pineapple for Where Would You Fly Book 2017

And, apparently pineapple too!! This is one of the drawings to be included in “Where Would You Fly”. We are only days away from seeing a PDF proof of the book! Then, it’s proof ordering time! Wahoo times infinity!! xoxo

Where Would You Fly Updated Cover 9.2017 #2

**Are you interested in helping with the final stage of the book and bringing it to life? You can help by pre-ordering the book. Our goal is to pre-sell 50 books. We’ve sold 15 so far! If this speaks to you, go here … http://www.LillianDarnell.com/author …