Creative Gift Giving on Just the Positive

December 5 2019:

I recently offered a suggestion to a wonderful and uplifting gift giving blog post on Just the Positive. Warmed my heart to see my suggestion of writing a special poem and using upcycled materials to make into a wall hanger (along with many other suggestions from others), including two photos of last year’s gifts. I needed my heart warmed. (Thanks Jackie!) Check it out. You may see something that inspires you!

Click the photo below to read the article …

Throwback Post: Rocks as Gifts and Picture Day and Weather Station


May 21 2013:

Thomas went on a quick bike ride this morning before school … and brought home gifts for me and Lillian …. ROCKS. This kid totally Rocks! Perhaps he was inspired by the gift Lillian and I brought him from our date Sunday. We brought him a sticker from Squeeze In and a weed eater string we found at the park. He liked the weed eater string best!! Maybe y’all will be inspired to show some gratitude/kindness to someone you love today by giving them a home made or nature made gift! Have FUN!!

Thomas Rocks as Gifts May 21 2013

Picture Day at HDMS Adventures for Thomas and Lillian … April 2013.

Thomas and Lillian May 21 2013

After going outside to check the homemade weather station and the wind this morning, Lillian came to me and said she had a nature chant to share … “Go wind Go. Someday, I know, you’ll be the pro.” The wind must have really liked it. I nearly got blown over during my walk!! So inspired by that young lady!

Get Well Gift – HappYness Treasure Map and a Bag of Rocks


April 25 2013:

Off to pick up Team Member T & L from school and deliver a very special Get Well gift to Susan Hill!! So much FUN making this one!

Get Well Gift Rocks 4.25.13 #1 Get Well Gift Rocks 4.25.13 #2

Here are the fun “Instructions” that go along with the Inspirational Rocks:

HappYness Treasure Map™
+ One bag of inspirational rocks

Ingredients: One bag of Inspiring Rocks to guide you in feeling good, inspire you and to make part of your daily adventure. One HappYness Treasure Map.

Dosage: Remove one rock from bag daily.

Side Effects: Good feelings, creativity, acceptance, HappYness and inspiration

Instructions: Each morning slide your hand into your bag, shift the rocks around in your fingers until you find just the right one, and pull it from your bag. The following are some suggestions to go along with the phrase on your chosen rock. Continue choosing a rock every day until your bag is empty. Put them all back in and start again! Have FUN!!

Acceptance – Is there something that is causing you disharmony due to not wanting to accept?

Morning thoughts: I have no control over other people or how events play(ed) out. I accept this and make peace with it. I accept myself just as I am. I am loving, kind and wonderful. Change wording to suit you.

Evening thoughts: I am grateful to have reached acceptance of _______________.

Attention – Be clear about what you are giving your attention. Does it relate to your intentions for your life, for the week, or for the day? Bring your attention back to your intention.

Be Flexible – Use today as a reminder to be flexible …. At least once during the day sing this little song to yourself,

“Row, row, row YOUR boat,
GENTLY down the stream,
Life is but a DREAM.”
Row your own boat, be HappY and create your dream!

Faith – Remind yourself throughout the day to have faith in yourself.

Forgiveness – Today is the day to forgive yourself and anyone else. Write a letter to yourself or someone else detailing what you are forgiving yourself or that person for … No need to give it to anyone. Just write it and reach the place of forgiveness within yourself.

Gratitude – Make today about being thankful. Take as many opportunities as possible to express silently or out loud your gratitude.

Intention – Review your intentions. What are your intentions for your life, this year, this week or this day. Have you taken a detour? If so, either make peace with the detour or get back on your path.

Intuitive – Be sure to check with your intuition today on your decision making. Trust yourself.

Kindness – Make today about spreading kindness to yourself and those you encounter. Could be with a smile, a hug or even a silent blessing for the person.

Laugh – It’s good medicine and good for the soul. LAUGH a lot today!

Love – Do everything you do today full of love from your innermost self.

