What Does Age Have to Do With Intelligence

February 10 2018:

“Age doesn’t have anything to do with intelligence.” – Thomas Darnell

Thomas continues to educate and humble me. The pure beauty and simplicity of how “young ones” view the world is magical. xoxo

He has never understood why kids are treated as second class citizens, why they don’t have any “rights” until a certain age … He enlightens and teaches me so much … xoxo

How Rain Came to be Nature’s Glitter by Lillian Darnell

February 2 2018:

She’s writing again! Look what I just received in my inbox … I LOVE this one!! I predict there will be future books for Lillian. xoxo

“How Rain Came to be Nature’s Glitter”

Once long ago, there lived Raine and her friend Storm who lived happily in their home. One day, Raine and Storm saw an advertisement that read, “Mother Nature is looking for weather assistants. Please visit Mother Nature at 8989 Snowy Sun Lane about the job. ”

“Should we visit Mother Nature about the job?”, said Raine to Storm. “Yes, we should. I just hope that Mother Nature is paying a good price”, said Storm.

So, Raine and Storm walked over to Mother Nature’s home. When Raine and Storm got there, here’s the people they saw Hailey, Thunder, Lightning, and Sunny all waiting for Mother Nature to open the door.

Just as Raine and Storm arrived, Mother Nature opened her door and her eyes widened in surprise. “My goodness, I didn’t expect so many people to show up. Well, I guess I better get started,” exclaimed Mother Nature.

Fortunately, Raine and Storm were first to head inside Mother Nature’s home. Mother Nature had white marble pillars arching high over their head, a large winding staircase leading to the meeting room, and a gorgeous chandelier overhead.

As soon as Raine and Storm reached ….

Go here to

How Rain Came To Be Nature’s Glitter

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Humane Society Volunteer Day with Thomas

February 1 2018:

Today was volunteer day for Thomas and I. After socializing with the cats, we cut sheets for use in the cat infirmary.

We did the cutting in a conference room and Thomas asked me twice why they had a Geiger counter. I finally asked him to point out what he was talking about. What do you think it was?**

It’s incredibly hard to cut sheets with regular paper cutting scissors. They really need a few pairs of fabric scissors. I feel like I mangled those sheets! Ha!

And look what I found under one of the sheets. I somehow cut a heart shape piece of fabric while mangling, I mean cutting, one of the sheets.

Humane Society with Thomas 2.1.18 #1 Humane Society with Thomas 2.1.18 #2 Humane Society with Thomas 2.1.18 #3

**A typewriter!!! HA!!**

Swim Day and Oranges and Betty Boop

January 22 2018:

Homeschool swim day!!!

So thankful to those who have arranged this!! Northern Nevada Home Schools!!! xoxo

Carson Valley Swim Center 1.23.18 #1 Carson Valley Swim Center 1.23.18 #2 Carson Valley Swim Center 1.23.18 #3 Carson Valley Swim Center 1.23.18 #4

January 25 2018:

Who else loves a good and juicy orange??? One of my favorite fruits at this time of year. Love them so much I’ve been known to eat three in one day!!! Yum!!! 🍊 👅… xoxoxo

Orange 1.25.18

After I posted this on facebook, a friend posted this about the color orange:

“Orange is the color of creativity and sexuality. The color Orange is the color of joy, enthusiasm and creativity and promotes a general sense of wellness. Orange stones increase and aid personal power, self-esteem and confidence.”


And I say, “This is great!!” I have to admit I find eating an orange incredibly sensual! HA! This description is perfect … Joy and Enthusiasm too!! xoxo


January 26 2018:

And last night after the wonderful Chay Drol Healing Ceremony in South Lake Tahoe with the Gaden Shartse Monks, I just had to stop and ask Betty Boop, “Girl, aren’t you cold?” And, she replied, “Naw honey. I’ve got an internal fire that keeps me warm year ’round!” Wheeee!! xoxo

Camilla with Betty Boop 1.26.18 #1

Best Time for a Post Office Trip and Let’s Go Swimming

December 14 2017:

The best time to make a post office trip: 10:30 at night! One Biggest Little Photographer book on the way to Virginia!! Have fun Mr. Minifigure man!

We also found out how many times we can drive around the round-a-bout before feeling dizzy. Four. That’s it!

TLC Trip to Post Office 12.14.17 #1 TLC Trip to Post Office 12.14.17 #2

TLC Trip to Post Office 12.14.17 #3

December 15 2017:

Homeschool swimming day at Carson Valley Swim Center! Thomas is having a great time! What a fun place and a beautiful drive to get here too. Lillian opted for some quiet alone time as it’s kind of overwhelming in here.

Thomas Swimming 12.15.17 #1 Thomas Swimming 12.15.17 #2 Thomas Swimming 12.15.17 #3

Book Musings: The Amazing Discoveries of Ibn Sina

November 18 2017:

The Amazing Discoveries of Ibn Sina

Beautifully illustrated story of Ibn Sina, a genius of the Islamic Golden Age (c.622-c.1258). We learned he was a polymath, distinguished by his historically crucial contributions in the medical field.

His famous work, The Canon of Medicine, has made his name live through the centuries. He wrote hundreds of books on subjects including architecture, mathematics, philosophy, music, chemistry, education, medicine and meteorology.

GREAT book and it was wonderful discovering Ibn Sina!

The Amazing Discoveries of Ibn Sina Book 2017

Volunteering – Humane Society of Northern Nevada

November 10 2017:

Volunteer day for Thomas and I. So many talkative beauties today!! Thomas always has to stop by and see Angel. The place was packed today! Must have been a lot of people who had the day off!! Good stuff as lots of animals were getting adopted! xoxo

Humane Society 11.10.17 #1 Humane Society 11.10.17 #2 Humane Society 11.10.17 #3 Humane Society 11.10.17 #4 Humane Society 11.10.17 #5

Another Step Closer – Where Would You Fly

November 24 2017:

Flourishes chosen! Another step closer!

Where Would You Fly Updated Cover 9.2017

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If You Could Go Back In Time

November 7 2017:

At dinner Thomas asked, “If you could go back in time and spend time with someone, who would you choose?”

While I was thinking of what to say, he shared his answer. He would go back to when Hitler was a kid and encourage him to attend art school.

I didn’t even know what to say after that. Selfishly, I had been thinking Buddha, Jesus, or Gandhi simply to be amongst their energies.

So incredibly grateful for having Thomas be a part of my life … xoxo

Date Day with Thomas April 2017 4.26.17 #1

Volunteering at Humane Society – Slow and Gentle

November 3 2017:

It was Humane Society volunteer day! Thomas got to sit with Angel. He knows she can be grumpy about having her napping interrupted. So, he moves slowly and so gently gives her loving. I’m so relieved to see her still here when we come. So many beauties.

Volunteering at Humane Society 11.3.17 #1 Volunteering at Humane Society 11.3.17 #2 Volunteering at Humane Society 11.3.17 #3 Volunteering at Humane Society 11.3.17 #4 Volunteering at Humane Society 11.3.17 #5