Movie Night: Phoebe in Wonderland

January 6 2018:

Team TLC movie night – Lillian’s choice: “Phoebe in Wonderland”

Lillian says, “Good, my favorite character was Phoebe, and awesome.”

I say, “I really enjoyed this movie. I resonated with the mom character to points of sobbing. I resonated with the dynamic of having a younger sibling who assumes the role of an older sibling …. and harboring anger and sadness about having to assume that role. I highly recommend this for fellow special needs parents.”

Thomas says, “It was good. I identified with all of the characters.”

Phoebe in Wonderland Movie 2018

Will You Please Help Lillian Get Back to Herself


November 6 2013:

Lillian had a melt down a few mornings ago complete with she’s moving out, she hates it here and calling Thomas and I idiots. Once she calmed down, she asked in a different, quiet, deep and more mellow voice, “Camilla, will you please help Lillian get back to herself”.

I said, “Absolutely!”, and asked how I could help? Then I helped her get dressed. Later I asked who it was that asked me to help get her back to herself. She told me her name, which I forgot, and said that she was a professional ballet dancer. I said that it was very kind of her friend to come along and help her get through that rough moment …

Lillian has these melt downs about 1 to 4 times per week. Usually it’s when we are getting ready to leave for school or anywhere else. She does not like to be rushed and reminded to complete the next step of getting ready. I choose to mostly ignore her unkind comments as I know that’s not the true Lillian.

The more I do not acknowledge the melt down and the more I remain calm the sooner she is able to bring herself back to the true Lillian. I am so truly grateful for all that this beautiful little soul has taught me about myself and life! xoxo

Loads Lightened and Encouragement – D iz for Different Review


November 6 2012:

“Finally read your book – you are such an inspiration. It is my prayer lives will be touched, people will be changed, hearts will be softened, kids will be raised to their full potential, parents will be encouraged, loads lightened, and joy embraced through your inspiring story and advice and direction. You truly are making a difference. You share so freely, may blessings come back many fold!” – Terry Vasenden, Reno, Nevada


D iz for Different on Special Needs Book Review


February 24 2013:

Hope and Guidance to Parents of Children with Special Needs: Interview with Camilla Downs Thank you so much for introducing your book, D iz for Different: One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance in a guest post for our Special Needs Book Review site! Friends read about this mom-author and about her book >>



Almond Flour Cookies and Trusting Yourself and Washoe Lake


June 14 2013:

I finally put the almond flour cookie recipe on my website y’all! Gluten free, dairy free and vegan and YUMMY!! Here ya go … Also, if you wanna make sure to not miss any of my blog posts you can sign up to get them as I post. I write about once or twice a week on living a natural, simple and inspired life (with a smattering of special needs parenting issues).

Recipe: Almond Flour Cookies


When we are urged by our inner voice to share, do or say something, sometimes we don’t know the reason. Simply trusting that the reason will become clear once we let go and embrace it is all that’s needed to understand the reason. I received this comment on my website last night. I share it with y’all for anyone who questions their inner voice and chooses to ignore it.

“Dear Camilla

I have only by accident come across your book and upon reading the first few pages was surprisingly ( even to myself) reduced to tears. Someone else has a daughter with 18p- … Someone else knows what that means… And the rarity involved. Someone else knows the endless parade of doctors and decisions and someone else does it as a single parent. I did not know I felt so alone in this until reading u describe my own child, Emalee, (13yrs) in your words about Lillian. I have lost a daughter to trisomy 18 and a husband to divorce. I look forward to reading your book knowing I am not navigating this alone.”


Headed to turn in Thomas‘ summer horse riding paperwork … Making a fun little stop to get inspired and refreshed!!

little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-1 little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-2 little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-3

A few more pictures from our quickie stop at WashoeLake‬ today. So beautiful and inspiring‬!

little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-4 little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-5 little-washoe-lake-6-14-13-6