Purpose – What is your purpose? What do you feel you are supposed to accomplish during your life? It’s okay not to know. Just ponder it …

Release – Today is the day to release any guilt, judgments, hurt, or any other negative feelings. Be one with the feeling, embrace it, then release it.

Self Love – Do something kind for yourself today. Nurture yourself. What makes your heart sing? A walk outside, reading a good book, enjoying a divine meal, doing absolutely nothing … do IT.

Well Being – Focus on your well being. Know that you have well being within you.

Morning thoughts: I am an instrument of well being.

Evening thoughts: I am grateful for my well being.


How to Have a Homemade Christmas

December 25 2016:

The most cherished and beloved gifts. Part 1

Lillian created a Nature Book for me that caused my eyes to sweat.

“Grass is healthy food and beautiful.
Sky is a beautiful ocean in the sky.
Flower is a pretty thing in nature.
Trees are old wise spirits in nature.
Ocean is a reflection of the sky.
Night is a beautiful time.
Animals are people and nature like us.”

handmade-gifts-12-25-16-1 handmade-gifts-12-25-16-2

I wrote a poem for each of them and made it into a wall hanger.

Thomas: “Knowledge beyond grasp, Gentle and tender heart, Deep knowing of the soul.”


Lillian: “Beauty shining within and without, Depth and strength I know not, A light shining brightly for the World.”



The most cherished and beloved gifts. Part 2

A handmade card from Lillian and a poster size drawing from both Thomas and Lillian.

The card is full of original Lillian nature quotes … Plus one from Thomas!

“A sunset is nature’s art.
Rainbows are nature’s fancy artwork.
Night is art to the human’s eye.
Seasons are nature’s beauty.
Wind is nature’s music.
Space is a beautiful art.
Snow and ice are nature’s quiet time.” -Lillian

“Nature is full of awesome animals.” -Thomas

handmade-christmas-card-from-lillian-12-24-16-1 handmade-christmas-card-from-lillian-12-24-16-2 handmade-christmas-card-from-lillian-12-24-16-3 handmade-christmas-card-from-lillian-12-24-16-4 handmade-gifts-poster-size-drawing-from-thomas-and-lillian-12-25-16


The most cherished and beloved gifts. Part 3

Lillian made Thomas a Nature Book also.

“A cat can make several sounds including purr and meow.
A dog likes a lot of outdoor exercise.
Fish are living in almost any body of water.
Mouse like a lot of food scraps including cheese.
Ducks are social.
Cows help humans by making milk and eating grass.
Humans can dress up as animals and wear animal headbands. We are animals.” xoxo

handmade-nature-book-from-lillian-to-thomas-12-25-16-1 handmade-nature-book-from-lillian-to-thomas-12-25-16-2


The most cherished and beloved gifts. Last Set of Pictures

Lillian made a Christmas card for Thomas and a noisemaker for me!

Many of you know that Lillian has been working on having flexibility. Something that is extremely difficult for her. At about 9:00 pm Christmas Eve she was still working on handmade gifts. She was determined to stay up until she was done!

She decided at 11:00 that she would go to bed and finish in the morning. YAY for flexibility entering a wee bit!! I simply knew the next morning that it would be best to not even suggest waiting until after opening gifts for her to finish.

So … our Christmas Day did not begin until about 11:00 as we waited for her to be finished …… And, we were all okay with that …. xoxoxo

handmade-card-from-lillian-to-thomas-12-25-16-1 handmade-card-from-lillian-to-thomas-12-25-16-2 handmade-card-from-lillian-to-thomas-12-25-16-3 handmade-card-from-lillian-to-thomas-12-25-16-4 handmade-noisemaker-to-camilla-from-lillian-12-25-16


There were a few non homemade gifts too!! Thomas and I can play tennis now!! And as soon as it snows he can go sledding. Plus a calendar and a sweater he just loves.

Here’s a great gift idea for someone with sensory issues ……. a soft fuzzy sweater. He asked me if he could wear it all week. Great job Romano Duo on that gift!!! Thanks to Super Owen for the great book too!

Lillian got a box of one of her favorite cookies, a great new LEGO set, some books, and a calendar. Thanks to Super Owen for the great book.

christmas-gifts-12-25-16-1 christmas-gifts-12-25-16-2 christmas-gifts-12-25-16-3 christmas-gifts-12-25-16-4 christmas-gifts-12-25-16-5 christmas-gifts-12-25-16-6 christmas-gifts-12-25-16-7 christmas-gifts-12-25-16-8


Gifts beyond the handmade …. I received some great books, a new sheet pan, oh so comfy socks, and since I’m not able to have a real camera right now, a few awesome accessories for what I do have!

Can’t wait to read the books! Thank you Frank for this amazing pan!!! Baked rosemary fries in it last night and they were amazing.

Thank you Olivia for these yummy socks!! And thank you Momma for the lenses. I finally got to go for a walk this morning and tested the macro. Love, love, love it!!!!

camillas-christmas-gifts-12-25-16-1 camillas-christmas-gifts-12-25-16-2 camillas-christmas-gifts-12-25-16-3 camillas-christmas-gifts-12-25-16-4

The Romano Duo and Steve the Alien and Meals and Glow and Homemade

December 11 2016:

We’re getting to have a drive by quickie visit with The Romano Duo on their way to see Heather Schutzler and Brian Schutzler in Washington. They’ll be back here next week! Happy Thomas and Lillian!!!! xoxo

romano-drive-by-visit-12-11-16-1 romano-drive-by-visit-12-11-16-2
December 11 2016:
Three Team TLC thumbs up!!! It was great seeing and chatting with you for a wee bit this afternoon Brian Benson. Thomas chose this for our nightly read. Hope you have a beautiful time visiting your son!
December 13 2016:
Made my salad into a meal tonight. One of the best salads I’ve ever had!

Sautéed onion, garlic, and potato salad with beets, cashews, raw pecans (from a Mississippi pecan tree – courtesy of The Romano Duo), raw sunflower seeds, sulfur-free dried apricots, sautéed broccoli, chopped pickle, olives, English cucumber, sprinkle of prairie sunset cheese topped with a drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar. Potato mixture sautéed in coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, black pepper, paprika, chili powder, and ginger.




December 16 2016:

Yum, Yum dinner last night!! Mixed mine with romaine lettuce, pickles, beets, English cucumbers, and aged balsamic. Thomas had his sans the salad.

Sautéed sweet onions, garlic, raw pecans, raw pistachios, and raw sunflower seeds in coconut oil with Himalayan pink salt, black pepper, and ginger. Mixing in gluten free Tinkada pasta and sprinkled with Prairie cheese.

dinner-12-16-16-1 dinner-12-16-16-2


December 16 2016:
Thank you to The Vintage staff. They put together a Holiday Glow celebration for the residents. So grateful …. and what fun to meet and get to know the people in our community. I really, really like these two humans with whom I get to share this life ….. xoxo
vintage-holiday-glow-12-16-16-1 vintage-holiday-glow-12-16-16-2 vintage-holiday-glow-12-16-16-3 vintage-holiday-glow-12-16-16-4 vintage-holiday-glow-12-16-16-5
December 17 2016:

And then there was this ….

Vegetarian chili infused with fresh sage ….. With sautéed sweet onions and garlic, big pinch of unsweetened cocoa, dash of aged balsamic vinegar, Himalayan pink salt, black pepper, chili powder, paprika, and ground ginger. Needed quick so used 2 cans of Trader Joe’s organic vegetarian chili and 2 cans of fire roasted and diced tomatoes.

And …. it is soooooo good!! xoxo



December 17 2016:

Finally took time today to get caught up on some “love” details.

We had a party, cake, and gifts for Lillian’s birthday in September; yet, I had not made her card. I also finally made Thomas’ 11th birthday poster for his November birthday.

I love making homemade cards …. xoxo …. 💙💚💜

lillian-birthday-card-12-17-16-1 lillian-birthday-card-12-17-16-2 lillian-birthday-card-12-17-16-3